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Home v Cheshire - Saturday 8th / Sunday 9th February 2020

Dorset v Cheshire Match Report

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Weekending 8th-9th February saw Dorset playing at home to Cheshire. Now Cheshire have just been relegated to our Division and no surprise after 5 matches to find them at the top of the table IF we were to beat them then we needed a good start from our B teams as both their Men's A and Ladies A teams were strong and undefeated so far. Dorset managed a hard fought draw in there last match against Humberside so spirits and hopes were high but we needed a good start but we did also have the home advantage and we hoped the fortress that is Branksome and Parkstone Conservative club would JUST give us an edge. So how did we do?

Donna Mabbatt up first, missed a few doubles and went 2-0 down but fought back to level at 2-2 and force a deciding leg, the leg going with the throw to Cheshire. Next up Sally Old (18.62) Sally up against a well in form Andrea Hunt (21.49) who outscored Sally in the first two legs Sally pinching the 3rd but loses 1-3 no surprise with a 21.49 average Andrea was Cheshire's Lady of the Match. Trina Perry misses the bull for a 90 shot out in the first leg Cheshire poke out, Trina hits a 123 followed by a ton on her way to levelling at 1-1 her game going all the way to a deciding leg against the throw, Chesire's Angie Salt poking 71 to take the win. Needless to say NOT GOING TO PLAN Dorset trailing 0-3.

Roz Annetts up next outscores Chesire's Kerry Mundy and coasts into a 2-0 lead then starts the 3rd with a score of 134 and wires tops for a 70 shot out, a few missed doubles but is far enough in front and at last Dorset have something to cheer about as she wins convincingly 3-0. Next up Lorraine Woodrow, now Lily went 0-2 down but pinches the 3rd to pull a leg back, Lily busts 140 in the 4th leg Cheshire taking a 3-1 win. Up last Peri May Yarrow (20.31) v Amy Evans (17.82) what a cracking scoring first leg from both players Amy hitting three scores of 100 and Peri still with her and takes the first leg. Both score well in the 2nd leg both struggle at the double Peri pinching it hitting double 3 to go 2-0 up. Peri in front in the 3rd leg and gets first crack at a double no messing at the double this time and wins 3-0 and was Dorset's Lady of the Match. So not the start we wanted or needed but not a disaster either our women losing 2-4. Bring on Men's B.

Up first Steven Earley (27.07) v Neil Gerrard (23.43) and what a cracking high scoring game to get us underway. Steve outscores Neil in the first leg and no messing at the double to take the first leg, Neil hits scores of 121 and 140 but Steve still with him and pokes 56 to go 2-0 up. Neil way back on 177 as Steve scoring and finishing well goes 3-0 up. Steve didn't have it all his own way as Neil hits 2x140s and pokes 84 on his way to a 14 dart winning leg. Steve no messing in the next and takes a 4-1 win. Next up Roy Pidgeon (23.12) v Ryan Craddock (25.37) Roy outscored by Chesire's Ryan Craddock and loses 0-4. Next up Daniel Perry (28.63) now Daniel's been winning at Superleague but struggling at County but got a win last game against Humberside so we all know what he can do, today he was exceptional breaking Mike Warren's throw to take the first leg, and he holds his throw to go 2-0 up. Dan hits 2x140s and after 12 darts he's sat on 64 which he pokes to go 3-0 up and goes onto take a 4-0 win and with a 28.63 average he was also the deserved Man of the Match for Dorset.

Declan Harris up next hits scores of 123 and 130 but struggles a little at the double but keeps his nerve taking the first leg with the throw. No messing at the double in the 2nd leg poking 72 to break Chesire's throw and takes the 3rd to go 3-0 up. That 4th leg can be at times so hard to win and a few nervy low scoring darts from both until Declan hits 114 to leave 12 which he returns to hit to take a 4-0 win. Richard Perry (24.25) up next v Paul Goodwin strange first leg both ending up at THE MAD HOUSE that is double one, leg going with throw to Cheshire. Next two legs went with throw putting Rich 1-2 down. Chesire's Paul Goodwin hits two tons and a 150 to leave 32 but can't find the double Richard pinching it to level at 2-2. Richards game goes to a deserved final deciding leg, Rich saved his best leg for last going ton ton 140 and poking 161 for a 12 dart leg no one more surprised than Richard WOW great leg. Next up (follow that) Allan Chant. Allan today not at the races outscored and outplayed by Chesire's Frazer Hill (25.69) losing 0-4. So half way through Dorset winning 4-2 (6-6 overall)

Nigel Lamb up next back from the Las VEGAS open losing 1-4. Mooster Matt Read (27.07) v Darren Downey (26.79) as the averages suggests great close game going all even at 2-2, then Mooster takes the lead with a fist pump 3-2. In the 6th leg against the throw Mooster k/o with a 180 and after 9 darts is on 167 and he goes onto take a 4-2 win. Steve Alden up next out scored by Cheshire's Jeff Fisher losing 1-4. Damian Mudge a similar story losing 1-4 to Cheshire's Luke Littler (24.01). Ryan Mabey (24.40 last games Man of the Match) v Anthony Conroy (27.37) Ryan takes the first leg then Anthony goes 180 140 and pokes a 140 for a 12 dart winning leg a definite WOW moment. From there Anthony Conroy didn't look back taking a 4-1 win and was Chesire's Man of the Match. How a match can turn 4-2 up and coasting now 5-6 down and up last to get the Men's B a draw Kevin Smith (25.37) v Danny Ayres (25.78) now Kevin's been hitting 25+ averages consistently but has lost his last two games, my saying I gave him of "Luckiest player in Dorset" not working for him lately. Kev informed me of his NEW walk on song but wouldn't tell me what it was, "it's a surprise" he said did make me smile when he walked onto Kyle Minogue's I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY (well they are the same height) lets hope it brings the luck back. First 4 legs all went with throw then Chesire's Danny Ayres pokes 72 to break Kev's throw, Kev sat on tops. 2-3 down. Danny can't find that winning double Kev A LITTLE LUCKY pinches the leg to level at 3-3. Both k/o with 140's but Kev saved his best leg for last no messing at the double poking 41 to get the draw and win for himself.

So going into Sunday with the scores at Dorset 8 Cheshire 10 Dorset two games behind and need to beat Chesire's undefeated A teams.

Now I know Chesire's A teams are undefeated but believe me Dorset's A teams have pulled us into a winning position loads of times are Ladies A also undefeated winning 3 and two draws so fingers crossed.

Up first Katie Mitchell (18.05) v Adele Probin (16.26) slow start for Katie first two legs going with throw. Katie hits a 180 on her way to taking the 3rd leg Adele breaking straight back to force a deciding leg. Adele hits a 140 and is well in front in the deciding leg but it's all about the double and Katie keeps her nerve to take the 3-2 win. Cath Campbell (17.58) v Ros Hemmings (19.39) Cath takes the first leg then at the start of the next WE HAVE A POWER CUT lights off lights on lights off lights on like being in a disco at last power restored and a little wait for computers to reboot. The power cut seemed to help Ros as she goes onto win 3-1 and was Chesire's Lady of the Match. Julie Frampton up next in a close game against Chesire's Beverly Martin both hitting similar averages but Beverly hitting the 3 doubles to take the win. So Dorset trail 1-2

Sarah Chick (20.59) up next, nice 112 shot out takes the first leg, then the 2nd with ease. Sarah hits back to back 140's on her way to winning 3-0.

Samantha Kirton (24.64) v Jane Robson (20.63) up next and what a cracking ladies game Sam starts with a 140, and comfortably takes the first leg. Jane starts next with consecutive tons and levels at 1-1. Sam misses a few doubles but is far enough in front and goes 2-1 up. Sam hits a 125 Jane not done hits a 140 but Sam hits ton followed by a 140 to leave 56 and takes a 3-1 win and was Dorset's Lady of the Match 24.64 average great game to watch and put our ladies 3-2 up.

Last on for the win Suzy Trickett (23.65) v Vicky Pruin (22.39) now Vicky was running 2nd in the County running averages to Deta Hedman. Suzy already a bit of a GIANT KILLER beating Deta last time they played could she beat Vicky? Thought Sam's game was brilliant this was equally as good. Great first leg Suzy a little outscored by Vicky who pokes 56 taking the first leg. Suzy a WOW moment poking 127 on the bull to level at 1-1. Mixed bag 3rd leg from both Suzy hitting the important double 2-1. Vicky pokes 74 to level at 2-2. Final leg decider Suzy with the throw. Suzy hits a ton and a 132 and pokes 52 to take the deserved 3-2 win. Dorset Ladies still undefeated and what's more levelled the overall match to 12-12. Bring on our Men's A.

No Scott Mitchell he was off playing MVG but no I in team and what a Men's A we have. I heard Cheshire supporters say at the interval "o well we've just got to win the Men's A match like normal". Well so had we.

Up first Lee Turle (28.18) v Andy Cope (24.89) first leg with throw to Cheshire. Lee misses double 8 for a 12 dart leg then ends up at The Madhouse that is double one eventually hitting it. From there no looking back for Lee going 2-1 up then a 16 dart leg 3-1 and wires double 12 for a 15 dart leg but takes a 4-1 win. Great start for Dorset.

Tommy Morris (25.89) v Joe Rolland (25.49) Tommy with throw takes first leg then a 14 dart 2nd leg to break Joe's throw. Missed doubles and Joe breaks straight back. Great 4th leg big scores Joe levels at 2-2. Joe sat on a double in the 5th leg Tommy forced into poking a 116 shot out which he does to go 3-2 up with a COME ON (our Tommy's back) close 6th leg could of gone either way, is it in? the big COME ON tells me it is as Tommy wins 4-2.

Carl Beattie (25.68) v Anthony Hall (24.28) Anthony played yesterday winning 4-1, and started well today hitting a 180 on his way to taking the first leg with throw. 3 ton plus shots from Carl and he pokes 60 to level at 1-1, and then takes a 3-1 lead. Better 4th leg with throw from Cheshire and after 15 darts sat on tops Carl back on 192 but Anthony can't find the double and Carl takes a deserved 4-1 win. Dorset 3-0 up.

Danny Pearce (25.79) v Shaun Walshe (25.95) Another close cracking game Danny going into a 3-1 lead then Shaun not done and after 12 darts sat on 46 and pulls a leg back, Danny sat on tops, Shaun then levels to force a deciding leg. Danny close to poking 137 but returns to hit double five to take the win, It's not often you will hit 3x180s and lose but that's how it went for Cheshire.

John Clark (24.79) v Ryan Craddock (23.78) Ryan also played yesterday winning 4-0 but could John keep the winning streak for Dorset going? John had chances missed a few doubles and hit the higher average but loses 1-4.

Dale Masterman (26.60) v Carl Dennel (26.39) Dale very unlucky last game hitting a 28.21 average and losing to Humberside's M.O.M but Dale is such a consistent player and today after 12 darts sat on tops, 13 dart first leg great start, then pokes 53 to go 2-0 up. Carl breaks Dales throw then levels at 2-2. Dale wires tops for a 154 shot out returns one dart 3-2. Poor scoring 6th leg from Dale then he hits 140 137 to leave 58 Carl misses doubles Dale takes the 4-2 win putting Dorset 5-1 up (amazing)

Paul Allen (24.78) v Stuart Kellett (25.19) Another great game and one where the importance of having the throw helps every single leg went with throw (Paul played well) Cheshire taking the 4-3 win Stuart Kellett running 5th in the County running averages and was Chesire's Man of the Match.

Richard Wright (26.53) v Peter Boughey (26.23) Rich starts with back to back 140's and takes the first leg. Rich then pokes 118 to go 2-0 up, and takes the messy 3rd. Peter hits 2x180's and hits double 18 for a 13 dart winning leg. Rich can't hit the winning double missing 3 at tops, Peter taking the leg then levels with throw to 3-3 final leg decider. Both have chances at that winning double a VERY RELIEVED Richard hits double 18 to get the win and the Dorset Massive go mad, they know that's at least the draw.

Robbie Martin (29.23) v Tony Richardson. Both had chances in the first leg, leg going with throw to Cheshire. Robbie pokes 64 to level Cheshire back on 160. After 9 darts Robbie sat on 105 and he pokes it 12 darts 2-1 up and takes the next. Two 140's from Robbie in the 5th leg but he misses 86 shot out leg going with throw to Cheshire. 3-2 Robbie goes 180 100 125 and after 9 sat on 96. 13 dart winning leg and a 29.23 average as well great darts. Dorset Men's A now 7-2 up. DORSET BREATH RELAX THATS THE WIN SORTED.

Next up Potty Mark Porter (25.10). Not the best of scoring first leg for Potty but 100% on the double as he takes first leg. Missed doubles from Potty Cheshire level 1-1. Potty pokes 75 to go 2-1 up then 100 in two darts to go 3-1 up and 72 to take a convincing 4-1 win.

Mark Grimes (33.34) v Mick Haynes (28.49) as the averages suggest what a game this was. Both players scoring well Cheshire sat on 16 as Mark pokes 48 for a 12 dart winning leg breaking Chesire's throw. Mark k/o with a 180 in the next missed a few doubles but a 16 dart winning leg far from shabby. Un Mark like 41 45 then 3 red pen scores to leave 38 but to late Mick takes the leg. Another 180 followed by a 140 to leave 60 two darts 3-1 up. What another 180 and pokes 93 for a 15 dart winning leg and you don't see many 100+ averages at County yet another achievement for Mark already having hit a 9 dart perfect leg in a previous match and what a DESERVED Man of the Match for him as well.

That left Matt Yarrow up last for Dorset. What a game this was too, two evenly matched dart players BOTH feeling the nerves of going on last, Matt coming from 1-3 down not throwing well at all, but levels to force a deciding leg having hit a 134 and a ton then 87 to leave tops which he hits first dart. Matt with throw in deciding NERVY last leg BOTH missed numerous winning doubles a big COME ON from Matt as he falls across the winning line no one more relieved than him and what a 10-2 win UNBELIEVABLE for our Men's A giving the final score at Dorset 22 Cheshire 14.


Never write Dorset off. Everyone loves an underdog, and going into Sunday Cheshire must of thought PLAIN SAILING well what a team effort. Women's A set it up with a great 4-2 win and the support from the Dorset Massive great to see and hear. I as you know don't like to mention individuals ITS A TEAM GAME but nice to see the Old Tommy Morris back Paul Allen every leg went with throw, Richard Wright kept us on the edge of our seats taking it to a deciding leg, Robbie Martin 29.23 the first to congratulate Mark Grimes 33.34 MOM average that for me sums up the team spirit.

Suzy Trickett giant slayer, Sarah Chick, Sam Kirton great averages and games as always. Katie Mitchell summed it up averages are a guide it's all about getting the big W. Peri as always you didn't disappoint. Steve Earley dart player, Mooster back on it.

Some great averages from our A teams. Onwards and upwards Green Army marching on and so close now in the league table at that 2nd spot just 2 games separating 2nd-4th. Looking at the averages it seems Mark Grimes and Sam Kirton got the highest averages of the weekend. Next game away to Hertfordshire remember Potty and Clarky promised to buy all the Men's A a beer and well deserved too. See you all there.


Dorset 22-14 Cheshire
Women's B Lost 2-4 // Mens B Drew 6-6
Women's A Won 4-2 // Mens A Won 10-2

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Cath
  • Sarah
  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Katie
  • Suzy

Ladies B

  • Roz
  • Donna
  • Sally
  • Trina
  • Lorraine
  • Peri-May
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies Reserves

  • Julie

Mens A

  • Paul
  • Carl
  • John
  • Mark
  • Rob
  • Dale
  • Tommy
  • Danny
  • Mark
  • Lee
  • Richard
  • Matt
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Steve
  • Allan
  • Steve
  • Declan
  • Nigel
  • Ryan
  • Damian
  • Daniel
  • Richard
  • Roy
  • Matt
  • Kevin
  • LAMB
  • READ

Mens Reserves

  • Scott
  • Robby