Dorset v Berkshire - UKDA National League 2022/2023 Season - Dorset County Darts

Home v Berkshire - Saturday 4th / Sunday 5th February 2023

Womens B

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Dorset v Berkshire Womens B Scorecard

Womens A

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Dorset v Berkshire Womens A Scorecard

Mens B

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Dorset v Berkshire Mens B Scorecard

Mens A

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Dorset v Berkshire Mens A Scorecard

Dorset v Berkshire Match Report

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Weekend ending Saturday 4th to Sunday 5th of February saw Dorset hosting Berkshire for a County Darts game. Dorset playing out of Branksome Conservative Club. What a run Dorset has been having this season UNDEFEATED so far and sitting at the top of the league be it by only one point. Berkshire no mugs either sitting in 3rd position so we knew we had a tough game on. As you all know it’s how you play on the day and Dorset as a team are full of confidence so hopes of a win were very high, so how did we get on?

Ladies B Team

Up first for our Ladies B Jamie Walker (13.75) who took her game to a deciding leg all legs going with throw, so Jamie against the throw in the decider. Both had chances at the double Jamie hitting double two (no one misses twos) to take the win, and you can see from Jamie’s reaction what the win meant to her. Donna Mabbatt (14.46) up next against Carole Holroyd (15.22) a few missed doubles and Donna loses 1-3. Carole Holroyd was Berkshire’s Lady of the match. Macie Woodrow (17.80) up next a few missed doubles and Berkshire take the first leg with throw. No looking back from there Macie scoring great and takes a 3-1 win, and puts Dorset 2-1 up.

Wendy Lamb (18.25) has been playing County Darts since 1984 but this was only her 26th game and she starts with a 140 (downhill from here then) first three legs going with throw putting Wendy 2-1 up. In the 4th Wendy hits the first 180 of the weekend no one more surprised than Wendy even the M C looked twice (getting used to his bifocal new glasses) and Wendy wins 3-1 and was Dorset's Lady of the Match her first one bless. Julie Boggust (13.21) next up missed a few doubles but came out a convincing 3-1 winner. Up last Sally Old (16.94 ladies captain) now Sally despite winning 3 matches in a row dropped herself to give others in the team a go but now with Lorraine Woodrow in hospital (get well soon Lorraine we all missed you) was back in the team, first four legs all close all going with throw. Decider Sally with the darts Sally saved her best leg to last poking 68 to win 3-2 and again you could see how much the win meant to her. So WHAT A GREAT START from our girls 5-1 tremendous.

Mens B

Up first Richard Wright (Freddy 25.24) first four legs going with throw Freddy poking a 141 to level at 2-2. No looking back from that shot out Freddy going onto take a 4-2 win. Jamie Elm (26.58) v Dean Lockyer (27.70) and what a quality game this was as you can tell by the averages both throwing some great darts Jamie losing 1-4 at one point I said is Dean really a B player both were quality. Dean Lockyer was Berkshire’s Man of the match. James Green (23.95) up next losing 2-4.

Richard Perry (22.52) up next winning 4-0 he needed that having been a bit unlucky in previous matches drawing M.O.M. nice to get back to winning ways, not bad for a DOORMAN. David Elm (Elmo 23.07) next up back to winning ways taking a 4-2 win. George Grant (27.01) up next seemed very relaxed up on stage playing Albi Golby (25.95) George busts 101 in the first leg Albi breaking his throw. George pokes 88 to break straight back, and from there George missed very little poking 121 on the bull to take a 4-1 win. George was our Man of the Match. So with the scores standing at Dorset 4 Berkshire 2 looking good.

Liam Blakeley (27.55) v Stephen Wood (27.50) next and as the averages suggest this was a cracker. Liam playing great going into a 2-0 lead. The 3rd leg one of missed doubles from both, leg going to Stephen who goes onto take a 3-2 lead. After 15 darts Liam sat on 60 as Stephen pokes 142 to win 4-2 unlucky Liam you won’t lose many with a 27+ average. Ian Spann (23.86) next up took his match to a deciding leg, Ian missing several doubles losing 3-4 he was gutted but that’s the harsh side of darts. Kevin Smith (26.38) v Paul Holloway (24.97) Paul takes the first leg with throw and gives it LOADS, that was just what Kevin needed because it spurred him on never looking back from there hitting some big scores and “no messing” at the double taking a 4-1 win.

Mark Porter (Potty 24.76 v Lee Hussey 26.63) what a ROLLER COASTER game this was Potty going into a 3-0 lead only for Lee to level at 3-3 to force a decider momentum all with Lee. Potty has the darts and that made the difference Potty poking 34 last dart in hand to take the win and it’s a very relieved Potty shaking Lee’s hand. Matt Read (Mooster 23.48) up next Mooster’s game going 2-2 then missed doubles from Nathan and Mooster pinches the leg and goes onto win 4-2. Rob Channing (24.83) v Alex Ball (23.15) Rob missing a few doubles and finds himself 1-3 down. Rob with back to back 140s pulls a leg back. In the 6th leg back to back 140s again and pokes 80 last dart in hand to get a deserved deciding leg (never write him off) Rob with throw the difference poking 78 to take the win, Dorset winning last 4 matches Mens B winning 8-4.

So going into Sunday with the scores at Dorset 13 Berkshire 5 what an amazing day for Dorset but let’s not get ahead of ourselves Berkshire’s Mens A are undefeated so we need a good start from our Ladies A (no pressure then)

Ladies A

Up first Beverley Scarff (17.76) v Sophie Self (17.45) Bev finding herself 1-2 down but in the 3rd leg hits a 140 to leave 42 which she pokes in two darts to force a decider against throw. Bev hits a 135 Sophie a 119 in a close deciding leg, BOTH have numerous goes at the winning double leg and match to Bev. Katie Mitchell (16.71) v Kelly Ellis (17.66) not the best of starts as the M.C. drops the Mike now we are playing in silent mode. Katie goes into a 2-0 lead but Kelly fights back to force a deciding leg. Katie with throw starts well but then hits scores of 9 followed by 6 BOTH have chances at the double leg and match to Berkshire. Kelly Ellis was Berkshire’s Lady of the match. Suzy Trickett (16.87) next up goes into a 2-0 lead Berkshire take the next. Suzy wires 12s for a 144 shot out then misses numerous darts at a winning double Berkshire’s Ally Judge (16.87) forces a decider. Alley saved her best leg to last Suzy losing 2-3 so Dorset trail 1-2.

Claire Mabey (17.48) has no problems running out a 3-0 winner. Sam Kirton (20.61) v Debbie Shadwell (17.60) first leg with throw to Debbie, Sam hits a 180 on her way to levelling at 1-1, her match going to a deciding leg. Sam against throw goes 60 123 121 ton to leave 97 Debbie not far behind, Sam hits tops last dart in hand to get the 3-2 win and was Dorset's Lady of the Match 20.61 average not to shabby either. That left up last for the win Trina Perry (19.45) v Amy Smith (18.51). Trina finds herself 1-2 down pokes 65 last dart in hand to force a decider with throw. Nice start from Trina 125 Amy a 140, Amy hits a ton outing her in front, Trina has a dart at 26 so close returns hits 26 first dart to win 3-2 and to give the ladies a 4-2 win.

Mens A

Now as I’ve said before Berkshire have a great A team (undefeated this season) but then so have we.

Up first Ryan Gowans (27.45) v Archie Self (22.47) now I for one love to see youngsters playing this great game Archie I would imagine is 14-16 years old and he’s playing in Berkshire’s A team (he must be good) and he hits a 180 in the first leg but Ryan (up into the A) takes the first leg breaking Archie’s throw and goes onto win 4-0 Ryan first to raise the young man’s hand as he gave him a great game, Ryan himself been there done that playing in Dorset's youth. Tommy Morris (28.56) v Jason Heaver (27.30) Tommy finds himself 0-3 down, pokes the next three legs with a “come on”. He misses the bull Jason on 78 Tommy comes from 0-3 down to snatch a 4-3 win and the Dorset massive erupt great match to watch. Nigel Lamb (25.80) v James Wiggins (26.39) what a close game this was Nigel the 4-2 winner putting Dorset 3-0 up dream start.

Robbie Martin (25.82) v Arron Lennon(26.61) Rob going into a 2-0 lead then finds himself 2-3 down Arron not missing much at the double. Rob needs to break throw to get a decider. Two tons and a 123 and it’s looking good for Rob, but 4 missed darts at tops and he loses 2-4. Next up Carl Beattie (20.98) most unCarl like didn’t look comfy on stage losing to Paul Holloway (21.08 who was a bit vocal) 0-4.

Dale Masterman (The Big Show 28.98) v Paul Self (32.85) well what can I say Dale didn’t do anything wrong and was there or there abouts in every leg as Paul gave almost an exhibition of how this game should be played Dale losing 0-4 no disgrace there Paul Self was Berkshire’s Man of the Match. So Dorset 3-0 up now it’s 3-3.

Jordan Sharp (24.64) v Joe Lacey (29.40) first two legs went with throw then Joe pokes 132 (60 36 36) with throw, and goes onto win 4-1. That’s four in a row for Berkshire next up Ricky King (32.87) v the super star that is Paul Hogan (32.08). Now Ricky had a stiff neck and phoned Potty Mens captain to see if he was really needed yes he is Potty said take a few pain killers and see how you feel, well he did and what a game this was TV darts. Both hit 180s in the first leg 16 darter with throw to Ricky. Close 2nd leg after 15 darts Ricky sat on tops as Hogan pokes 77 to level. Close 3rd leg 16 darter with throw to Ricky. 12 darter from Hogan to level. Leg of missed doubles the 5th going to Ricky with throw. What a 6th leg after 9 darts Ricky’s on 58 and takes a 4-2 win. Game off his life Paul Hogan gracious in defeat WOW darts. Dan Perry (25.22) v Paul Snowell (23.37) now Dan's an exciting player to watch wears his heart on his sleeve as they say and another great game to watch. Dan goes into a 3-1 lead then Berkshire take the next. In the 6th leg Dan pokes 40 (Double one Double 19) and takes a 4-2 win, putting Dorset 5-4 up.

Steven Earley (22.76) v Richard Stride (23.10) very close game going to a deserved last leg. Steven saved his best leg to last hitting 4 tons in a row and wires tops for a 15 darter returns and takes the deserved 4-3 win. Scott Mitchell (30.47) v Simon Purvey (27.63) 16 dart break of throw to take the first leg from Scott. 13 darter with throw to take the 2nd. 14 darter to break and go 3-0 up for Scott. 14 darter to break from Simon. Both hit 180s in the 5th leg going with throw to Berkshire. After 12 darts Scott sat on 118 Berkshire back on 255 few missed goes at a double for Scott but a convincing 4-2 win. Richie Gomm (26.14) v Dan Read (27.45) a few missed doubles and Richie loses 0-4 the score line far from reflecting how close his game was. But what a win for our Mens A giving Berkshire their first defeat of this season.


Again what an impressive result for Dorset, so much support for ALL of our players up on stage. The ladies “Wall of intimidation“ as I call it working well winning 9-3 giving the men a great chance. All 4 of our teams won and YES we are still top of the league where we belong.

I don’t like to single out games but Ricky King just WOW, there were four 30+ averages amazing darts. You can see why Berkshire’s Men are top but we all played well and beat them. Well done ALL. Here’s to the next game away to Devon 4th/5th March see most of you there.

Special mention to POTTY 275 games for our beloved Dorset here’s to many more.


Dorset 24-12 Berkshire
Women's B Won 5-1 // Mens B Won 8-4
Women's A Won 4-2 // Mens A Won 7-5

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Ladies A

  • Sam
  • Claire
  • Katie
  • Trina
  • Bev
  • Suzy

Ladies B

  • Julie
  • Wendy
  • Donna
  • Jamie
  • Lorraine
  • Macie
  • LAMB

Ladies Reserves

  • Sally
  • OLD (Captain)

Mens A

  • Carl
  • Steve
  • Richie
  • Ryan
  • Ricky
  • Nigel
  • Robbie
  • Dale
  • Scott
  • Tommy
  • Daniel
  • Jordan
  • GOMM
  • KING
  • LAMB

Mens B

  • Liam
  • Rob
  • David
  • Jamie
  • Geordie
  • James
  • Richard
  • Mark
  • Matt
  • Kevin
  • Ian
  • Richard
  • ELM
  • ELM
  • PORTER (Captain)
  • READ

Mens Reserves

  • Steve
  • Owen
  • John
  • Terry
  • Declan