Gwynedd v Dorset - UKDA National League 2022/2023 Season - Dorset County Darts

Away v Gwynedd - Saturday 5th / Sunday 6th November 2022

Womens B

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Gwynedd v Dorset Womens B Scorecard

Womens A

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Gwynedd v Dorset Womens A Scorecard

Mens B

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Gwynedd v Dorset Mens B Scorecard

Mens A

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Gwynedd v Dorset Mens A Scorecard

Gwynedd v Dorset Match Report

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At last another County Away game and again we travel to Wales to play Gwynedd North Wales. I set off at 11am and travelled the 333 miles to the hotel with just one motor way services stop, still took 7.5 hours shame last couple of hours in the dark as missed some great views, dropped case in bedroom then to the bar to unwind and catch up with my Dorset Buddies. A few new players brought into our Men's B team who are still yet to find a win. Hopes were high and as Tommy Morris put it “I haven’t come ALL this way to lose” a sentiment we all hoped for. Now Gwynedd play out of Wellmans Sports and Social Club Liangefni a nice club with plenty of practice boards a fair size and cheap beer so what more could you ask for, A WIN yes indeed. We settled in and TOOK OVER well that’s the way it seemed as with most away games most travelled up on Friday so with players and supporters we outnumbered them. So how did we do ?

Ladies B

Now Dorset must be the only team with two mother and daughter combinations playing in the same side.

Up first Lorraine Woodrow (Lily) who got us off to a great start winning 3-1. Next up Jamie Walker (18.56) now Jamie playing only her 2nd game for Dorset and was a little unlucky not to win her first match. Jamie took the first leg which seemed to fill her with confidence and she took the 2nd with ease in the 3rd Jamie hits a ton to leave 121 then 91 to leave 30 returns hits it 2nd dart to take a 3-0 win and Jamie was Dorset's Lady of the Match. Sally Old up next goes 0-2 down she can’t buy a double but goes on to win 3-2. Never give up, Never surrender (Galaxy Quest) springs to mind. So what a start for our ladies 3-0 up.

Donna Mabbatt (15.41) up next playing well takes a 3-1 win. Wendy Lamb (17.89 Jamie’s Mother) up next. Now Wendy hasn’t played a County Game for years but has always been there sat on the bench just in case our ladies are short well today we were and she gets to play. She dusted off herself and her darts and took to the stage nervously. Wendy scores well and doesn’t mess around at the double and goes 2-0 up and looks like she’s going to beat her daughters average, Wendy not scoring so well looks like she’s easing off takes a 3-0 win and still a good average and a win perhaps her years on the bench are over should be with a 17.89 average. That left Sharon Mitchell v Macie Woodrow on last for the clean sweep all the pressure on Macie with your team 5-0 up and just you to play. Macie playing Sharon Mitchell not the Sharon Mitchell we all know and love. Macie races into a 2-0 lead but can’t find that winning double which at times is the hardest double and Gwynedd pull a leg back. That spured Macie on and she’s well in front in the 4th leg sat on 50 Gwynedd way back on 230 and she takes a 3-1 win giving the ladies a 6-0 win UNBELIEVABLE me I’m GOBSMACKED but well fought and a great start for Dorset. Could our Men's B get their first win? A couple of B players put up into the A as a couple phoned in sick giving John Clark and Richard Perry another chance.

Mens B

Up first for Dorset Ryan Gowans (24.01) nice to see Ryan back where he belongs playing County. Ryan looked at ease up on stage and runs out a convincing 4-1 winner. Steve Alden up next had what can only be described as A MARE losing 0-4 you are much better than that mate, Steve just didn’t seem to settle. Barry Jones v Ian Spann (the pirate) up next, Barry hits the first 180 of the weekend and goes into a 3-2 lead Ian pokes 95 (single 19 double 19 double 19) to level at 3-3 and goes onto take a 4-3 win. Richard Perry up next looked at ease on the stage having a faster player against him helped his game this time and he wins 4-1.

Baz Tyn (27.45) V Matt Read (25.35) up next and what a cracking game this was Baz not missing much and Matt sat so close as he poked out every leg, Matt 0-4 loss despite his 25.35 average no surprise Baz Tyn was Gwynedd's Man of the Match. Jordan Sharpe (24.45) up next had a cracking game winning 4-1 so after 6 matches Dorset lead 4-2 could our B get their first win?

Rob Channing (24.87) up next loses a close game 1-4 and is a little disappointed with his play. Terry Gowans up next (Ryan’s dad) had a mare losing 0-4 and suddenly it’s all even at 4-4. James Green (23.63) next up and wins 4-2 giving the belief back to the B team. Jamie Elm (29.47) up next making his debut for Dorset and what a debut looking confident and good up on stage running out a 4-0 winner and was Dorset's Man of the Match his 29.47 the highest average of the weekend, now that’s some debut. John Clark up next taking his match to a deciding leg after Gwynedd came back from 1-3 down. John hits two tons in the decider and takes the win not only for himself but the team also Dorset now 7-4 up. Up last Richard Wright (24.36) another game going to a deciding leg, Richard on 166 as Gwynedd going for tops Richard pokes 72 to take the win 4-3 so Men's B not only their first win but a 8-4 victory amazing day. Going into Sunday with the scores standing at Gwynedd 4 Dorset 14 GOBSMACKED but let’s see what happens Sunday Dorset with a slightly weaker side.

Ladies A

Up first Katie Mitchell who runs out a 3-0 winner. Julie Boggust up next missed a few doubles and loses 0-3. Julie Frampton up next here game a game of missed doubles from BOTH players match going to a deciding leg BOTH have numerous chances at the double not to be this time for Julie losing 2-3. So after 3 games Dorset behind 1-2.

Next up Sam Kirton (20.00) Sam slow to start and is back on 304 as Gwynedd take the first leg. Normal service resumed and Sam takes a 3-1 win and was Dorset's Lady of the Match. Trina Perry up next taking her game to a deciding leg but the 5th leg was Trina’s worst scoring wise and she’s way back on 233 as Gwynedd take the win. Up last Jac Leggatt (23.12) v Beverley Scarff (18.68) Bev put up into the A after her last two convincing wins. Not to be this time for Bev despite playing well Jac Leggatt didn’t miss a lot at all hitting the highest average of the weekend and was Gwynedd's Lady of the match for the ladies and Bev loses 0-3. So our Ladies A lose 2-4.

Mens A

Geordie Grant gets the Men's A off. Geordie put up into the A. Not to be this time losing 1-4. Tommy Morris up next not hitting his usual mega scores and drops a couple of legs in his 4-2 win doing more than enough to win 4-2 and he was Dorset's Man of the Match. Kelvin Ducklin (26.67) v David Elm (ELMO (27.72) up next and another great game to watch Elmo losing 2-4 but closer than the score line suggests. Kevin Smith (25.21) next up losing 2-4. Mark Porter (Potty 25.27) Potty goes into a 3-1 lead then in the 4th leg Gwynedd Cerwyn Williams hits a 140 to leave 84 Potty hits a 137 to leave 36 Gwynedd poke the 84. Potty misses 3@25 to win Gwynedd poke 25 to force a decider. Three tons in a row to leave 71 in the decider from Potty Cerwyn Williams pokes 127 great darts but what a pain for Potty losing 4-3. Matty Woodhouse up next playing up in the A losing 2-4. So after 6 games Dorset trail 1-5. It’s a funny old game doubts now creeping in, are we going to get the win good fight back from Gwynedd coming from 4-14 down now only 13-17 down.

Steve Earley (24.23) up next giving Dorset something to cheer about winning 4-2 and a guaranteed draw at least. Nigel Lamb (24.31) makes it two in a row for Dorset winning 4-2 the win assured now it’s a question of by how many. Phil Beach (22.11) v Robbie Martin (25.16) up next Robbie having a go at a double in every leg losing 2-4 most un Robbie like but that’s darts. Deian Roberts 27.83) v Dan Perry (26.78) up next Dan missing a few doubles and goes 0-3 down then in the decider Deian pokes a 150 and is Gwynedd's Man of the match Dan losing 0-4 (no luck). Carl Beattie (24.52) up next nice to see Carl back to his winning ways taking a 4-1 win. That left Richie Gomm up last. Gommy didn’t do anything special but ran out. Convincing 4-1 winner Mens A losing 5-7, but a nice result. 21-15 win.


A game of two halves it certainly was. If you had offered me a 21-15 win at the start I would of welcomed it but being 14-4 going into Sunday I thought we would win more easy, took us AGES to reach the 19 at one stage I’m thinking surely at least a draw. Good fight back from Gwynedd can’t take that away from them Dan Perry hitting a 26.78 but losing 0-4 think you missed the stud that is Ryan Mabey, and Mooster playing well again finding their Man of the Match Potty so unlucky some big finishes from Gwynedd. Women's B unbelievable great darts LADYS glad CLARKY bought you all a drink well deserved. Men's B getting their first win well done men. Onto the next game with Dorset still undefeated and a great team spirit, a home game, an XMAS game see you all there.

Green Army marching on and back at the TOP of the league table. The journey home flew bye so much easier with a win. 5 hours, home bye 11pm cats pleased to see me.


Gwynedd 15-21 Dorset
Women's B Won 6-0 // Mens B Won 8-4
Women's A Lost 2-4 // Mens A Lost 5-7

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Julie
  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Katie
  • Trina
  • Bev

Ladies B

  • Donna
  • Sally
  • Wendy
  • Jamie
  • Lorraine
  • Macie
  • OLD (Captain)
  • LAMB

Ladies Reserves

  • Claire
  • Suzy
  • MABEY (n/a)
  • TRICKETT (n/a)

Mens A

  • Carl
  • Steve
  • David
  • Richie
  • Ricky
  • Nigel
  • Robbie
  • Dale
  • Tommy
  • Daniel
  • Mark
  • Kevin
  • ELM
  • GOMM
  • KING
  • LAMB
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Steve
  • Rob
  • Jamie
  • Ryan
  • Terry
  • Geordie
  • James
  • Matt
  • Jordan
  • Ian
  • Matt
  • Richard
  • ELM
  • READ

Mens Reserves

  • John
  • Ryan
  • Scott
  • Robby
  • Richard
  • MITCHELL (n/a)