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Home v Oxfordshire - Saturday 27th / Sunday 28th April 2019

Dorset v Oxfordshire Match Report

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Week ending Saturday 27th-28th April saw Dorset's final game of the season at home to Oxfordshire. Dorset sitting in 4th position in the league and not only hoping for a good win but needed Cornwall (top of the table) to beat Devon but also Gwent to beat Cambridgeshire relying on other results is never good and realistically we didn't expect to much so we're relaxed going into the final game of the season. So how did we get on?

Up first for our ladies B team Julie Boggust who lost in a deciding leg. Carol Llewellyn on next (far from her best) losing 0-3 to Allyson Thomson who hit a 20.59 average and was Oxfordshire's Lady of the Match. Donna Mabbatt up next also took her match to a deciding leg which she won.

Claire Mabey walking on stage to "SWEET CAROLINE" (nice to see former A player Caroline Carter there watching) her game going to another deciding leg not going her way. Next ladies captain Sally Old who played consistently well running out a 3-0 winner hitting a 17.89 average and was Dorset's Lady of the Match. Up last (for the draw) Trina Perry. Trina had what can only be called A MARE losing 1-3. So not the start we were looking for or needed Dorset 2 Oxfordshire 4.

Bring on the Men's B up first Roy Pidgeon, Roy FAR from his best losing 0-4. Next up Matty Woodhouse (woo woo) now Matty has been having a great run lately and today was no exception, Matty not only scored well but finished well also running out a 4-1 winner hitting a 26.15 average and was Dorset's Man of the Match. Next up Richard Perry (25.01) (THE BEST DOORMAN IN THE WORLD) who had a tremendous game never looked like losing making it look EASY running out a 4-1 winner. As I said to Richard this game is easy as long as you don't go 3-0 up. (private joke) Next up Davy Cosstick who had a nightmare debut last game a player very underestimated in my opinion. Davy got in front and looked much more confident up on stage banging in a 25.45 average and winning 4-1 what an asset I believe for Dorset. Next up Declan Harris not only a good dart player but a good MC as well. Not Declan's day today losing 2-4. Next up Robby Morris who battled really hard to get a 4-2 win putting Dorset B 4-2 up.

Next up Kevin Smith who had no problems winning 4-2. Matt (MOOSTER) Read (23.57) always seems unlucky with the draw, today no exception coming up against Oxfordshire's Man of the Match Stuart White who hit a 25.40 average on his way to beating MOOSTER 4-1. Next Ryan Mabey playing brilliantly even poking a 161 on his way to going 3-0 up then missing LOADS of darts at that (hard to hit sometimes) winning double a gutted Ryan losing 3-4. Graham Inniss (24.94) up next red pen man hit so many tons and ton plus shots but missed doubles his game going to a deciding leg which didn't go his way. Scott Hudson v Rob Adnams up next and what a scrap this game was two evenly matched players whose game went to a deserved final leg decider going with throw to Scott, leaving Nigel Lamb up last to get the Men's B a win. Nigel having a poor run lately but had no problems today winning 4-1 getting the Men's B a deserved 7-5 win so going into Sunday with the match all even at Dorset 9 Oxfordshire 9.

Our ladies A have had a good season winning 4 drawing 3 and only one defeat so hopes were high of a good start. Oxfordshire do have Deta Hedman playing for them the England ladies captain and all eyes were on the draw to see who was to play her anyway up first for Dorset Cath Campbell (21.76) v Kim Ledbury (21.48) and what a cracking game to get the ladies under way. The game went to a deciding last leg, going with throw to Dorset's Cath Campbell. Sarah Chick (20.88) up next made quick work of beating Trina Blackman 3-0. Julie Frampton had a close game but ended up winning 3-1. So what a dream start for Dorset 3-0 up.

Katie Mitchell up next did more than enough to beat Oxfordshire's Sandra Cox 3-1.

Next the match we were ALL waiting to see Suzy Trickett (21.28) v Deta Hedman (22.41) and what a cracking game it was. Deta hits a 134 on her way to poking double 2 to take the first leg. Suzy hits a a 140 and on 170 misses the bull for the BIG FISH (will never understand why it's called that) hitting a small 20 to leave 30 which she returns and hits to level at 1-1. Two tons then a 117 to leave 16 (Suzy back on 257) and Deta goes 2-1 up. Very consistent 4th leg from Deta hitting 3 tons in a row to start but that winning double can be so hard to hit and loads of missed doubles gave Suzy a crack at 93 which she hit to force a deciding leg and the Dorset Massive go wild (could she would she). Very exciting deciding leg Deta with the throw. Suzy hits a score of 80 with a bounce out then follows with a 140. Deta misses one dart at the bull for a 84 shot out, Suzy misses double 16 for a 102 shot out. Deta misses doubles Suzy hits double 16 for the biggest win of her life and the Dorset massive go wild Deta as ever gracious in defeat. Not sure I'd want to go on last knowing Dorset are 5-0 up but Sam Kirton did and made short work of her match beating Gina Freshwater 3-0 and was Dorset's Lady of the Match hitting a 23.48 average the highest of the weekend for the ladies. Dorset ladies win 6-0 can't ever remember a 6-0 win before.

Well what a start for Dorset bring on the Men's A can they keep the scoreline going.

Up first Potty Mark Porter (23.64) Potty a very fast thrower and he wins 4-2. Next Richard Wright (26.02) now lately you never know which Richard Wright will turn up today it was Richard Wright the dart player. Richard played Simon Key (23.10) whose hair was a nice colour BLUE on top, Simon going into a 2-0 lead, Rich pulls a leg back then despite hitting a 180 goes 1-3 down. The fight back is on as he takes the next then another 180 on his way to levelling at 3-3. Nervy deciding leg from both until Rich hits a 150 to leave 32 which he returns to hit and take the win. Next up Scott Mitchell (32.32) v Micheal Kearns (27.15) like with the ladies draw everyone waited to see who would play Deta same for the Men all of Oxfordshire's team waited to see who would draw The England Captain Scott Mitchell.

It was like an exhibition from Scott who doesn't take long to find his range breaking Micheal's throw to take the first leg in 17 darts. More of the same to take the 2nd leg. 16 dart 3rd leg to break Micheal again and his best leg for last to take a 4-0 win making it ALL LOOK SO EASY, Micheal no mug hitting a 27.15 average but wondered what had just hit him. Scott Mitchell hit the highest average of the weekend and yet ANOTHER Man of the Match for his beloved Dorset.

Paul Allen (25.62) up next v Jon Jukes (25.04). Paul was a little gutted at his last match as he suffered his first defeat of the season (well he was playing Dennis Harbour) Paul goes 2-0 up but Jon wins the next two to level at 2-2. The 5th leg. Both struggling to find a big score then from nowhere Paul hits a 180 to leave 150 and returns to poke it to go 3-2 up. Paul well behind as Jon levels to force a deciding leg. Paul has the darts in the deciding leg, but Jon Jukes gets first crack at a double missing 3 darts at tops PRESSURE what pressure as Paul pokes 48 to take the win.

Next Steve Earley (26.91) v Lennon Cradock (26.09) a game of missed doubles from both, but very high scoring hence the averages Steve's game going to a deciding leg. Both scored really well in the final leg Lennon missing 60 with three darts Steve a little lucky but takes the win. That's 11 wins in a row for Dorset and a few are checking on the other games to see IF we are in with a chance of promotion, me I'm waiting until the final score.

Next up Robbie Martin v Sean Holley (26.72) Sean pokes a 145 to break Robbie's throw then 78 to go 2-0 up, then hits a 15 dart 3rd leg. Robbie misses several darts at a double in the next and loses 0-4 most UN Robbie like so Dorset Men's A take a 5-1 lead. Was that really 11 wins in a row must be a first for Dorset.

Next up Carl Beattie (22.48) Carl missed a few important doubles and loses 1-4. Danny Pearce (27.15) v Ade Larner (25.26) up next. Danny goes 1-3 down then hits a 180 in the 5th leg and after 12 darts is sat on tops which he hits 2-3. Ade hits a 134 to leave tops returns hits double 5 double 15 to take the win earning 2 points for Oxfordshire as he played and won yesterday. Matt Yarrow (27.70) v Brandon Richardson (27.09) what a close game this was. Matt goes into a 2-1 lead then pokes 101 to go 3-1 up. Matt sat on 51 as Brandon takes the next 3-2. Brandon pokes 106 to force a deciding leg. Matt against throw Brendon hitting a 17 dart winning leg and was Oxfordshire's Man of the Match also winning 2 points for Oxfordshire as he also played and won yesterday. "It's a funny old game" Dorset win 11 games in a row then lose the last 4.

Up next (to stop the rot) Mark Grimes (27.32) v Kevin Lowe (27.14) Nice 13 dart first leg from Mark. 18 dart 2nd leg to level from Kevin. First five legs all going with throw putting Mark 3-2 up. Oxfordshire's Kevin Lowe sat on 16 as Mark pokes 78 to take the win.

Lee Turle (26.28) v Preben Krabben (26.72) another really close game, first two legs went with throw. Preben starts the 3rd leg with a 180, Lee wires tops for a 139 shot out, Preben pokes out. 4th leg Lee wires tops again for a 118 shot out, Preben isn't missing much and takes the leg. Numerous missed winning doubles from Preben and Lee pinches the next leg (2-3) Lee misses doubles in the 6th leg Preben takes the win 4-2.

Up last (for the win) Tommy Morris (26.22) v Steve Dennett (26.34) without doubt Tommy is the most exciting player to watch when he's hitting those big scores or high shot outs he's Dorset's Gerwyn Price I for one love to see and hear the passion and the "COME ON" when good shots are hit. Steve breaks Tommy's throw in the first leg. Tommy pokes a 101 with a "COME ON" to level at 1-1. Hits double 17 to go 2-1 up. Steve misses doubles in the 4th leg Tommy poking 50 to go 3-1 up. Steve pokes a 126 on the bull with a "come on" to pull a leg back 3-2. What a great high scoring 6th leg from both players Tommy with throw after 15 darts Tommy is sat on 46 Steve on tops, Tommy gives it the big "COME ON" as he retrieves his darts shakes Steve's hand then goes to the edge of the stage to receive the cheers from the Dorset Massive.

Men's A winning 7-5 overall score standing at Dorset 22 Oxfordshire 14

Was it enough for promotion NO Cornwall lose to Devon 17-19 insuring both Cornwall and Devon get promoted.


Well what a season we have had only beaten by London Devon and Cambridgeshire all 3 matches going 17-19 down giving away valuable bonus points. I'm sure you are ALL out there thinking IF BUT MAYBE but it's one of the best season Dorset have had I am PROUD to be part of such a great team and hope each and everyone of you sign on for another ROLLERCOASTER RIDE that is Dorset Darts. Nice to see the support you show for each other that's REAL TEAM SPIRIT and I for one can't wait for September so we can do it ALL OVER AGAIN only better. No special mentions as there is no I in team. I'm convinced next season we will be stronger and better. Thanks as always to Potty and Michelle and of course the team of five as I call them THE SELECTORS there's always moans and groans from some but when difficult decisions have to be made that's just what they have done.

Green Army temporarily asleep waiting for September to march onwards and upwards.


Dorset 22 - 14 Oxfordshire
Women's B Lost 2-4 // Mens B Won 7-5
Women's A Won 6-0 // Mens A Won 7-5

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Cath
  • Sarah
  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Katie
  • Suzy

Ladies B

  • Julie
  • Carol
  • Donna
  • Claire
  • Sally
  • Trina
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies Reserves

  • Roz
  • Kelly
  • Lorraine

Mens A

  • Paul
  • Carl
  • Steve
  • Mark
  • Rob
  • Scott
  • Tommy
  • Danny
  • Mark
  • Lee
  • Richard
  • Matt
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Davy
  • Declan
  • Scott
  • Graham
  • Nigel
  • Ryan
  • Robby
  • Richard
  • Roy
  • Matt
  • Kevin
  • Matt
  • LAMB
  • READ

Mens Reserves

  • Alan
  • John
  • Daniel
  • Daniel