Dorset v Hertfordshire - UKDA National League 2022/2023 Season - Dorset County Darts

Home v Hertfordshire - Saturday 13th / Sunday 14th May 2023

Womens B

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Dorset v Hertfordshire Womens B Scorecard

Womens A

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Dorset v Hertfordshire Womens A Scorecard

Mens B

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Dorset v Hertfordshire Mens B Scorecard

Mens A

Darts British Inter County Championships 2022/2023 Division 1 Dorset v Hertfordshire Mens A Scorecard

Dorset v Hertfordshire Match Report

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Weekending Saturday 13th- Sunday 14th May saw Dorset host Hertfordshire at our home venue the Conservative Club in Branksome. Dorset undefeated this season and on a high after there 22-14 victory against Cleveland (away)and sitting top of the table with a HEALTHY 14 game advantage. Dorset forced into making a few changes owing to the availability of players but still fielding a GREAT side.

So how did we get on?

Ladies B

Up first Lin Bellingham v Louise Pearson. Well, what a start Lin hits two tons and a 130 Louise a ton and a 117 in a close scoring first leg until they got to a double then it was a question of who was going to hit one dragging the averages down leg going with throw to Louise who from there went on to win 3-0 and was Hertfordshire’s Lady of the match her 19.52 average the highest lady’s average of the day. Next Katie Mitchell losing 0-3 to Debbie Jones. So, after 2 games Dorset yet to win a leg let alone a match. Jamie Walker up next losing the first two legs against Jo Kitchen, then battles to get a last leg decider, Jamie against the throw. Now Jo is running 15th in the County averages and the deciding leg could have gone either way but Jamie finds double 10 like she did in the two previous legs (10s her new favourite double) and takes the 3-2 win giving Dorset something to cheer about. Jamie was also Dorset’s Lady of the match.

Macie Woodrow (18.43) up next v Kerry O’Conner (19.34) Macie’s game going to a deciding leg. Leg going to Kerry. Next the very welcome return of Trina Perry who has been out for a while due to surgery. Trina had a very close game, her match against Laura Camp going to a deciding leg the throw making the difference Trina losing 2-3. So, with our lady’s trailing 1-4 it was left up to Julie Boggust up last to get hopefully a win. Julie not missing her doubles today and runs out a 3-0 winner, so the ladies lose 2-4

Men’s B Team

Up first Matt Read (Mooster 22.45) V Ian Clarkson (26.57) Mooster taking his game to 2-2 then couldn’t find the red bit being outscored by Ian and Mooster loses 2-4. Ian Clarkson was Hertfordshire’s Man of the match. Next up Owen Emmett Bowden (28.63) Owen coming from a great darting family there isn’t a Bowden who can’t throw a good dart he was playing Mark Elliot (23.86) Owen scored well finished well and ran out a 4-0 winner his 28.63 average the highest of the day and he was Dorset’s deserved Man of the Match. Next up Mark Grimes (26.57) V Martin Kingsley (23.02) Mark returning to County darts after taking some time off, and what a return banging in a 26.57 average and winning 4-2. So, a better start for our Mens B winning so far 2-1.

Matt Gooder (23.66) V Nick Swain (25.30) Matt making his debut for Dorset. Matt playing well but losing 2-4. Never easy up on stage it’s amazing how playing that 4-5 feet higher on stage with a large audience can affect your game but Matt will get better and better. Next up Richard Perry (25.19) V Anthony Tarry (25.98) now the match of the day for me (so much red pen scores from BOTH players. Rich taking the first leg to break then misses doubles Anthony breaking straight back. Rich pokes 101 to break again and goes into a 3-1 lead. Richard forgotten the rules missing 2s for the win and Anthony takes the next two to level at 3-3 and force a decider. That’s darts your 3-1 up and CRUISING then it’s all even and a decider against throw. Anthony saved his best leg for last Richard losing 3-4. Richard Gomm (23.53) V Paul Squirrel (23.60) up next Richard poking a 117 to take the first leg but loses 1-4 in a close game the score line not reflecting the closeness of his match. So Dorset now trail 2-4 not going to plan (understatement)

Liam Blakeley V Enron Walkes next up. Liam missed SO MANY doubles but still ran out a convincing 4-1 winner never looked like losing. Liam Blakeley a name to look out for in the future a great youngster playing well. Jorden Sharpe (24.44) had no worries against Dan Galloway winning 4-0 Jorden down from the A but a convincing win today. Nigel Lamb (slammer 25.34) V Peter Mays (25.49) Nigel also down from the A. Nigel missed a few doubles today but his game went to a deciding leg ware they both had goes at a winning double Nigel losing 3-4. So after 9 Dorset trail 4-5.

George Grant v Ben Swain (24.85) George feeling the heat up on stage losing 1-4. Declan Harris up next V Jack Pledger (25.18) now Jack’s a slow player and Declan couldn’t get into a rhythm. But Jack outscored Declan who loses 1-4. Up last James Green (22.37) V Anthony Hammond (23.73) James taking it to a deciding leg ware he was outscored by Antony losing 3-4.

So going into Sunday with the scores standing at Dorset 6 Hertfordshire 12 no wonder the Hertfordshire fans and team were giving it loads. All to do for Dorset tomorrow but we’ve been here before.

Sunday Ladies A

So with it all to do up first Julie Frampton (18.61) V Jodie Clarkson (19.85) now Julies back on 175 as Jodie going for 16 numerous missed doubles from Hertfordshire and Julie no messing at the double pinches the first leg then takes 2nd with the darts. Julie sat on 60 as Jodie takes the 3rd with throw. Missed doubles from Hertfordshire again and Julie takes the 3-1 win and was Dorset’s Lady of the match. Next Peri-May Yarrow V Vicky Rannow, Peri not finding at all today losing 0-3. Wendy Lamb V Kirsty Bond (17.28) Wendy misses the bull for a 127 shot out but loses 0-3 being outscored by Kirsty.

Suzy Trickett (17.09) V Tina Neylon (20.04) Suzy just not on it today losing 0-3 the score line again not reflecting the match. Tina Neylon the only lady to hit a 20+ average this weekend and was Hertfordshire’s deserved Lady of the Match. Sally Old V Rachel Egleton took her match to a deciding leg after trailing 0-2. Rachel saved her best leg to last with the throw and Sally loses 2-3.

So the ladies A lose 1-5 the result not justifying how the games went that’s darts for you.

Men’s A

All to do understatement with the overall scores standing at Dorset 7 Hertfordshire 17.

Dale Masterman (playing his B game most unDale like missing a few doubles but takes the 4-2 win the W is all that matters. Mark Porter (potty) V Jarred Cole (29.47) up next. Potty back up in the A team not doing a lot wrong but Jarred isn’t missing much potty losing 0-4 no surprise with a 29.47 average Jarred Cole was Hertfordshire’s Man of the Match. Rob Channing (24.94) V Daniel Varney (23.15) Rob misses a few doubles but battles to get a deserved deciding leg. Nervy deciding leg neither scoring well Daniel with throw, Rob’s looking good sat on 52 as Hertfordshire’s Daniel Varney pokes a 126 on the bull to take the win, Rob gutted “that’s the cruel side of darts” Robs first game in the A so unlucky. Steven Earley (23.12) V Robin Wigg (26.37) up next Steve losing 0-4. Ryan Gowans (23.91) V Mason Teese (26.07) first 4 legs all going with throw. A few missed doubles and Ryan loses 2-4. Now there’s another name to look out for in the future Mason Teese a 16 year old with stage presence and so much ability. Next Richard Wright (Freddy 23.71) V Lee Barrow (26.43) Freddy losing 2-4.

So halfway through the Mens A we trail 1-5 unbelievable I’m in shock and over all with the scores standing at Dorset 8 Hertfordshire 22, so the game well and truly lost now it’s about DAMAGE LIMITATION. Some of our best A players are still to play but I take my hat off to Hertfordshire they are spanking us.

Ricky King (29.94) V Ian Clarkson (26.73) Now Ricky’s on a roll banking in some great averages and he went up on stage head held high. Ricky hits a 134 to leave 32 Ian misses 3@58 leg to Ricky breaking throw. Ian hits a 180 and takes the 2nd breaking straight back. After 15 Ricky leaves 32 Ian pokes 80 for a 15 darter and takes the 3rd leg. After 12 in the 4th

Ricky’s on 106 Ian 141 Ricky pokes the 106 to level at 2-2 and goes onto take a 4-2 win great game to watch. Kevin Smith (27.06) V Rex Cole (27.55) Kevin back up in the A side, and as the averages show what a match Kev winning 4-1 playing great and deserving his place in the A. Carl Beattie (25.51) V Thomas Banks 28.86) Carl just back from the challenge tour where he did well, not to be today losing 1-4. Next up Dan Perry (28.36) V Joe Croft (27.52) what an exciting player Dan is to watch. Joe starts with a 180 and rushes into a 2-0 lead. Dan pokes 81 to pull a leg back. Hertfordshire’s Joe Croft pokes a 142 to go 3-1 up. Joe misses 3@79 leaving 8 Dan pokes 56. Dan trailing 2-3 pokes 102 with a go-on to get a decider. Dan with the darts in a nervy deciding leg Dan losing 3-4.

Tommy Morris (32.75) V Kieran Brignell (25.17). Tommy starts 60 then back to back 180s 57 to leave 24 one dart. Tommy finds another 180 to leave 76 leg to Hertfordshire. 14 darter from Tommy then pokes 76 to go 3-1 up. Tommy leaving 20 after 15 darts but can’t find the double o yes he can Tommy wins 4-1 with a 32.75 and yes he was Dorset’s Man of the Match. Robbie Martin (28.12) V Sam Cook (22.30) now Robbie has been playing so well lately and today more of the same so many red pen scores .Robbie rushes into a 3-0 lead then misses a few winning doubles Hertfordshire’s Sam Cook coming and pinching the leg. That winning double always seems to be the hardest to hit. Robbie still thinking about those missed doubles not scoring well in the 5th leg “come on Robbie head on” better 134 to leave tops, last dart in hand to win 4-1 but Mens A still lose 5-7


I can’t remember a time when all 4 teams lost. Hertfordshire certainly gave us a “GOOD SPANKING” but we must throw that in the bucket and go again. Amazingly we are still top of the table be it now by only 6 games but it’s ours to win. Our next game away to Cambridgeshire (who have moved into 3rd place) is a game we need to win. Any two from the top 5 can get promotion, we have the team to do it. It really is “a funny old game" undefeated in 9 games then get spanked. Always more support at away games and I’m like you all are quietly confident we can do this.

Green army marching on and still top of the league.


Dorset 12-24 Hertfordshire
Women's B Lost 2-4 // Mens B Lost 4-8
Women's A Lost 1-5 // Mens A Lost 5-7

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Julie
  • Wendy
  • Sally
  • Beverley
  • Suzy
  • Peri-May
  • LAMB
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies B

  • Lin
  • Julie
  • Katie
  • Jamie
  • Lisa
  • Macie

Ladies Reserves

  • Sam
  • Donna
  • Trina
  • Lorraine
  • KIRTON (n/a)

Mens A

  • Carl
  • Rob
  • Steve
  • Ryan
  • Ricky
  • Robbie
  • Dale
  • Tommy
  • Daniel
  • Mark
  • Kevin
  • Richard
  • KING
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Liam
  • Owen
  • Richie
  • Matt
  • Geordie
  • James
  • Mark
  • Declan
  • Nigel
  • Richard
  • Matt
  • Jordan
  • GOMM
  • LAMB
  • READ

Mens Reserves

  • John
  • David
  • Jamie
  • Terry
  • Scott
  • Ian
  • ELM
  • ELM
  • MITCHELL (n/a)