Dorset v Oxfordshire - UKDA National League 2022/2023 Season - Dorset County Darts

Home v Oxfordshire - Saturday 10th / Sunday 11th September 2022

Womens B

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Dorset v Oxfordshire Womens B Scorecard

Womens A

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Dorset v Oxfordshire Womens A Scorecard

Mens B

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Dorset v Oxfordshire Mens B Scorecard

Mens A

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Dorset v Oxfordshire Mens A Scorecard

Dorset v Oxfordshire Match Report

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Week ending Saturday 10th - Sunday 11th of December saw Dorset playing at home to Oxfordshire. Hopes of a good win we’re very high after our good 21-15 away win at Gwynedd and I know we are only 3 matches in but Dorset are undefeated and top of the league table, could we stay there or even get a good win to push us further in front? Nice to be watching a sport inside with all the cold frosty weather outside. So how did we do?

Ladies B

Up first for our Ladies B team Jamie Walker (16.08) lady of the match at Gwynedd, things didn’t go her way this time Jamie’s game one of missed doubles and she loses 1-3. Lorraine Woodrow (Lily 15.41) Up next went into a 2-1 lead but that winning double is elusive Oxfordshire pinching the leg to force a decider. Lily with throw hits a 125 and a ton and is going for a double 10 Oxfordshire well back on 202 and no messing this time for Lily taking a deserved 3-2 win. Wendy Lamb up next v Catherine Birch(17.14) first two legs went with throw then Oxfordshire poke 93 to go 2-1 up and Wendy is on 40 as Oxfordshire take the win 3-1, Cathrine Birch was Oxfordshire’s Lady of the match. Dorset trailing now 1-2.

Donna Mabbatt (14.45) up next, now Donna’s on a 3 game undefeated run, not doing anything spectacular but doing more than enough to win and today more of the same winning 3-0. Macie Woodrow (17.82) up next Macie was outscored by Jane Telling (16.68) in the first leg then hits a score of 158 to leave 108 returns and pokes the 108 to take the first leg, and goes on to take a 2-1 lead. In the 4th leg Macie hits a score of 171 to leave 79 and no messing at the double takes a 3-1 win. Up last Suzy Trickett (22.43) for we hoped the win, Suzy hits double 5 first dart to take the close first leg. Suzy hits a ton and a 140 in the 2nd leg poking 60 to go 2-0 up. Suzy starts the 3rd leg 140 81 and Oxfordshire are way back on 267 as Suzy takes a 3-0 win and with such a great average no surprise to see her taking Lady of the match for Dorset. Special mention for Sally Old (Ladies captain) who dropped herself despite being undefeated (3-3) this season to give Suzy a game now that to me is what TEAM play is all about. So are LADIES B did us proud winning 4-2 would the Men's B follow?

Mens B

Now our Men's B got their first win against Gwynedd, so we hoped more to come.

Up first Ian Spann (the pirate 26.23) v John Hughes (27.12) Ian throwing some of his best darts for a while at County level but he came up against Oxfordshire's John Hughes who didn't miss much around the double losing 1-4 Jon Hughes was Oxfordshire’s Man of the Match playing like an A player. Dale Masterman (27.83) up next for us Dale missing the last couple of games so was playing in the B team. Dale played like Dale does with something to prove being dropped from the A team hitting loads of red pen scores even a 180 on his way to a convincing 4-0 win and was Dorset's Man of the Match. Next up James Green Dorset v James Green Oxfordshire well at least I could guarantee the winner would be James Green unfortunately not our James Green who loses 1-4. Next up Ryan Gowans (24.03) back playing county again this season and running out a 4-2 winner. John Clark (22.91) up next v Rhys Kerry (21.72) John far from his best losing 1-4. Matty Woodhouse up next just couldn’t seem to find the range losing 2-4 so after 6 games Dorset find themselves 2-4 behind.

Jordan Sharpe (24.56) up next had a battle against Graham Earwicker (24.65) Jordan going into a 2-0 lead then Graham battling back to level at 2-2 but Jordan battles onto a 4-2 win. Jamie Elm (23.63) v Andrew Charlett (23.16) now what a battle this was both players with similar abilities it was always going to be who could keep there nerve to hit a winning double no surprise to see the match go to a deciding leg Jamie with the darts BOTH had chances to take it. A VERY RELIEVED Jamie taking the win 4-3. Next up MOOSTER Matt Read (24.77) now Matt's been so unlucky always seems to draw the opponent’s Man of the Match Mooster played like he always does banging in a 24+ average and this time it’s a winning average taking a deserved 4-2 victory. Richard Perry (23.69) v Robert Adnams (25.91) up next, quick game this was both fairly fast throwers Rich missing one or two doubles and loses 2-4. Rob Channing (24.49) v Darren Hammond (21.84) Rob coming from 1-3 down to level and force a decider. Oxfordshire with the darts in a very nervy deciding leg neither able to find the lipststick that is the treble 20. It’s a question of who keeps their nerve as Rob hits a 140 then a 45 to leave 56 Oxfordshire back on 209 abut then hit a 177 to leave 32 Rob hits tops first dart to take the 4-3 win. Up last Richard Wright (Freddy 25.47) Richard goes into a 3-1 lead against Brandon Richardson (24.82) then Brandon pokes 101 for a 15 dart winning leg from there Freddy missed so many doubles and Brandon takes the 4-3 win the Men's B getting a 6-6 draw so going into Sunday with the scores standing at Dorset 10 Oxfordshire 8.

Sunday. Ladies A

So going into today we had a two game advantage and with our A teams still to play we expected to increase our lead. But did we?

Up first for our Ladies A team Claire Mabey (17.58) who took her match to a deciding leg against the throw, Claire looked well in control in the decider until Denise Pape (16.81) hit a 140 from nowhere to leave 84 she returns and pokes the 84 in two darts to take the win (That’s the harsh side of darts). Next Julie Boggust (14.99) another deciding leg again going to Oxfordshire. Katie Mitchell (16.03) up next v Karen Williams (18.11) Katie losing 0-3 Karen was Oxfordshire’s Lady of the match. So our 2 game advantage gone as we now trail 10-11. LADIES 0-3 down.

Trina Perry (16.40) up next again her game going to a deciding leg Trina with the darts hits two tons and goes onto take a 3-2 win (at last something for Dorset to cheer about. Sam Kirton (22.77) up next getting straight at it looking well in control scoring and finishing well to take a 3-0 win was Dorset's lady of the match her 22.77 the highest average of the weekend for the Ladies. That left Bev Scarff (19.03) up last we hoped for the draw. (NO PRESSURE THEN) Only Bevs second game in the A team and she gets her first win always looking in control and winning 3-0. Game of two halves springs to mind having trailed 0-3 we got a hard fought draw. Well done LADIES are two game advantage restored. Bring on the men.

Men's A

Up first Scott Mitchell (26.79) v Shane Turner(27.98). 18 dart winning first leg with throw to Shane who then starts the 2nd with a 180 followed by two tons to leave 121, but missed doubles from Shane and Scott pokes 68 to level. Scott so many scores of 60 darts resting on the top wire of the treble and Shane takes the 3rd. Scott takes the next so first four legs going with throw. What a 5th leg after 12 darts Scott sat on tops Shane on 53 which he pokes. Scott misses 3 darts at tops Shane takes a 4-2 win and was Oxfordshire’s joint Man of the match. Scott gracious in defeat. Nigel Lamb (22.93) had us all sat on the edge of our seats as his match went to a deciding leg Nigel with the darts and he takes the 4-3 win. Nice that Dorset's heads didn’t drop after Scott’s game the support still well there. David Elm (Elmo 23.29) up next Elmo not really finding it losing 1-4.

You already for this as next up Tommy Morris (30.72) v Kevin Lowe (30.58) and to me the game of the weekend two TOP QUALITY players going at it toe to toe. Tommy misses 5 darts at a double (most un-Tommy like) and Kevin PINCHES the first leg breaking Tommy's throw. 2nd leg going with throw. Better 3rd from Tommy after 12 darts he’s sat on 24 and a 13 dart leg it is to pull a leg back. Tommy still needs to break. In the 4th again after 12 darts Tommy sat on 24 and this time it’s a 14 darter to level at 2-2. Both players playing well, again after 12 darts Tommy sat on tops Kevin on 64. Tommy misses 3 at tops Kevin pokes the 64 and now has the throw. After 15 darts in the 6th leg Tommy on 56 Kevin back on 126 Tommy breaks back to force a decider. Both start with 140s and again after 12 darts Tommy sat on tops Kevin 110. Tommy misses 3 darts at a winning double Kevin wires the double for a 110 shot out, a relieved Tommy takes the 4-3 win some might say he got away with one there but we will take the win. Richie Gomm (22.08) up next took his match to a deciding leg having the throw making the difference as Richie loses 3-4. Kevin Smith (24.55) up next and that’s a new way of slowing the game down as Kev breaks a glass full of water and our MC shows his many skills as he uses the mop and bucket to clean up. Didn’t help Kevin unfortunately losing 0-4 so after 6 games Men's A trail 2-4. Match all even.

Mark Porter (Potty 26.95) v Sean Holley (27.97) all legs going with throw in a very tight game it deserved and got a decider. Oxfordshire with throw on 125 Sean goes bull bull 9 (a little unlucky) Potty misses 3 darts at 52 Sean taking the win. Dan Perry (28.15) v Terry Wood (26.43) fast and furious best describes this match. Dan playing well goes into a 3-0 lead and goes onto win convincingly 4-1. Steven Earley (25.47) next up in a tough match v Brendon Krabben (27.45) again it took a deciding leg to find a winner leg with throw to Oxfordshire. Men's A now trailing 3-6.

Carl Beattie (23.97) next up Carl far from his best loses 0-4. So Dorset go from being on a high to now needing the last two matches to SCRAPE a draw, not going to plan is an understatement. Support for our Men still good as Ricky King (25.85) steps up on stage against Jon Jukes (25.79) what a strange game this was Ricky can’t find hardly anything and loses the first three legs with about a 20 average. Then the real Ricky woke up, hitting a 16 dart winning leg. Jon misses numerous winning doubles in the 5th leg, Ricky a little lucky and goes onto force a decider against the throw. Ricky saved his best leg for last finding not only a 180, but a 140 as well and takes a 4-3 win. Sometimes you need that rub of luck Ricky certainly had it today in his match of two halves. So that left Robbie Martin (24.67) up last could he get us the draw?

First leg one of missed doubles as Oxfordshire break Robbie’s throw. Robbie breaks straight back. Poor 3rd leg scoring wise from both again a break as Robbie now trails1-2. Again both struggle at the double and another break as Robbie levels his match at 2-2. Two tons and a 177 and Robbie (with throw) takes the leg. Robbie against throw in the 6th leg goes 140 180 99 to leave 82 and takes the win with ease as he turns to the Dorset players and supporters hands raised people on their feet applauding and cheering. So Men's A lose 5-7.


Well what a weekend this was one we won’t forget for a while all part of the ROLLERCOASTER RIDE we get following Dorset certainly was a game of highs and lows. Ladies A 0-3 down getting a draw true fighting spirit. The support was amazing SO MANY deciding leg winners in the end grateful for the draw even though we trailed 16-18 our heads didn’t drop nor did the support for our players in the end a FAIR RESULT.

That just leaves me to wish you all a great Xmas and even better 2023 following our beloved Dorset, who remain un-defeated and still at the top of the table. (yes I’m to tight to buy cards.) See you all next year and let’s continue where we have left off.

Green Army marching on and STILL TOP of the league.


Dorset 18-18 Oxfordshire
Women's B Won 4-2 // Mens B Drew 6-6
Women's A Drew 3-3 // Mens A Lost 5-7

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Ladies A

  • Julie
  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Katie
  • Trina
  • Bev

Ladies B

  • Donna
  • Sally
  • Wendy
  • Jamie
  • Lorraine
  • Macie
  • OLD (Captain)
  • LAMB

Ladies Reserves

  • Claire
  • Suzy

Mens A

  • Carl
  • Steve
  • David
  • Richie
  • Ricky
  • Nigel
  • Robbie
  • Scott
  • Tommy
  • Daniel
  • Mark
  • Kevin
  • ELM
  • GOMM
  • KING
  • LAMB
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Rob
  • John
  • Jamie
  • Ryan
  • James
  • Dale
  • Richard
  • Matt
  • Jordan
  • Ian
  • Matt
  • Richard
  • ELM
  • READ

Mens Reserves

  • Steve
  • Terry
  • Geordie
  • Robby
  • GRANT (n/a)