Hertfordshire v Dorset - BICC 2019/2020 Season - Dorset County Darts

Away v Hertfordshire - Saturday 29th February / Sunday 1st March 2020

Hertfordshire v Dorset Match Report

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Week ending Saturday 29th February 1st March saw Dorset's next County game away to Hertfordshire. Most of us made the trip up Friday pm to avoid any last minute delays or panic, as it happens in my case just as well as a supposed 2.5 hour journey took much nearer 4. Dorset on a high after there 22-14 win over a great Cheshire team so hopes were high of not only a win but to win well. Hertfordshire were 2nd from bottom so we did expect a hard fight from them to avoid relegation Dorset 4th but only 2 games away from 2nd place but we did need to win and win well. So how did we do?

Saturday and bring out our B teams, first the ladies. Up first for us our ladies captain Sally Old who missed a few doubles losing 0-3. Next up and back in the squad Julie Boggust who went 0-2 down then poked 94 to pull a leg back but loses 1-3. Next up Roz Annetts v Laura Camp and what a close game this was. Laura busts 80 in the first leg Roz hits tops to take the leg. Roz hits 120 leaving 20 which she misses 6 darts at before Laura pokes 64 and pinches the leg 1-1 Roz easily takes the 3rd leg, close 4th leg then Laura hits a 140 to leave 45 and takes the leg to force a decider, Roz with the throw. Very close deciding leg could of gone either way Roz missing 3@50 but returns to hit 8x to take the win. So Dorset trail 1-2.

Peri Yarrow up next, now Peri throws a nice straight dart and hits loads of scores of 60 all close to the red bit, then Peri pokes 108 to break Hertfordshire's throw and take the first leg. Both players hit a 140 in the 2nd led but no messing at the double see's Peri go 2-0 up. That last winning double can be SO HARD TO HIT and both struggle to find the double Hertfordshire's Linda Reed ending up at the madhouse that is double one Peri looking to hit double 7x, at last a relieved Peri finds the double to take a 3-0 win. Next for Dorset Trina Perry (17.58) v Sue Jordan (20.04) close first leg going to Hertfordshire then Sue out scores Trina in the 2nd leg, and Trina is sat on tops as Hertfordshire's Sue Jordan takes the win and she was Hertfordshire's Lady of the Match. That left Louise Potter on last to hopefully get Dorset a draw, Louise playing her first game for Dorset and needless to say a little apprehensive and nervous on this her debut. Louise was playing Hertfordshire's Kirsty Bond and what a close nail biting game this was. Close first leg both had chances leg to Hertfordshire. Better 2nd leg from Louise no messing hitting tops to level. Close 3rd and 4th legs both going with throw so another deciding leg. Scores of a ton and a 140 from Hertfordshire's Kirsty Bond but Louise not out of it hitting a 140 to leave 73 and Louise keeps calm and goes onto take the win 3-2 and was Dorset Lady of the Match great win hard fought some debut, getting our ladies a DESERVED 3-3 draw. Bring on the Men's B.

Up first for Dorset Daniel Perry (26.48) v Keith Arber (24.85). Now Dan came up from our youth team (which sadly no longer exists) and has struggled in the Men's B team having a long losing run BUT Dan has won his last two matches being our Man of the Match in one of them and his confidence and belief has come on in leaps and bounds and today no exception taking the first leg then the 2nd with just 14 darts. In the 3rd leg after 15 darts he's on tops misses a few doubles but goes onto take the leg 3-0. Good scoring 4th leg from Hertfordshire's Keith Arber after 12 darts he's on 86 which he busts next throw then ends up at double one which he hits to pull a leg back. Good scoring 5th leg from both Hertfordshire hitting a ton 140 and 125 but it's all about the double which Dan hits with a COME ON to take a 4-1 win and his 3rd win in a row and ANOTHER Man of the Match award too, well done Daniel.

Nigel Lamb up next. Nigel scored well a little SHAKEY at the double but goes into a 2-0 lead. Nigel misses 58 leaving 10 Hertfordshire poke 50 to pull a leg back, from there no messing and Nigel wins convincingly 4-1. Next Declan Harris (24.22) v Anthony Hammond (24.98) as the averages suggest a very close match. Hertfordshire go into a 2-0 lead but Declan scoring well and hitting his doubles levels at 2-2. Declan hits big 9 going for the double but tidying it up hits 4x to go in front. Close 6th leg going with throw and another deciding leg, Declan with throw. Declan in control in the deciding leg but misses 3@36 and Hertfordshire's Anthony Hammond pokes 76 to take the win.

Next up Richard Perry (23.54 ) v Nick Swain (22.81) Rich breaks Hertfordshire's throw to pinch the first leg but missed doubles in the 2nd and Hertfordshire level breaking straight back. Next 4 legs all close all going with throw so another deciding leg Rich against the throw. Rich hits a 140 to leave 156 and is in control in that deciding leg then hits scores of 45 and 36 and it's a VERY RELIEVED Richard Perry when that winning double goes in. Ryan Mabey (23.01) up next v Jarred Cole (27.48). Jarred starts 180 121 and after 12 darts sat on 38 and takes the first leg then pokes 154 (wow) to go 2-0 up. Jarred hits a 180 in the 3rd leg but Ryan pokes 48 to pull a leg back. Jarred Cole out scores Ryan and no messing at the double he takes a 4-1 win and was Hertfordshire's Man of the Match. Next up Damian Mudge who comes from 0-2 down to level at 2-2. Damian hits a 180 Hertfordshire miss doubles Damian goes 3-2 up. Damian misses numerous winning doubles Hertfordshire's Paul Jones levels 3-3. Another final deciding leg going with throw to Hertfordshire. So Hertfordshire 3 Dorset 3 close game all even.

Roy Pidgeon (22.86) v Mick Spriggs (22.80) up next, Roy in need of a win, and how important it can be to have the throw in a very close game first six legs all went with throw forcing YET ANOTHER deciding leg Roy with throw who starts with a score of 7 (o dear) but wakes up to hit a 125 to leave tops but misses 3 clear darts at it and 3 more at 20 eventually double two giving him a 4-3 win. He should be so lucky lucky lucky. Next up Kylie Minogue no I mean Kevin Smith (23.29) who goes 2-0 up then hits a 122 to leave 36 Hertfordshire's Tommy Aken (22.77) misses 3@32 Kev goes 3-0 up. Tommy from nowhere hits a 180 and is well in front in the 4th leg, then Kev hits a 122 to leave 36 Tommy hits tops last dart to break Kevin's throw and pull a leg back. Hertfordshire miss doubles Kevin takes a 4-1 win. John Clark (Dorset team manager) up next very experienced player and he needed to keep his nerve as both players missed doubles the game evenly matched at 2-2. 3x140s for John and pokes 66 (his fav number) to re take the lead 3-2. Paul Squirrel with throw levels at 3-3. Deciding leg John with throw hits a 140 followed by 94 to leave 60 Hertfordshire back on 169 John leaves a double Paul hits 129 leaving tops John hits double two last dart in hand to take the win.

Matt Read (MOOSTER 25.43) up next, missed doubles from Hertfordshire's Erin Walkes and Mooster breaks his throw taking the first leg. Erin back on 136 as Mooster goes 2-0 up. Erin well ahead in the 3rd leg having hit a 125 and a 140 but missed double gave Mooster a go at 119 and he goes 57 36 inside double 13 leg going to Erin. After 15 darts in the next leg Mooster sat on 32 no messing 3-1 up. Erin misses doubles Matt Read takes a 4-1 win.

Steve Earley v Jonathan Creed up next and a very close game this was, Steve losing the first leg then wires the inside of double 18 for a 147 shot out returns 9x no problem 1-1. Next two went with throw 2-2. Poor leg (scoring wise) from Steve Hertfordshire take the leg and start next with a 140 this wakes Steve up and after 9 he's on 161 and misses the bull for a 161 shot out but goes onto level at 3-3. Steve with throw hits 111 to leave tops Hertfordshire's Jonathan Creed hits a ton to leave 32 Steve takes the win.

Up last Steve Alden. After 12 darts in the first leg Steve on 81 Hertfordshire's Lloyd Wintle back on 288 how many missed double (loads) from Steve ending up in the madhouse that is double one Lloyd pinching the leg. Steve gets first go at 24 in the next leg hitting 3x last dart to level at 1-1. Steve wires tops for a 119 shot out returns 10x to go 2-1 up then missed doubles from Steve and Hertfordshire level at 2-2. Steve now against throw hits a 174 and follows with a ton and a 131 to leave 36 which he hits for his best leg so far and goes 3-2 up. Steve hits ton 180 51 to leave the big fish (170) and after 15 darts sat on tops and takes a 4-2 win. What a spell for our Men's B winning the last 6 matches and take a win Hertfordshire 3 Dorset 9. So going into Sunday with the overall scores standing at Hertfordshire 6 Dorset 12. What a start we've given our A teams for tomorrow, normally they have to tidy up as they are normally behind going into Sunday. Needless to say there was LOADS of singing on the coach back to our hotel. Who sang "WE ONLY SING WHEN WERE WINNING" o yes I remember it was me. Could our A increase our lead? We all hoped so.

Sunday. Bring on the A teams. Now both our A teams are top of their leagues but our ladies A are so far undefeated this season could we keep the momentum going?

Up first Sam Kirton (22.43) v Debbie Jones (20.73) both ladies scoring well no messing at the double and Sam takes the first leg. Another good scoring 2nd leg from both but Debbie misses the double Sam doesn't 2-0. Sam hits a 180 to leave 43 and returns hits it to take a 3-0 win, and was Dorset's Lady of the Match. Great start for Dorset. Suzy Trickett (21.72) v Tina Neylon (23.25) Suzy goes into a 2-0 lead, scoring well and hitting her doubles, poor 3rd leg from Suzy hope she's just taking a breather. 3 scores of a ton for Suzy in the 4th leg Tina busts 92 Suzy misses two darts at tops both have chances leg to Hertfordshire. Deciding leg Hertfordshire with the darts Suzy wires 19x for a 118 shot out Tina takes the win, and was Hertfordshire's Lady of the Match. High class game both 20+ averages. Sarah Chick (21.78) up next pokes 39 to take the first leg. Two tons and Sarah favourite to take the 2nd which she does poking out 86. Sarah leaves tops in the 3rd leg Hertfordshire back on 133 Sarah takes the win convincingly 3-0 to put our ladies 2-1 up.

Next up Julie Frampton. First leg goes with throw to Hertfordshire Jodie Alligan (20.59) 2nd leg Julie has a go at 116 leaving tops but Jodie pokes 60 to break throw and starts next leg 140 ton and Julie loses 0-3. Next up Katie Mitchell (18.20) v Louise Pearson (19.43) both end up in the first leg at the madhouse that is double one so many missed doubles from both destroying there averages leg going to Katie with throw. Katie missed doubles in the next Jodie levels. Jodie breaks Katie's throw in the 3rd leg Katie breaks straight back to force a deciding leg. Katie misses the doubles Jodie takes the win leaving Cathy Campbell on last for the draw. Cath playing Danelle Fry who was running 6th in the County running averages so we knew it was a big ask. Hertfordshire start well taking the first leg Cath levels at 1-1 Missed doubles from Hertfordshire and Cath goes 2-1 up and now with throw. Scores of a ton and a 140 gave Cath a go at 53 leaving 7 Hertfordshire hit a ton to leave 38 Cath busts 7 Hertfordshire level to force a deciding leg. Leg going with throw to Hertfordshire so end result.

Hertfordshire 4 Dorset 2 and our ladies suffer their first defeat of the season but what a fight out of the four losses three of them losing 2-3 so close. So not the start we were hoping for but onwards and upwards bring on our Men's A.

Up first Potty Mark Porter (25.87 men's captain) v Lee Marlow (28.58) and what a high scoring game to get us under way. Potty with throw taking the first leg, Lee hits a 180 Potty follows with a 140 close leg Lee poking 64 to level at 1-1. Another 180 from Lee and he breaks Potty's throw and takes the win 4-1 he was also Hertfordshire's Man of the Match.

Tommy Morris (25.87) v Ian Clarkson (24.36) first leg with throw to Ian, Tommy takes the 2nd missed doubles from both in the 3rd leg but a big COME ON from Tommy as he breaks to go 2-1 up. 4 red pen scores from Tommy gets him to 76 but missed doubles and Hertfordshire level at 2-2. A 15 dart 5th leg with a 102 shot out for Tommy puts him 3-2 up. After 12 darts Tommy sat on 96 and goes onto take a 4-2 win with a COME ON exciting to watch.

Matt Yarrow (24.42) up next v Adam Pinnuck (23.46) Adam goes ton 134 and pokes 83 to break Matts throw. Matt breaks straight back. Both miss several doubles in the 3rd leg, leg going to Matty. 4th leg with throw to Hertfordshire to level at 2-2. Close 5th leg Hertfordshire sat on 32 as Matt hits tops 3-2. A controlled 6th leg from Matt hitting two tons on his way to winning 4-2.

Lee Turle (27.82) v Peter Mays (27.44) Lee takes the first leg and after 9 darts sat on 84 and goes 2-0 up scoring exceptionally well. After 12 darts in the next leg Lee on 94 Peter on 50 but it's all about the double Hertfordshire miss Lee doesn't 3-0. Lee wires tops for a 15 dart leg then misses 3@20 Hertfordshire poke out. Peter now scoring well and goes onto level at 3-3. In the deciding leg both hit 180s both miss the winning double Hertfordshire's Peter Mays taking the 4-3 win, Lee more than a little gutted.

Dale Masterman (24.74) v John Blair (26.54). Hertfordshire miss 3@40 Dale takes first leg. Dale misses 2@40 Hertfordshire level. Dale hits a much needed 180 in the 3rd leg but misses doubles and Hertfordshire's John Blair goes onto take a 4-1 win.

Danny Pearce (28.79) v Matt Robinson (24.92) poor scoring 1st leg from both but Danny pokes a 116 shot out to take the first leg. After 12 darts Danny sat on 24 well 13 dart winning leg not to shabby. Scores of a ton and 137 gives Danny a go at 80 not to be as Hertfordshire take the leg. Danny hits a 180 to leave 41 no problem and he goes 3-1 up. Danny hits a 180 to leave 38 Hertfordshire poke out last dart in hand. Hertfordshire's Matt Robinson hits a 180 on his way to levelling at 3-3 so many deciding legs. Danny with throw and what a leg Danny hitting a 180 ton and 140 and 41 to leave tops no problem as he wins 4-3. How close is this after 6 matches 3-3 Hertfordshire playing well.

Next up Carl Beattie (27.19) v Martin Kingsley (24.58). Now Carl this week in a local money league missed double 12 for a 9 darter I won't say how many more darts it took to win that leg but Carl at the moment is playing some great darts. First two legs went with throw then Carl goes 180 99 123 and after 12 darts sat on 36 taking the leg in 14 darts. Another good scoring leg from Carl after 12 sat on 16 but can't find the double 7 darts later he goes 3-1 up. Again after 15 sat on 56 and takes a 4-1 win.

Richard Wright (25.72) v Joe Croft (27.13) up next. First 3 legs close going with throw to Hertfordshire going into a 2-1 lead then Joe hits a 14 dart leg to break Richard's throw. Hertfordshire miss the winning double Rich pulls a leg back then takes the next to level at 3-3. Hertfordshire with the darts take the 4-3 win.

Paul Allen (24.08) v Ricky Howard (23.57) first leg both miss doubles leg going with throw to Dorset. Paul misses 16x for a 106 shot out Hertfordshire level at 1-1. Paul starts with a 180 and after 12 darts sat on tops one dart 2-1 up. Next 3 legs all go with throw to force YET ANOTHER deciding leg. Paul with the darts wires tops returns hits 10x to take the 4-3 win.

Robbie Martin (23.60) v Bradley Clark (24.97). First two legs go with throw, Robbie misses a few doubles in the 3rd Hertfordshire don't. Robbie not scoring as well as normal and Hertfordshire's Bradley Clark takes the 4-1 win. Not going to plan this I do believe Hertfordshire's team are playing above themselves the score even at 5-5.

Mark Grimes (26.00) v Kieran Brignell (28.48). After 9 darts in the first leg 3 red pen scores Kieran sat on 140 Mark on 121 and Mark takes the leg with throw poking out 8 last dart double one. Hertfordshire hit a 180 to leave 74 which he pokes to level at 1-1. Two 140s give Hertfordshire a go at 67 which they miss Mark poking 66 to go 2-1 up. After 15 darts in the 4th leg Mark on 56 Hertfordshire hit 168 to leave 16 Mark pokes the 56 to break and go 3-1 up and the Dorset Massive go wild. Close 5th leg Hertfordshire's Kieran Brignell misses the bull for a 170 shot out, Mark forced into poking 115 which he does to take the win putting our men 6-5 up. What a high scoring game follow that. Up last for the win Scott Mitchell.

Scott Mitchell (33.39) v Danel Varney (28.93) and what a match this was showing how important having the throw can be. Close first leg Scott hitting 131 to leave 8 Hertfordshire with throw poke out. 3 red pen scores for Scott who then wires the bull for a 161 shot out returns 9 double 8 to level 1-1. Another high scoring 3rd leg with throw to Hertfordshire. After 9 darts Scott on 105 and he levels at 2-2 TV darts "Pretty to Watch". After 12 darts in the 5th leg Scott sat on 24 Hertfordshire's Dan Varney pokes 104 (WHAT) yes 104 with throw to go 3-2 up. Scott cool calm as always but you can't help thinking what's going on in that head of his what he got to do to get the win? Scott after 12 darts sat on 80 which he pokes to level at 3-3 what a game. Needless to say everyone is watching you could hear a pin drop. Last leg Hertfordshire with the throw after 12 darts Humberside's Dan Varney sat on 176 Scott's hit 4x100 sat on 101, Dan hits a 140 to leave 36 Scott misses 101 shot out. Dan close nerves getting to him misses the 36 Scott cool as ever hits the winning double to give the Men's A a 7-5 win. Scott kisses his Dorset badge on his shirt as he takes the applause and lifts Dan's hand in the air to congratulate him on a GREAT BATTLE. Scott needless to say was Dorset deserved Man of the Match, and we've ALL been following him in the PDC no easy games there but Scott regularly banging in 95 and 100+ averages and I'm sure it WILL COME FOR HIM.


What a tremendous weekend for us as a team. What about our Men's B performing like we all know they can giving for once the A teams a lead going into Sunday. How can HERTFORDSHIRE be that far down the table BOTH their A teams fought hard and how many games went to a deciding leg (16) 3 out of the 4 games lost in the ladies A went to a deciding leg, so close. The result keeps us in 4th position in the league but only 5 games separate 1st - 4th so very much all to play for with two matches left to play home to Cambridgeshire at the end of this month then away to Oxfordshire so it's very much heads on let's keep the support for Dorset going loved the singing on the coach (GREAT TEAM SPIRIT) and hope the FORTRESS that is our home venue gets us a good result against Cambridgeshire. See you all there. Green Army marching on and SINGING.


Hertfordshire 15-21 Dorset
Women's B Drew 3-3 // Mens B Won 9-3
Women's A Lost 2-4 // Mens A Won 7-5

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Cath
  • Sarah
  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Katie
  • Suzy

Ladies B

  • Roz
  • Julie
  • Sally
  • Trina
  • Louise
  • Peri-May
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies Reserves

  • Donna
  • Lorraine

Mens A

  • Paul
  • Carl
  • Mark
  • Rob
  • Dale
  • Scott
  • Tommy
  • Danny
  • Mark
  • Lee
  • Richard
  • Matt
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Steve
  • John
  • Steve
  • Declan
  • Nigel
  • Ryan
  • Damian
  • Daniel
  • Richard
  • Roy
  • Matt
  • Kevin
  • LAMB
  • READ

Mens Reserves

  • Allan
  • Graham
  • Robby
  • Nick