Dorset v Sussex - UKDA National League 2022/2023 Season - Dorset County Darts

Home v Sussex - Saturday 3rd / Sunday 4th September 2022

Dorset v Sussex Match Report

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Well the County dart season is upon us once again, starting a little earlier than usual as extra games to fit in. Last season Dorset I felt were more than a little unlucky finishing 3rd just one point (1 match) off promotion, and I do feel IF the last two matches had been played in the normal format then promotion would of been ours, that MAGIC WEEKEND being a killer for us playing 2 matches over a weekend 3 games at a time on the floor unable to really support or follow was a killer however no magic weekend this time so we go again. Dorset like a number of teams out there have lost a few key players as in this economic climate some are finding it hard to justify playing County which isn’t cheap especially when playing away matches finding money for food, fuel, hotel rooms etc but we are still here and ready to play. Our first game to break us back in slowly was a home game against Sussex. Last time we played them we were away and they won 20-16 hopefully the home advantage would turn it around, Dorset playing out of Branksome Conservative club (The Monkey House) so how did we do?

Ladies B team

Up first to get us underway Julie Boggust (15.18) and what a start winning 3-0. Next up Lorraine Woodrow (Lily 16.33) Now Lily had goes at a double in every leg but despite her 16.33 average loses to Bridget Guilford (14.60) and Bridget was Sussex’s Lady of the match. Next up Sally Old (ladies captain 13.61) whose game went to a deciding leg Sally hitting a score of 123 and pokes 68 to take the 3-2 win. Macie Woodrow (14.41) next up Macie way back on 229 as Sussex take the first leg. That seemed to get Macie going having no problem taking the next three for the win. Bev Scarff (15.99) making her debut for Dorset and what a debut taking not only a 3-0 victory but was Dorset's Lady of the Match nice one. Up last Donna Mabbatt (13.86) Donna racing into a 2-0 lead but that winning double can be so hard to hit and a few missed chances but takes a 3-1 win to give Dorset a nearly perfect start winning 5-1 Lily hitting the highest average of ALL the ladies but missing a few doubles next time Lily.

Mens B

Up first Richard Wright who hit so many scores of 60 but couldn’t find the red bit losing 2-4. Next making his debut for Dorset Jordan Sharpe (24.14) Jordan played well but Tavis Dudeney (25.53) didn’t miss a lot Jordan losing 2-4. Rob Channing (24.74) up next played really consistently well taking a well deserved 4-0 win and giving Dorset something to cheer about. John Clark (team manager 22.50) v Alex Gurr (28.23) next up Alex from Sussex didn’t miss much and with a 28.23 average no surprise was Sussex’s Man of the Match, John losing 0-4. Ian Spann (21.03) up next also making his debut losing 1-4. Ryan Mabey (21.38) next up losing to Sussex’s Paul Robinson(26.12) 1-4 so halfway through the Mens, the scores standing at Dorset 1 Sussex 5. Not going to plan an understatement.

Steve Alden had a really close even match against Dean Leaver Steve starting well with a 140 but Dean pokes 104 to take the leg the match going to a deciding leg Steve more than a little relieved to take the 4-3 win and the W is all that matters. Matty Woodhouse (22.19) up next losing 2-4. Richard Perry (24.38) had a close game against Sussex’s Graham Harris (25.35) the match going to a deserved deciding leg Graham saving his best leg to last taking the win. Mooster Matt Read (23.67) nice to see Mooster back and what a game again going to a deciding leg Timothy Pearce Sussex (23.38) taking the win, Mooster missing one dart at tops. Next up Elmo David Elm (25.76) v Lee Gladman (24.57) yet another match going to a deciding leg and with Lee sat on 62 Elmo pokes a 157 shot out (the highest of the day) to take the 4-3 win, he was also Dorset's Man of the Match nice to watch Elmo and at last gave Dorset something to cheer about. Terry Gowans (23.60) up last “follow that Terry” Terry playing Freddie Jackson (23.15) yet another close game going to a deciding leg Freddie giving it loads as he levels at 3-3 to force a decider. Terry hits 4 tons and a 41 to leave 60 and Sussex back on 182 as Terry takes the win 4-3. So the Men lose 4-8 meaning moving into Sunday with the scores standing at Dorset 9 Sussex 9 still all to play for.

Ladies A

Now before we got underway a presentation to our ladies A who won the league last year only Cathy Campbell missing from the presentation she’s decided to take a season off and really will be missed.

Anyway up first Claire Mabey (14.86) v Lisa Withers (14.27) now Claire came from 0-2 down to take the 3-2 win. Julie Frampton (18.86) up next playing her last game for a while for Dorset scored really well and takes a 3-1 win again, Julie you will be missed. Sam Kirton (19.66) v Trisha Kidd (18.85) what a match this was going to a deserved deciding leg, Sam missing a few nervy goes at a double eventually poking 4 (no one misses twos) to take the win. Well what a start for our ladies 3-0 up.

Trina Perry (14.91) v Ellie Williams (16.76) Trina losing 1-3 and Ellie was Sussex’s lady of the match. Suzy Trickett (19.78) next up winning 3-1 and was Dorset's Lady of the match that leaves Katie Mitchell (15.84) on last. All 5 legs going with throw yes Katie taking the decider and the win 3-2.

What a tremendous start our ladies again winning 5-1 and giving the men a 4 game cushion would it be enough?

Mens A

Richie Gomm (24.44) on first taking his match to a deciding leg which went with the darts to Sussex. Robbie Martin (26.61) up next and a 13 dart winning first leg from Robbie but he misses a few doubles and loses 2-4 to Darren Barton (22.86). Next up Ricky King (28.68) v Joe Davis (27.44) what a standard of darts this match was as the averages suggest Ricky taking a 4-2 win.

Dale Masterman (The Big Show 28.42) v Harry Jackson (25.25) The Big Show playing really well and looking so at ease up on stage winning 4-2 loads of 180s between both players great to watch as fast and furious. Nigel Lamb (24.11) up next losing 2-4 to Rob Hawkins (26.66). Kevin Smith (25.11) v Gary Blackwood (27.20) Kev played well as his average suggests but Gary didn’t miss a lot Kevin losing 1-4 Gary Blackwood was Sussex’s Man of the Match. So halfway through Dorset 2 Sussex 4.

Next up Tommy Morris (30.83) v Lewis Gurney (26.28). Tommy wins 4-0 and was Dorset's Man of the Match.

Carl Beattie (28.23) he didn’t disappoint beating Paul Eves (24.01) 4-0. Next up Dan Perry (25.95) v Caven Phillips (29.11) not easy for Dan as he still plays County youth for Sussex so knows ALL the Sussex squad very well and Caven is a mate, also Dan's 21st birthday party last night but Dan doesn’t look hung over and is good to go. The match played in good spirits, Both players cheered on from BOTH sides most unusual. Both hit a 180 in the first leg Sussex poking 101 with throw. Another 180 from Sussex but Dan no messing at the double 1-1. It’s like a QUALITY youth game up on stage Dan missing tops for a 68 shot out but double 10x first dart gets Dan the break. Dan misses the Bull for a 90 shot out returns and goes 3-1 up. Better leg from Sussex 15 darter with throw Dan now 3-2 up. Dan pokes 101 to take a 4-2 victory and put Dorset in front for the first time now 5-4 up.

Steve Earley (21.27) v Steven Cross (26.44) Dorset losing 1-4 Sussex not missing much. Next up Mark Porter (Potty 23.80) nice to see Potty playing well he missed so many doubles and trailed 0-2 then hit 4 doubles from 5 darts to take a 4-2 win it really is “a funny old game” at times. That left Scotty Dog Mitchell (30.36) up last for the win NO PRESSURE THEN.

Scotty almost exhibition darts 14 dart first leg, then pokes 65 to take the 2nd. Scot wires tops for a 117 shot out in the 3rd returns takes the leg. Scot hits a 123 100 100 85 to leave 93 and we are all thinking is it going to beat the Tommy Morris average so close but all we wanted was the win and the Men's A win 7-5 for a great start to this season’s campaign.


It’s so good to have County Darts back in my life I don’t get out much YEA RIGHT.

So pleased for Bev Scarff that’s the way to have a debut - Lady of the match. Elmo what a time to hit a 157 in a deciding leg here’s to more Man of the Match trophies to you. Suzy Trickett Lady of the match and Tommy Morris well I will be following you at Q school what with Dale Masterman and Ricky King playing well gives Scott Mitchell a run for Man of the Match trophies, great performance team LADIES B and A teams you made this win possible winning 10 out of 12 matches well done. Dorset are now top of the league after that great Sussex win. Onto next game Away in Gwent look forward to seeing you all there. Just must mention both Sussex Mens teams you’ve a great squad there so many great youngsters all playing well a force to reckon with.

Up the Dorset Green Army top of the league and marching on.


Dorset 21-15 Sussex
Women's B Won 5-1 // Mens B Lost 4-8
Women's A Won 5-1 // Mens A Won 7-5

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Claire
  • Katie
  • Trina
  • Suzy

Ladies B

  • Julie
  • Donna
  • Sally
  • Bev
  • Lorraine
  • Macie
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies Reserves

  • Jamie

Mens A

  • Carl
  • Steve
  • Richie
  • Ricky
  • Nigel
  • Robbie
  • Dale
  • Scott
  • Tommy
  • Daniel
  • Mark
  • Kevin
  • GOMM
  • KING
  • LAMB
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Steve
  • Rob
  • John
  • Dave
  • Terry
  • Ryan
  • Richard
  • Matt
  • Jordan
  • Ian
  • Matt
  • Richard
  • ELM
  • READ

Mens Reserves

  • Alan
  • Geordie
  • James
  • Robby
  • GREEN (n/a)