Cambridgeshire v Dorset - UKDA National League 2022/2023 Season - Dorset County Darts

Away v Cambridgeshire - Saturday 3rd / Sunday 4th June 2023

Womens B

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Cambridgeshire v Dorset Womens B Scorecard

Womens A

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Cambridgeshire v Dorset Womens A Scorecard

Mens B

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Cambridgeshire v Dorset Mens B Scorecard

Mens A

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Cambridgeshire v Dorset Mens A Scorecard

Cambridgeshire v Dorset Match Report

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Well the final game of the season is upon us, and it couldn’t be closer at the top of the table any one of 5 teams can pinch the two promotion spots up for grabs. Dorset 6 points clear of Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire 2 points behind them if they beat us well then they could go up. Humberside on the same points as Cleveland so it really is ALL UP FOR GRABS. Would Cambridgeshire’s home game be an advantage although Dorset nearly always do better at away games as so many players and supporters are there both days and we can take over a venue, our support being stronger as EVERYONE is there. Dorset still in disbelief of their 12-24 defeat at home to Hertfordshire but pleased that we are still top of the league be it now by only 6 points and we were all convinced we could put it right and get back to our winning ways.

Cambridgeshire play out of GER Sports club an ideal venue size wise with practice boards in the same room as the stage so players can support and practice at the same time. Must just mention how accommodating Cambridgeshire were, we were staying at a Travelodge with no bar and no food facilities so Cambridgeshire opened early so we could get a cooked breakfast there, well done them. Anyway I digress how did we get on?

Ladies B team

Lin Bellingham (15.20) V Hannah Rampley and what a start Lin poking 79 to force deciding leg with throw. The match one of missed doubles Lin pinching the 3-2 win. Next Julie Boggust (17.68) who came out a comfortable 3-0 winner and was Dorset's Lady of the Match. Wendy Lamb (15.89) next up v Carol Bareham (15.98) all legs going with throw forcing a decider. Close deciding leg Carol just out scoring Wendy. Carol misses tops for a 148 shot out. Wendy hits a 133 to leave 38 then it’s all about who was going to hit the winning double, Wendy losing 2-3. So Dorset 2-1 up.

Trina Perry (16.53) v Barbara Greatbatch (17.42) Trina busts a 126 Barbara takes the first leg. Trina takes the next but a few missed doubles and Trina loses 1-3. Jamie Walker v Gema Law next up. Not the best of games both struggled to find doubles Jamie losing 0-3. That left Macie Woodrow (18.58) v Pauline Donat (19.74) to get the ladies a draw. Macie races into a 2-0 lead, but Pauline finding scores and not missing doubles and it’s another decider against the throw. Pauline saved her best leg to last finding a 140 and back to back 125s Macie losing 2-3. Pauline was Cambridgeshire’s Lady of the match. So not going to plan Dorset 2-0 up then losing 2-4 that’s darts.

Mens B

Up first Mark Grimes (25.69) Mark winning convincingly 4-0. Next Owen Bowden (24.44) another convincing winner 4-0 no messing at the doubles. Richard Perry (22.18) v Simon Cassidy (21.13) close match this one first 4 legs going with throw. Simon a slow player Richard a fast player and Richard tried not to let the slow play affect him never easy, Rich playing well takes the 4-2 win. What a start for Dorset 3-0 up.

Declan Harris (24.59) v Anthony Richardson (23.46) what a battle this was Declan going 2-0 up Anthony levelling at 2-2. Declan pokes 45 to go 3-2 up then misses 5/6 darts at a winning double, Anthony forces a decider. Both had chances at a double in the decider leg and win to Cambridgeshire. Liam Blakeley (27.08) V David Mayle (23.22) Liam a great player to watch poking a 164 (57 57 bull) to take the first leg, and misses the bull for a 124 shot out in the 2nd, leg to David. Liam from there scored well finished great and runs out a 4-1 winner. No surprise he was Dorset's Man of the Match also. Matt Read (Mooster 23.15) did more than enough running out a 4-1 winner against Micheal Bodle (20.54). So what a start for our Mens B half way and winning 5-1.

Jordan Sharpe (25.05) v Andy Turpin (22.86) Jordan a convincing 4-0 winner. Next George Grant (21.07) v Darren Royal (23.70) George by his standards had a MARE losing 1-4. Mark Porter (24.60 Potty) v Craig Sayer (25.72) Potty’s game going 2-2 then Craig goes 180 ton and is going for 89 Potty way back on 214 but hits a 134 and both are going for doubles Potty pinching it going 3-2 up. Craig hits another 180 and a 140 but numerous missed doubles and Potty pinches a 4-2 win. Nigel Lamb (22.13) v Will Harwood (22.10) Nigel’s game going to a deciding leg, the throw giving Cambridgeshire the win. Richie Gomm (22.89) v Mathew King (24.31) Richie missing doubles losing 1-4. Up last James Green (25.25) v Ian Withers (25.25). As you can see from the averages nothing separating these two players no surprise it went to a deciding leg against throw and what a time to find a 180 for Ian who takes the win so our Mens B win 7-5 but from 5-1 up bit of a blow. So going into Sunday with the scores all even at Cambridgeshire 9 Dorset 9 STILL all to play for.

Ladies A

Up first Bev Scarff v Amy Grant. Bev not finding it today missing a few doubles and loses 0-3 Sally Old (ladies captain 18.22) up next v Amanda Harwood (18.15) Sally rushing into a 2-0 lead and wins comfortably 3-1 the win meaning a lot to Sally and the team. Samantha Kirton (23.86) v Juliet Findlay. Sam making the first leg look easy hitting scores of 100 135 and 125 and is on 51 Juliet back on 330 and what an average too running out a 3-0 winner and no surprise her 23.86 average the highest average of the weekend for the ladies making her Dorset's Lady of the Match. So half way Dorset 2-1 up.

Julie Frampton (17.28) up next v Casey Hill (15.54) Julie scoring consistently and no messing at the double taking a deserved 3-0 win. Peri May Yarrow (19.24) v Rebecca Brouse(19.43) Peri in a close scoring match but losing 1-3. Rebecca Brouse was Cambridgeshire’s Lady of the Match. That left Suzy Trickett (17.69) v Claire Brookin (19.03) Claire out scoring Suzy and not messing at the doubles Suzy losing 0-3

So the ladies manage a DRAW.

Mens A

Up first Robbie Martin (28.07) v Mark Lynn (25.78) Robbie slow to find the lipstick, Mark going 2-0 up, Robbie finds a 180 and pokes 80 and takes the next to level at 2-2. Another 180 to leave 62 which Robbie pokes to go 3-2 up. Mark finds a 180 and forces a decider, Robbie with throw both start with 140s then the nerves kicked in for both players the throw making the difference Robbie winning 4-3. Tommy Morris (25.86) v Simon Hill (25.78) first 5 legs going with throw, then Tommy in the 6th starts 180 120 and forces a decider against throw. Missed doubles both had chances Tommy riding his luck takes the 4-3 win. Next Scott Mitchell (30.09) v Tony Clark (25.81) what a start for Scott 180; then after 12 sat on 16, six darts later leaving 2s (he knows the rules) poking it. Scott pokes a 116 to go 2-0 up. Another 180 from Scott and after 12 sat on 80 which he pokes. What a 4th leg Scott hitting a 180 to leave 38 but Tony pokes 41 to take a leg. Scott exhibition darts running out a 4-1 winner and was Dorset's Man of the Match his 30.09 the highest average of the weekend. Wow what a start for Dorset's Men 3-0 up.

Next Richard Wright (Freddy) v Scott Williams (28.27) Freddy did poke a 146 to level at 1-1 but was out played by Scott Williams losing 1-4. Steven Earley v Stuart Ward (25.69) things didn’t go Steven's way today losing 2-4. Carl Beattie v Steve Carrett (25.69) Carl losing 2-4 the score line not reflecting the closeness of the match. So half way 3-3 Cambridgeshire winning the last 3 matches.

Dan Perry (26.76) v Dennis Harbour (the harbour master 28.60) Dennis takes the first two legs, Dan pulls a leg back. Both start with 180s in the 4th leg. Great game to watch Dennis didn’t miss much Dan losing 1-4. Kevin Smith (26.23) v Richard German (26.67) all close legs all going with throw, so yet another decider against the throw. What a leg from Richard German going 43 140 140 138 to leave tops Kev back on 220 leg and match to Cambridgeshire. Now that’s 5 in a row for Cambridgeshire Dorset trailing 3-5. Ryan Gowans (26.74) v Connor Arberry (25.23) close game first 5 legs going with throw, Ryan misses darts to win Connor pokes 99 to force a decider. Ryan with the throw after 15 darts leaves tops returns misses giving Connor a go at 130 close hitting the 25 going for the bull. Ryan takes the 4-3 win stopping the rot Cambridgeshire winning the last 5 matches. Rob Channing (28.42) v Ashley Colman (29.44). Rob goes 2-0 up looking good Ashley takes the next with throw. Rob has 6 at tops going 3-1 up, Ashley scoring well and hitting the doubles forces yet another decider. Ashley with the darts what a time to find a 180 and Rob loses 3-4. O dear Dorset trailing overall 16 - 18 so no bonus points for us. Dorset supporters and players all looking at the other County games to see if we have done enough for promotion too close to call perhaps one more match and we are going up. NO PRESSURE THEN. Ricky King (23.32) v David Shaw (23.52) Ricky not playing as well as he normally does can only put it down to nerves, but he wins easily enough 4-1. That just left The Big Show Dale Masterman (25.61) v Kevin Bullman (25.39) everyone telling me we’ve done enough other players rushing out to their cars to put there team shirts on for a photo COME ON THERE'S A GAME ON HERE. Dale in a close game goes 3-1 up and is looking good for the win, but Kev's having none of it levelling at 3-3 and has the darts in the final leg. Dale finding a 140 followed by 125 and goes onto take the win 4-3.


Humberside 27 Berkshire 9 so with the bonus points they leap frog from 5th to win the league Dorset a close 2nd but yes WE ARE GOING UP. It’s really made everyones weekend 44 years CLARKY has been waiting for this. Dorset's never been in the top flight of darts until now. I’d just like to say WELL DESERVED those that can play, those that can’t support or do the right ups. It’s been an honour and pleasure to do my bit for Dorset and I love and respect you all. I’ve upset a few at times I know but the opinions and views are all mine. Roll on next season me I’m loving the ROLLER COASTER RIDE that is County darts.

Green Army promoted AT LAST.


Cambridgeshire 18-18 Dorset
Women's B Lost 2-4 // Mens B Won 7-5
Women's A Drew 3-3 // Mens A Drew 6-6

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Sally
  • Beverley
  • Suzy
  • Peri-May
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies B

  • Lin
  • Julie
  • Wendy
  • Trina
  • Jamie
  • Macie
  • LAMB

Ladies Reserves

  • Donna
  • Katie
  • Lorraine

Mens A

  • Carl
  • Rob
  • Steve
  • Ryan
  • Ricky
  • Robbie
  • Dale
  • Scott
  • Tommy
  • Daniel
  • Kevin
  • Richard
  • KING

Mens B

  • Liam
  • Owen
  • Richie
  • Geordie
  • James
  • Mark
  • Declan
  • Nigel
  • Richard
  • Mark
  • Matt
  • Jordan
  • GOMM
  • LAMB
  • PORTER (Captain)
  • READ

Mens Reserves

  • John
  • David
  • Jamie
  • Matt
  • Terry
  • Ian
  • ELM
  • ELM
  • GOODIER (n/a)