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Home v Buckinghamshire - Saturday 26th / Sunday 27th March 2022

Dorset v Buckinghamshire Match Report

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Week ending Saturday 26th - Sunday 27th of March saw Dorset hosting Buckinghamshire at County Darts at their home venue in Upper Parkstone. Dorset after suffering a BIG defeat to Kent 11-25 in December last year have had some great results beating Berkshire 23-13 Staffordshire 22-14 and Humberside 20-16 and Dorset now sitting 2nd in the league table being some 15 games behind Kent who are sat at the top. So how did we get on?

Ladies B

Up first for Dorset Macie Woodrow (20.04) now Macie has gone from losing her first two matches to back to back Lady of the Match trophies for Dorset, today after a slow start she pokes 45 to take the first leg breaking Buckinghamshire throw. Macie in the 2nd leg hits a ton followed by a 140 and hits tops to go 2-0 up. Macie finding it now hitting a 125 and a 118 to leave 170 the big fish would love to of seen her poke it but she does hit tops to win 3-0 no surprise her 20.04 got her another Lady of the match trophy from Dorset, her trophy cabinet filling up quickly. Next up Roz Annetts (16.87) Roz in desperate need of a win having lost her last couple. Roz loses the first leg Buckinghamshire’s Ann Wakefield (15.59) breaking Roz’s throw. Roz breaks straight back poking 45. Two tons from Roz in the 3rd but she leaves 5 to rip giving Ann a chance to catch up BOTH had chances at the double a relieved Roz taking the leg. Roz hits a 125 and hits 8s to take a 3-1 win. Donna Mabbatt up next struggled up on stage losing 1-3 to Buckinghamshire’s Janet Weeden.

Lorraine Woodrow (Lily 16.18) v Alexandra Downey (16.01) what a close game this was. Lily hits a 140 to leave 60 taking the first leg. Both had goes at the double in the 2nd leg to Alex. Lily pokes 50 to go 2-1 up and misses 6 darts at a winning double Alex forcing a deciding leg. Lily busts 80 in the deciding leg, and Buckinghamshire’s Alexandria Downey pinches the win and levels the over all match to 2-2. Claire Mabey (15.82) up next. Claire busts 83 returns leaves 36 and takes the first leg. Scores of 135 and the first 180 of the weekend and Claire goes 2-0 up. Evenly scoring 3rd leg Buckinghamshire miss doubles Claire doesn’t 3-0 convincing win. That left Julie Boggust (16.06) v Laura Ross (16.03) up last for the win (NO PRESSURE THEN) close first leg Laura breaking Julies throw, Julie breaks straight back. Laura hits a 107 to leave 32 and it’s another break. Julie hits a 135 to leave 57 but struggles at the double a relieved Julie hits 5s to get a deciding leg. Julie looks in control in the deciding leg then hits a score of 9 (o dear) and suddenly it’s close, Julie busting 96 returns and pokes the 96 for a great shot out and she understandably looks pleased about it. Dorset ladies winning 4-2 great start.

Men's B

Up first for Dorset Steve Alden (26.61) v Stuart Robinson (23.69) what a good standard of darts to get us underway first leg to Steve breaking Stuart’s throw and a 17 dart leg puts him 2-0 up. Stuart with throw pokes 78 to pull a leg back. Two tons and a 140 from Steve and poking 54 to go 3-1 up, Stuart with throw takes another leg. Steve starts 180 and after 12 darts sat on tops and takes the 4-2 win throwing some of the best darts I’ve seen from him for a while. Liam Blakeley (25.70) v Colin Singleton 23.50) despite hitting a 180 Liam finds himself trailing 0-2. A 180 followed by a 140 and Liam pulls a leg back banging 10s for a 14 dart winning leg. Liam hits a 125 followed by a 134 and levels at 2-2. Another 180 from Liam (his 3rd) but both have chances at the double a relieved Liam taking it. Liam goes onto win 4-2. Matty Woodhouse up next in an evenly scoring game against Buckinghamshire’s Paul Tubb his match all even at 2-2, better 5th leg from Matty after 12 darts sat on 101 but can’t find the double finally hitting 3s to go 3-2 up. Matty with throw hits tops to take the 4-2 win. Steven Earley (24.43) next up. Now Steve has been struggling of late now down in the B team, today he played so much more consistently his match going level at 2-2 then Buckinghamshire’s Andy Turnbull wires tops for a 118 shot out and a 15 dart leg, returns misses [email protected] Steve a little lucky pinching the leg poking 72, and goes onto give us our 4th 4-2 win in a row. Kevin Smith next up has no problems running out a 4-1 winner. Richard Perry next up his game also going 2-2 then Buckinghamshire’s Karl Deacon seemed to go up a gear or two hitting 4 tons in a row to go 3-2 up and takes the win so half way Dorset 5-1 up.

James Green (23.42) making his Debut for Dorset v Leo Beechy (23.11) as the averages suggest a very close game all about the doubles James playing well but loses 2-4 the score line not reflecting the game. Next up Mark Porter (Potty 23.77) Potty’s game going 2-2 then Potty hits tops no messing to go 3-2 then in the 6th leg hits a 140 and a 91 to leave tops and wins 4-2 Potty putting his arms skywards we all know how much that win meant to him and us. David Elm (Elmo 26.99) up next good start from him breaking Buckinghamshire throw. Elmo hits 3 tons on his way to taking the 2nd. Elmo back on 76 as Buckinghamshire take the next. Elmo starts the 4th leg with a 180 (9 darter on?) 44 140 but pokes 137 for a not to shabby 12 dart leg. Elmo playing well another 180 in the 5th and after 15 sat on 24 and wins 4-1 David Elm was Dorset's Man of the match too. Dorset now winning Mens B 7-2 WOW.

Then defeats for Ryan Mabey and Robby Morris that left Terry Gowans up last v Buckinghamshire’s Nigel Beaven (25.10). Terry match went to a deciding leg, Nigel saving his best leg to last going 125 140 ton on his way to taking the 4-3 win and was Buckinghamshire’s Man of the Match.

End score Dorset 7 Buckinghamshire 5 those last 3 matches it could of been so much better but both teams won and going into Sunday with Dorset a healthy 11-7 start.

Ladies A

Up first for Dorset Julie Frapton (17.42) v Janet Weeden (16.50) Janet played yesterday beating beating Donna Mabbatt and she goes into a 2-1 lead, Julie now finding her range and levels to force a deciding leg, with the throw. Julie from 97 hits the big treble 19 missing two at tops returns double 10 to take a 3-2 win. Next Suzy Trickett (17.61) who rushes into a 2-0 lead but Buckinghamshire’s Lorraine Bowen hit scores of a ton and a 113 and pull a leg back poking 56, then starting the 4th with scores of 123 & 140 Suzy 26 & 43 and is back on 188 as Lorraine is on tops but it’s all about the double Suzy hitting 17x to take a 3-1 win “it can be a funny old game”. Next up Katie Mitchell (20.68) v Dawn Seaman (20.03) as the averages suggest a great game. Katie playing well takes the first leg. Dawn hits a 171 to leave 16 and levels, and takes the next leg also. Katie hits two 140s and levels at 2-2 Dawn sat on tops. Decider against the throw. Well what a close decider Katie sat on 6 after missing just one dart at a double Dawn poking 72 to take the win, unlucky Katie sometimes you need a little rub of luck which Dawn had. Dawn was Buckinghamshire’s Lady of the Match.

Sam Kirton (19.78) v Felicia Blay (19.92) now Felicia used to play for Dorset but now plays for Buckinghamshire as she moved up that way to live. Two great players both can score and finish well so I was expecting a high scoring game I believe they both showed each other a lot of respect as there were A LOT of NERVY darts. Both missed so many doubles Sam taking the first leg then pokes 144 to go 2-0 up and wins 3-0 not the high scoring game I was expecting but the result went Dorset's way. Next up Trina Perry (16.52) v Kirsty Gibbs (16.28) now Kirsty is un-defeated so far this season winning 8 from 8 and is No. 1 in the County running averages but today Trina far from OUT CLASSED and gets first crack at tops leaving 32 Kirsty misses doubles Trina doesn’t and breaks to go 1-0 up. Trina hits two tons in the 2nd leg Kirsty missing 6 darts at 40 Trina poking 55 to go 2-0 up. 3 tons from Kirsty but Trina’s still in the leg leaving tops, missed doubles from Kirsty and Trina takes a 3-0 win. Last up Cathy Campbell (16.32) v Barbara Legge (16.89) strange game as the averages suggest evenly matched but Cathy missed too many doubles most unlike Cathy, Barbara taking the win 3-0 but still a 4-2 victory for Dorset.

Mens A

Richard Gomm (26.11) v Mat Caste (28.65) what a cracking game to get us underway. Got to love Richard Gomm’s walk music from the jungle book The Bare Necessities so apt. Mat with the throw perfect start 180 Richard also hits one to leave 78 which he hits for a 15 dart winning leg. Mat takes the next, then hits 140 100 170 and goes 2-1 up. Mat misses doubles Richard levels at 2-2. Mat 12 dart winning leg to go back in front. Richard 12 darter to level and a deserved deciding leg the throw so important and the difference Buckinghamshire’s Mat Caste taking the win and was Buckinghamshire’s Man of the Match. Carl Beattie (25.92) v Liam Maugham (25.14) first 4 legs all going with throw then Liam breaks to go 3-2 up. Scores of 121 and 125 put Buckinghamshire fav for the win but Carl pokes 98 to force a deciding leg. Carl saved his best leg to last going 59 100 96 140 66 to leave tops can he hit it YES HE CAN and wins 4-3. Nigel Lamb (26.21) v Carl Webb (25.24) Carl rushes into a 3-0 lead. Nigel takes the next, then pokes 98 in two darts for a 14 dart leg. Another 14 dart leg poking 76 and Nigel levels to get a deciding leg. Again the throw made the difference both had a chance at a double leg and win to Mat.

Richard Wright (Freddy 24.70) v Jason Knibbs (24.35) Freddy playing well-goes into a 3-0 lead, then misses so many winning doubles at times that winning double can be so hard to hit and Jason can’t believe his luck to level at 3-3. Close NERVY deciding leg Freddy poking 76 to take the win never seen him “jump for joy” before he certainly made hard work of that. That’s the first 4 matches all going to a decider.

Matt Yarrow (26.80) v Jack Vincent (26.83) what a close exciting match this was first two legs going with throw. 3rd leg Matt busts 122 returns hits a 25 going for the bull leg to Jack, Matt misses two at 32 leg to Jack. Matt takes the next to trail 2-3. Matt after 12 darts sat on 32 but again wires the double Buckinghamshire’s Jack Vincent pokes 136 to take a 4-2 win, great game to watch. Robbie Martin (25.03) up next takes the first with ease. In the 2nd he hits a 171 to leave 16 misses a few at the double but is far enough in front and takes the leg. Buckinghamshire pull a leg back, then normal service resumed as Robbie pokes 82 to go 3-1 up. Robbie on 158 hits the two treble 18s and wires the Double 19, returns to take the 4-1 win. So after 6 matches all even at 3-3 some great games great standard.

Ricky King (24.72) v Del Boy Pratley (22.65) another close game Ricky coming from 2-3 down to force yet another deciding leg Del Boy with the darts. After 15 Ricky sat on 32 which he hits 2nd dart to take the 4-3 win and Dorset go in front for the first time in the Mens A match. Mark Grimes up next misses a few doubles and loses 1-4. Danny Pearce next up. Danny by his standards had a MARE just not finding it losing 0-4 most un Danny like. So Dorset back trailing.

Dale Masterman (25.47) v Jon Woodbridge (24.93) perfect start for Dale hitting a 180 and a 14 dart winning leg and he races into a 3-0 lead, then can’t find it Jon fighting back to level at 3-3 and has the momentum but Dale has the darts. Dale after 12 sat on 61 Jon on 178 Dale leaves 32 Jon hits a 134 to leave 44 pressure on Dale takes the 4-3 win. Daniel Perry (28.77) v Adam Mould (27.62). Dan takes the first two legs Adam the next three, close fast game, neither missing much match deservedly going to a deciding leg, AGAIN decider went with throw Dan sat on 48 as Adam takes the 4-3 win.

That left Tommy Gun Tommy Morris (31.56) up last to get the Mens A a draw, v Clive Wilford (29.68) Tommy gun his nickname as he throws so fast and with passion. Tommy pokes 52 to take the first leg. Close high scoring 2nd going with throw to Clive. Tommy starts the 3rd 100 180 85 100 to leave 36 the GO ON from Tommy tells me he’s hit it to go 2-1 up. 3 tons in a row from Tommy in the 4th and he’s only just in front Clive misses [email protected] Tommy goes 3-1 up and now with the darts. After 12 Tommy sat on tops no problem as Tommy takes the 4-1 win his 31.56 average the highest of the weekend earning him Man of the Match. Dorset really did SAVE THE BEST TO LAST.


Well what a tremendous result AGAIN for Dorset we are on a roll long may it last and we’ve moved closer to Kent now just 10 games behind but we have teams snapping at our heals with just two games to go. Onto the MAGIC weekend we go in a strong position. The games being played 3 at a time on the floor will seem strange but it’s the same for everyone. We can’t ask anymore than you give your best and get behind each other team spirit we’ve the best. Let’s show them how good we are Green Army marching on and heading for promotion I hope so YOU ALL DESERVE IT.


Dorset 21-15 Buckinghamshire
Women's B Won 4-2 // Mens B Won 7-5
Women's A Won 4-2 // Mens A Drew 6-6

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Cath
  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Katie
  • Trina
  • Suzy

Ladies B

  • Roz
  • Julie
  • Donna
  • Claire
  • Lorraine
  • Macie

Ladies Reserves

  • Lin
  • Sally
  • OLD (Captain)

Mens A

  • Carl
  • Richie
  • Mark
  • Ricky
  • Nigel
  • Robbie
  • Dale
  • Tommy
  • Danny
  • Daniel
  • Richard
  • Matt
  • GOMM
  • KING
  • LAMB

Mens B

  • Steve
  • Liam
  • John
  • Steve
  • David
  • Terry
  • James
  • Robby
  • Richard
  • Mark
  • Kevin
  • Matty
  • ELM
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens Reserves

  • Rob
  • Ryan
  • Scott
  • MABEY (N/A)