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Home v Staffordshire - Saturday 5th / Sunday 6th February 2022

Dorset v Staffordshire Match Report

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Week ending Saturday 5th-6th February saw Dorset playing at home to Staffordshire and what a Rollercoaster ride it’s been so far beating Oxfordshire 22-14 losing to Kent 11-25 then winning away at Berkshire 23-13 now that’s a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs so needless to say we were all hopeful of a win but nothing is sure in darts or any other sport.

Home game definitely an advantage or is it at away games where most players are there and support both Saturday and Sunday where as at home a lot of players only turn up on the day they are playing. Anyway both of Staffordshire’s B teams are undefeated after 6 matches so I knew it was going to be A BIG ASK for our ladies and Men to get a result. So how did we do?

Ladies B

Up first for our Ladies B team Roz Annetts (18.82) v Susan Sherratt (19.01) and what a cracking game to get us started. Susan Sherratt running top of the County running averages but Roz put up a fight only losing 1-3 and had her chances around the doubles, Susan with her 19.01 average was Staffordshire’s Lady of the match. Next up making her return to the Dorset team Claire Mabey who went into a 2-0 lead then pokes 85 with a COME ON to win 3-0. Macie Woodrow (16.87) v Julie Robinson (15.43) up next chasing her first win for Dorset this being her 3rd match, first 4 legs were close all going with throw so a deciding leg, well earned by Macie against the throw. Macie scoring well gets first crack at a shot out 82 which she hits to not only take the win but was Dorset's Lady of the Match (first of many I hope) and put Dorset 2-1 up.

Donna Mabbatt (15.89) up next first two legs both going with the darts, Donna hits a ton and a 135 and no messing at the double goes 2-1 up missed double from Staffordshire and Donna takes a 3-1 win guaranteeing at least a draw. Lorraine Woodrow (16.34) next up plays well and goes into a 2-0 lead, BOTH had chances in the 3rd that winning double can be so hard to hit leg and game to Dorset. That just left ladies captain Sally Old (16.11) up last.

Now Sally's been playing well of late but against Staffordshire’s Sarah Triner (15.71) found herself trailing 0-2. Sally takes the next and hits the first 180 of the weekend on her way to levelling at 2-2, so a decider Sally leaving 5 but can’t find a big 3 to leave her preferred double one, eventually Sally takes the win 3-2 and Staffordshire ladies suffer their first defeat this season. What a result for our ladies B taking a 5-1 victory. Our only loser Roz hitting Dorset's highest ladies average. Could the Mens B follow up? Ladies giving us a great start to the weekend.

Mens B

Up first making his return to County darts Matty Woodhouse (24.62) v Gareth Pass (26.00) Matty going into a 3-1 lead, then on 82 in the 5th leg hits the bull and wires double 16 twice, whether that played on his mind only he can tell you but he’s annoyed with himself as Staffordshire’s Gareth Pass goes onto take the win and was Staffordshire’s Man of the Match. (Unlucky Matty we’ve all been there at some time) Next up Liam Blakeley (25.89) who takes his game to a deciding leg, not to be this time Staffordshire poking 60 last dart in hand to take the win. Next up Nick Turner who by his standards didn’t have a great game losing 2-4. So not the start for Dorset trailing 0-3.

Robby Morris up next gave us something to cheer about running out a convincing 4-1 winner. Mark Porter next up, what a start for him hitting 4 tons in a row breaking the Staffordshire throw, Staffordshire break straight back poking 92 and the match goes to a deciding leg, going with the darts to Staffordshire. Richard Gomm (27.83) up next, scoring and finishing well goes into a 3-0 lead. Staffordshire’s Nick Walton (23.88) is sat on a double in the 4th leg as Richard pokes a 138 to take a 4-0 win and with his 27.83 average was Dorset's Man of the Match. Dorset now trailing 2-4.

Ryan Mabey next up in a close game losing 2-4, all about the doubles. Kevin Smith (25.78) is broken in the first leg by Staffordshire’s Dave Summer (23.76) but pokes 92 to break straight back, and pokes 108 (Shang high 18's) to go 2-1 up, on his way to winning 4-2. John Clark (24.15) comes from 0-2 down to level at 2-2 but Staffordshire’s Martin Wheawall (25.24) upped his scoring and didn’t miss at the double John losing 2-4. Dorset Men now losing 3-6.

Rob Channing next up, goes into a 3-1 lead but despite numerous chances at a double can’t find the winner and annoyed with himself Rob losing 3-4. Terry Gowans next up losing the first two legs, but levels at 2-2 is a little lucky in the 5th leg so many missed doubles. Terry saved his best leg to last hitting two 140's on his way to a 4-2 win. That left ELMO David Elm up last playing only his 2nd County game, not the best of scoring games but Elmo runs out an easy 4-0 winner. Dorset winning the last two games made the scoreline respectable as I said earlier Staffordshire were and still are undefeated Dorset Mens B losing 5-7 but on the plus side we are going into Sunday with the scores standing at Dorset 10 Staffordshire 8 - our ladies with their 5-1 win giving us an advantage.

Sunday. Bring on the Ladies A teams. Now last match against Berkshire away our Ladies A lost 1-5 despite on paper being the better team, that’s darts so I was expecting better.

Up first for Dorset Cathy Campbell (22.10) who outscores Staffordshire’s Anne Allsop (17.86) in the first leg then Anne hits scores of 125 and a 180 and misses darts at a double, Cathy taking the leg, close 2nd leg both had goes at a double leg to Dorset. Cathy’s 3rd leg the best a nice 16 darter to win 3-0 and was Dorset's Lady of the Match. Sam Kirton (19.52) next up always slow to start but finds a 140 which settles her down and she goes into a 2-0 lead. Sam hits a score of 131 to leave 16 but seven darts later hits double two to take a 3-0 win. Suzy Trickett (17.59) v Rowena Sidley (17.63) what a close match this was, every leg going with the darts Staffordshire’s Rowena Sidley taking the win and was Staffordshire’s Lady of the match.

Trina Perry (17.18) playing her 250th game for her beloved Dorset (experienced I would say so) is back on 174 as Staffordshire’s Danielle Pearce (18.01) is going for a double first leg to Staffordshire. Missed doubles from Staffordshire and Trina levels and goes onto take a 3-1 win. Julie Frampton (15.82) hits 3 tons in a row and after 15 darts sat on 57 taking the first leg. Missed doubles from Staffordshire and Julie takes a 3-0 win scoreline not reflecting the closeness of the game. Up last Katie Mitchell (20.88) the only winner against Kent. Staffordshire’s Sarah Cope back on 275 as Katie takes the first leg. Missed doubles from Staffordshire and Katie pinches the 2nd and goes onto win 3-0. That’s more like it Dorset ladies A 5 Staffordshire 1 normal service is resumed.

Mens A

No denying we do have two good A teams our Mens A today without Scott Mitchell away playing a PDC competition and Mark Grimes testing positive late last night with the dreaded COVID but still we have strength putting Liam Blakeley up into the A despite his 3-4 loss yesterday but a 25.89 losing average far from shabby.

Matt Yarrow (24.61) up first clinical at the double getting us off to a great start winning 4-1. Danny Pearce (24.19) next up missing a few doubles goes 0-2 behind but never looked back from there running out a 4-2 winner. Tommy Morris (24.94) what an exciting player he is to watch, Tommy misses a few doubles but his match all even at 2-2, after 15 darts in the 5th leg Tommy sat on 42 and goes 3-2 up. Tommy goes 60 140 140 97 to leave 64 Staffordshire back on 182 as Tommy takes a 4-2 win. Great start for Dorset 3-0 up.

Nigel Lamb next up trailing 1-3 then Staffordshire’s Dave Richards (25.97) pokes a 140 WOW Nigel losing 1-4. Dan Perry (27.40) v Chris Dale (26.67) another cracking game. Daniel loves his darts and brought up in Dorset's youth team another exciting player to watch. A 15 dart first leg with a 122 shot out for Dan. Dan hits a 180 on his way to 2-0 and at 3-1 up Dan pokes 71 to win 4-1 great game of darts. Richard Wright next up not at his best losing 2-4. So after 6 games Dorset 4 Staffordshire 2

Steven Earley up next Steven not finding it at all today losing 1-4. Liam Blakeley (24.83) v Karl Hinks (26.20) Liam up from the B takes the first leg misses doubles and Karl levels. Liam misses a few doubles and loses 1-4 to Staffordshire’s Man of the match. Carl Beattie up next most un Carl like can’t seem to find the range gets bounce outs no luck losing 1-4. So Dorset have gone from cruising 4-1 up to now trailing 4-5 and you can hear Staffordshire’s supporters giving it loads.

Robbie Martin (26.53) v John Burgess (27.20) as the averages suggest a cracking game. Robbie takes the first leg then in the 2nd struggles to put a replacement flight in not sure who it put off the most 3 minutes seem forever when your waiting up on stage, put Robbie off most ruined the 2nd leg because after 9 Robbie was sat on 100 a relieved Robbie takes the 2nd. Staffordshire fight back to level at 2-2, Robbie with the darts goes 3-2 up and pokes 111 to take a 4-2 win. Stopping the rot, Staffordshire having won the last 5 games.

Ricky King (29.05) v Derek Coulson (26.19) Ricky back to back 140s to leave 64 and takes the first leg breaking Staffordshire’s throw. Derek breaks straight back 1-1. Ricky pokes 71 for a 14 dart winning 3rd leg, and takes the next in 16 darts to go 3-1 up. Ricky sat on tops as Derek pulls a leg back.3-2. Ricky playing well goes ton ton 140 137 to leave 24 one dart - 13 dart leg to win 4-2 and is Dorset's Man of the Match. Up last The Big Show Dale Masterman (26.84) his match an important one for the win or draw. Dale hits a 137 to leave 70 returns hits it to take the first leg. Staffordshire’s Dave Moors (24.27) pokes 76 to level. Dale takes the next then in the 4th after 12 darts Dale sat on tops and it’s a 15 dart break of throw. Then a steady 16 dart leg giving Dale a 4-1 win and Dorset's Men a 7-5 victory.


Almost back to normality with the Women scoring 10 out of a possible 12 points. You’ve saved us yet again. Nice to hear plenty of support for Dorset this weekend. A great game played in great spirits that to me is what darts are all about. Pleased for Macie getting her first of many wins and Lady of the Match too well done you looked more at ease this time up on stage. Unlucky Liam few missed doubles but still a joy to watch. Roz don’t beat yourself up great game, great average highest of the ladies B. Got to mention Trina 250 appearances that’s some achievement. Robby Morris half that at 125 also good didn’t realise you’d been down this way for so long. Looking forward to the next game away to Humberside not so much the 277 miles to the hotel. I do love the away games, mini breaks for me. See all of you there. Dorset up to 4th in the league. Green Army marching onwards and upwards.


Dorset 22-14 Staffordshire
Women's B Won 5-1 // Mens B Lost 5-7
Women's A Won 5-1 // Mens A Won 7-5

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Cath
  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Katie
  • Trina
  • Suzy

Ladies B

  • Roz
  • Donna
  • Claire
  • Sally
  • Lorraine
  • Macie
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies Reserves

  • Lin
  • Julie

Mens A

  • Carl
  • Steve
  • Mark
  • Ricky
  • Nigel
  • Robbie
  • Dale
  • Tommy
  • Danny
  • Daniel
  • Richard
  • Matt
  • KING
  • LAMB

Mens B

  • Liam
  • Rob
  • John
  • David
  • Richie
  • Terry
  • Ryan
  • Robby
  • Mark
  • Kevin
  • Nick
  • Matty
  • ELM
  • GOMM
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens Reserves

  • Steve
  • Scott
  • Damian
  • Richard
  • Roy