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Home v London - Saturday 30th November / Sunday 1st December 2019

Dorset v London Match Report

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Week ending 30th November - 1st December saw Dorset playing their last home game of the year against a good London side who were currently running 2nd in the league. Dorset having suffered two narrow defeats and a 20-16 win against Sussex and for this match numerous changes were made to our Men's B team following their 3-9 defeat to West Midlands (who are top of the league) so we were apprehensive as well as being optimistic of a positive result this time. So how did we do?

Saturday started with a minute hand clap (so much better than a minutes silence) to remember not only Olly Croft but also Eddie Pilley who was a great part of Dorset's past history, John Clark talking about Eddie Pilley and London's lady skipper talking about Olly Croft, then down to business with up first for Dorset Trina Perry who started with her debut for Dorset 33 years ago to the day (she must of been VERY YOUNG) Trina playing Lyndsey Ashton. Lyndsey out scored Trina and didn't mess about at the double hitting a 21.78 average and was London's Lady of the Match winning 3-0. Lorraine Woodrow (18.02) up next took her game to a deciding leg all legs going with throw gave Lily the 3-2 win. Next up our ladies Captain Sally Old, Sally had chances in every leg but numerous missed doubles cost her and she loses 0-3.

Next up Peri May Yarrow (22.43) Peri on a great winning run at the moment (long may it last BEST dart player in the family) Peri pokes 48 to take the first leg and after 15 darts in the 2nd sat on 36, 18 dart leg not to shabby. In the 3rd leg Peri hits a 119 to leave 32 then struggles to find the double giving Carly Townsend (18.54) a chance. Peri takes the 3-0 win and levels the scores at 2-2 and was Dorset's Lady of the Match.

Next up Donna Mabbatt (18.55) Donna goes into a 2-1 lead but misses 3 darts at 16, London levelling at 2-2, deciding leg Donna misses two darts at 36 London take the win. Up last Roz Annetts playing only her 2nd game for Dorset to hopefully get Dorset the draw. Roz turned up Friday night to help set the stage up and have a practice (to find her throwing spot on the Oche such is her commitment to get the win) it seemed to work as she scored really well hitting a 140 and got to the double well before her opponent BUT 9-12 missed doubles

(Close to hitting the winner) and London's Jane Biggs pinches the leg, and takes the 2nd, more missed doubles from Roz and London take a 3-0 win the score line not reflecting the actual close game. So the Women's B lose 2-4. Bring on the Men's B

Up first Kevin Smith (25.96) v Danny Faulkner (25.48) and what a cracking game this was to get us on our way. Kev misses one dart @ 32 Danny pokes out and goes onto poke 156 to go 2-0 up, and hits a 180 followed by a 140 in the 3rd but missed doubles gave Kev a chance and he takes it and goes onto level at 2-2. Match went all the way Kevin levelling at 3-3 but with the throw Danny got first crack at a winning double and had to hit it as Kev hits a 137 to leave 38 close game as averages suggest, match to London. Danny Faulkner was London's Man of the Match so not the start we needed.

Up next making his DEBUT for Dorset Steve Alden (22.30) v Sean Lahiff (22.03) all legs going with throw Steve poking 109 to go 2-1 up 128 to go 3-2 up Steve's game going to a DESERVED final leg decider. Steve (head on) picks the right time to hit a 180 and after 12 darts he's sat on 81 London back on 205 and he takes the 4-3 win, looked very pleased with it too. Next Matty Woodhouse who lost his last match 0-4 (missing doubles in every leg) no such problems this time as he races into a 3-0 lead but that winning double can be so hard to hit as London's Danny Brown pulls a leg back then another poking 109 but Matty kept his head and takes a 4-2 win.

Roy Pidgeon (24.32) seems to have been on the bench ages up next goes 0-2 down then gets the 3rd, Liam Hill (24.49 London) hits a 180 to leave 16, Roy pokes 84 to level at 2-2. Liam hits scores of 134 followed by a 137 to leave 96 but missed doubles and Roy takes a 3-2 lead. Liam not done, starts with a 180 but Roy takes a 4-2 win. Danny Pearce (29.47) now Danny's an A player but lately has had a bad losing run and is now in the B team. Danny played today like he used to hitting 2x140s and a 137 to leave 24 and takes the first leg. Chris Holt (24.62 London) hits a 180 in the first leg and another in the 2nd but Danny's scoring consistently and takes a 4-0 win playing like we all know he can.

Steven Earley (25.05) v Tony Hamit (24.00) up next. Steve another A player on a poor run with Steve you never know if Steve the dart player will turn up well today he did, taking the first leg with throw then poking 121 to break Tony's throw and goes onto take a 4-0 win. So Dorset on a winning run winning last 5 matches and are 5-1 up.

Mooster Matt Read (23.85) up next for at least a draw. Mooster a nervy first leg ending up at the madhouse that is double one which he hits 1-0. More missed doubles in the 2nd which again he takes. John Hind (London) his opponent pokes a 120 to pull a leg back but Matt goes onto take a 4-2 win. John Clark (30.36) Dorset's team manager up next goes into a 2-0 lead. In the 3rd leg John hits a 134 to leave 32 and you hear the Dorset massive cheer in support as he goes 3-0 up. John Clark rolling back the years as in the 4th leg he goes 125 180 100 and after 9 darts sat on 96 (TV darts) no surprise John wins 4-0 was our deserved Man of the Match. 7 in a row for Dorset.

Next making his debut Allan Chant. Allan missed a few doubles and despite hitting a higher average than London loses 2-4 but didn't disgrace himself at all up on stage. Next up Ryan Mabey first 6 legs all went with throw forcing a decider Ryan with throw. Ryan misses 38 London PINCH the win. Nigel Lamb (24.44) up next makes short work of London's Matt Edes winning 4-0 leaving on last Damian Mudge (24.39) v Matt Winzar (24.18) first two legs going with the darts then Matt misses doubles Damian doesn't and wins 4-1. Is this really our B? What a turnaround 3-9 last game 9-3 against a great London side. So going into Sunday with the scores standing at Dorset 11 London 7.

Our A team so far never been in front always CHASING after a poor start from the B team well not this time. What a pleasant change. Now both London and ourselves have GREAT A squads so a battle was on.

The day started the same as yesterday with a one minute hand clap to celebrate the lives of Olly Croft and Eddie Pilley.

Up first for our ladies A Suzy Trickett (22.22) v Casey Gallagher (22.10) not the draw she would of wanted but she did beat Deta Hedman last time they met so why not. Missed doubles in first two legs from Suzy and she goes 0-2 down. Casey Gallagher pokes a 104 shot out to take a 3-0 win and was London's Lady of the Match. Next Cath Campbell (20.05) v Debs Watling (21.29) nice start for Cathy 140 and after 15 darts sat on 42 and takes the leg. Cathy's game goes to a deciding leg and with throw Cathy takes the win. Next up Julie Frampton (21.52) v Shaz Deboo Costello (20.15) what a close game this was as the averages suggest a few missed doubles from Julie and London take the win 3-1.

Katie Mitchell (20.32) v Steph Stutley (20.95) another close game Steph going 2-0 up then Katie hit scores of a 140 and a ton and pokes 60 to pull a leg back. Steph hits a 180 to leave 80 but misses loads of doubles giving Katie a chance at 51 which she busts Steph taking the win 3-1. So Dorset ladies trailing 1-3.

Sarah Scooby Chick (21.96) v Tara Deamer (21.31) Sarah fresh from winning the singles and pairs at Hayling Island. Sarah goes into a 2-1 lead then Tara levels forcing another deciding leg, Tara with the throw. BOTH had chances at the double a very relieved Sarah taking the win. Leaving Samantha Kirton (19.53) v Mandy Solomons (17.12) First two legs went with throw Sam then pokes a 112 with the darts to go 2-1 up. Sam scores well in the 4th leg and is on 58 London back on 214 but can't find that winning double until eventually double two goes in to give our ladies a 3-3 draw. What a good standard of darts 10 of the 12 ladies hitting 20+ averages. Bring on the Men's A.

Who better to get us under way Scott Mitchell (32.15) v Lee Cocks (30.78)

What a start from Lee 12 dart first leg with a 180 included, then starts 2nd leg with another 180, Scott calm under pressure hits a 14 dart leg to level at 1-1. Scott pokes a ton plus to break Lee's throw in 12 darts. Close 4th leg Lee missing 78 Scott going 3-1 up. Scott hits a 180 in the 5th leg but misses 3 darts at tops Lee pokes out. One bad score of 30 from Scott in the 6th leg but he goes onto poke 71 to take a 4-2 win and no surprise was our Man of the Match.

Paul Allen (23.78) up next goes into a 3-0 lead London missing doubles. Paul's turn to miss doubles as London's Lee Clifford pulls a leg back, that winning double can be so hard to hit at times. Paul hits a 180 to leave 32 and you think it's all over but several missed doubles but eventually Paul gets his first win this season for Dorset (normal service resumed) 4-1.

Next up Mark Grimes (28.66) v Ritchie Edhouse (30.54) you knew this was going to be a cracking game as Ritchie running 2nd (to Scott Mitchell) in the County running averages Mark 17th and it didn't disappoint Ritchie 15 dart first leg with a 180. Mark taking the 2nd with throw. Ritchie shakes his head as he hits only a 140 and misses the double, Mark breaking his throw. 4th leg after 12 darts Ritchie sat on 68 which he misses Mark on 47 which he hits to go 3-1 up. Nerves getting to both players in the 5th leg neither scoring well leg going with throw to London. Mark taking the win 4-2.

Carl Beattie (24.82) v Tommy Sanwell (25.36). Now Carl is having a great run at the moment and goes into a 2-0 lead. Tommy levels it at 2-2 then Carl hits tops to go 3-2 up Tommy sat on a double. Not the time for a bounce out going for a 92 shot out for Carl, Tommy forces a deciding leg, but Carl has the throw. What a good deciding leg from Carl hitting a 25 going for the bull for a 170 shot out returns takes the 4-3 win.

Robbie Martin (31.31) v Micheal Power (28.60) another great game after 12 darts both sat on a double London miss Robbie doesn't. After 12 darts in the 2nd leg Robbie sat on 76 and no messing 2-0. Robbie playing at near his best and runs out a 4-0 winner so close to beating Scott's average. Next Matt Yarrow (24.01) v Graham Rackstraw (27.45) A few missed doubles from Matty and he loses 0-4.

Richard Wright (24.91) v Ben West (26.00) Richard so many scores of 60 darts resting on the treble wire and he loses the first leg missed doubles and he's 0-2 down. Rich starts the 3rd 100 125 180 and takes the leg but loses 1-4.

Dale Masterman (25.16) v Nick Cocks (25.09) London have won the last two matches now you can hear their supporters, need Dale to silence them with a win. Dale goes into a 2-0 lead a 180 from London on the way to taking the 3rd leg and Nick levels at 2-2 you can hear Nick's support. Dale misses 3@tops, is a little lucky to get another go and hits 10x with a COME ON to go 3-2 up. Nick not done as he levels at 3-3. Dale with throw in deciding leg. Dale scoring well then hits a score of 9 Nick not punishing it hitting only 43 and you hear his frustration, a relieved Dale getting over the winning line.

Tommy Morris (25.38) v David Wawrzewski (24.59) first 6 legs close all going with throw giving David the darts in the deciding leg. Tommy misses tops for a 117 shot out London take the win.

Henry Cooper (26.58) v Daniel Day (32.32), Daniel Day England player and Scott Mitchell's pairs partner Henry back up in the A and what a tough game for his return. Daniel out scored Henry and didn't miss much at all hitting the highest average of the weekend and winning 4-0 needless to say he was London's Man of the Match.

Next up Mark Porter (Potty 23.50) v Ben Cheeseman (22.74) Potty goes 2-0 up then pokes a 120 to go 3-0 up Ben takes the next leg then pokes 100 to pull another leg back Potty now with throw and better getting the 4-2 win and the Men's A a win as now they are 7-4 up.

Up last Lee Turle (29.45) v Jamie Green. Slow start for Lee then he goes 100 180 103 shot out. Lee goes into a 3-0 lead then Jamie pulls a leg back but Lee's scoring and finishing is to good, never looked in doubt as he wins 4-1 giving our A a 8-4 win.

Final Score - Dorset 22 London 14


We played today on the New Gladiator 180 board there were more bounce outs than usual one or two of the players commenting on how hard the board was, same for both teams I know. I don't normally put up so many (averages) but I needed to show how well ALL OF YOU played this weekend against a very good London side.

You "NEWBEES" you all played well some a little SHAKEY around the doubles but that will come. Pleased most of you newbees turned up Friday to help set up and to have a throw showed your commitment to not only play but to win. Nice to hear the support from the Dorset massive easy I know when we are winning but we need it all the time to lift our spirits.

Roz if that double had of gone in that first leg the game was yours, Steve Alden your weekend not only looking confident up on stage but bonus ball and two raffle prizes, Allan Chant just a few doubles mate but looked good up on stage.

So many of you excelled up there this weekend let's keep it going. Clarky well definitely the Clarky of old turning back the clock. Few players missing next game Q SCHOOL got to be done but all County Squads in the same boat. Long trip away to Humberside next game see you all there, drive carefully.

Have a good XMAS and new year that's saved me a fortune on cards.


Dorset 22-14 London
Women's B Lost 2-4 // Mens B Won 9-3
Women's A Drew 3-3 // Mens A Win 8-4

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Cath
  • Sarah
  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Katie
  • Suzy

Ladies B

  • Roz
  • Donna
  • Sally
  • Trina
  • Lorraine
  • Peri-May
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies Reserves

  • Julie
  • Abi
  • Kelly

Mens A

  • Paul
  • Carl
  • Henry
  • Mark
  • Rob
  • Dale
  • Scott
  • Tommy
  • Mark
  • Lee
  • Richard
  • Matt
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Steve
  • Allan
  • John
  • Steve
  • Nigel
  • Ryan
  • Damian
  • Danny
  • Roy
  • Matt
  • Kevin
  • Matt
  • LAMB
  • READ

Mens Reserves

  • Declan
  • Robby
  • Daniel
  • Richard