Devon v Dorset - BICC 2018/2019 Season - Dorset County Darts

Away v Devon - Saturday 9th / Sunday 10th February 2019

Devon v Dorset Match Report

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Week ending 9th-10th February saw Dorset travel to Exeter to face the Devon County side at The Heavitree sports and social centre. Devon were 4 points below us in 3rd position in Division One we were 2nd some 7 points below Cambridgeshire who were top, so everything to play for. Dorset were on a high following their 22-14 win over Nottinghamshire at home. Traveling to Exeter was one of the shortest distances to travel so most went straight to the venue on Saturday. So how did we do?

Up first for us Julie Boggust who won her match 3-1 hitting a 14.26 average and was embarrassed to be our Lady of the Match (Julie normally hits a much higher average) followed by losses for Trina Perry and Kelly Stroud, putting us 1-2 down, then for me the ladies best game Cat Callard (18.72 Devon) v Claire Mabey (20.27 Dorset) good first leg from Claire after 18 darts sat on 56 and takes the first leg, Claire hits a 180 on her way to taking the 2nd leg. Good scoring 3rd leg from Cat and she takes the leg. Cat hits a 139 (in the 4th leg) to leave 72 returns and pokes it to force a deciding leg with the throw. Both score well in the 5th Claire hitting a ton and a 124 and hits a 78 to leave 24 as Devons Cat Callard pokes out (shows how important the throw can be) Cat was Devon's Lady of the Match hitting a 18.72 average not missing a double.

Next up Carol Llewellyn who lost 0-3 followed by Roz Annetts making her DEBUT for Dorset. Roz was a little shaky up on stage and played FAR FROM HER BEST losing 0-3. So the score for the women Devon 5 Dorset 1. Dorset ladies B suffering the worst defeat I can ever recall. It wasn't that long ago our ladies B went all season undefeated and won the league. So not the start we hoped for. Bring on the Men's B.

Up first for Dorset Richard Perry (22.64) who took his game to a deciding leg which went Devon's way. Matty Woodhouse (24.33) up next, Matty on a winning streak at the moment he scored well and no messing at the double winning 4-2. Matt Read (MOOSTER 24.16) has been playing well lately today it JUST didn't go his way playing Mark Turner who didn't miss his doubles and was Devon's Man of the Match hitting a 26.79 average running out a 4-1 winner. Declan Harris up next (down from the A) didn't have the best of games losing 1-4. Alan Ayres (22.30) needed a win and he fought hard and got it winning 4-2. Roy Pigeon who was playing only his 2nd game for Dorset had a great 4-0 win making the Men's B all even at 3-3.

Kevin Smith (25.74) playing his first game for Dorset this season (Kevin once an A player) had no problems running out a 4-1 winner and was Dorset's Man of the Match. Next up Neil White (25.18 Devon) v Graham Inniss (25.78 Dorset) what a close high scoring game this was, both hitting big scores both missing doubles a game that deserved a draw played in good spirits both complementing each other's good shots Neil winning 4-2. Next up for us Robby Morris (24.85) who had a tremendous game against Liam Goyne (25.04) Robby losing 2-4.

Next John Clark (team manager) John seemed to be struggling up on stage (limping apparently he fell over the oche while on the practice boards) and loses 0-4 Devon having won the last 3 matches in a row. Next up Kieran Burns (25.20 Devon) v Ryan Mabey (24.04 Dorset) two youngsters who BOTH played well. Kieran breaking Ryan's throw in the first leg but Ryan hits a 180 on his way to breaking breaking straight back. Ryan hits a 131 to leave tops returns to hit it and take the leg. Kieran takes the next then hits a 12 dart winning leg to put Ryan 2-3 down. Ryan breaks straight back to force a DESERVED deciding leg, Ryan with throw. What a way to start the deciding leg hitting a 177 first throw and goes onto take the win.

Up last for the draw Nigel Lamb (23.48), Nigel missed doubles, his game going to a deciding leg against the throw. Nigel starts well 140 100 and goes onto hit 94 to leave tops forcing his opponent Lewis Dare to poke 86 to take the win which he does, our Men's B losing 5-7.

So after Saturday the scores stood at Devon 12 Dorset 6. No one talking about the chances of promotion to the top division now but Sunday's a new day who knows anything can happen, our A teams on a par with each other.

First up Lisa Hughes (18.51 Devon) v Suzy Trickett (23.12 Dorset) Suzy takes the first leg pokes 92 to take the 2nd and after 12 darts Suzy is on 116 struggled a bit at the double but is so far in front and takes a 3-0 win. Next Merryl Dennis (21.17 Devon) v Julie Frampton (19.50 Dorset) Julie missed a few doubles and goes 0-2 down Merryl hits 2x140s in the 3rd leg and pokes 78 to take a 3-0 win the score line not reflecting the close game. Next Jodie Hawton (18.02 Devon) v Cathy Campbell 17.92) Cathy far from her best but forces a final leg decider this game one of missed doubles from both final leg going to Devon.

Next up Maria O'Brien (28.90 Devon) v Sarah Chick (26.58 Dorset) what an OUTSTANDING GAME this was as the averages suggests. Maria took the first leg, Sarah missed doubles in the second Maria poking 76 to go 2-0 up. A 15 dart 3rd leg from Maria poking a 101 shot out gave Maria a 3-0 win and put Devon ladies 3-1 up and was Devon's Lady of the Match.

Next Anna Johnson (20.65 Devon) v Sam Kirton 25.05 Dorset. Sam took first leg with throw, both missed doubles in the 2nd leg, leg going to Sam. Great 3rd leg from Sam and she wins 3-0 and was our Lady of the Match. Up last (we hoped for the draw) Chrissie Kinnaird (20.36 Devon) v Katie Mitchell (20.22) Katie's game was one of missed doubles and big scores from both players. In one leg Katie is well behind then hits a 140 and a 129 to leave 34 which she returns to hit her match going to a deciding leg Katie against the throw but takes the 3-2 win and give the women a 3-3 draw.

I never normally put ALL the players names or averages down BUT SUCH WAS THE QUALITY OF PLAY FROM ALL THE WOMEN this is probably the best women's A game I have watched DRAW fair result. So Dorset still well behind with overall score standing at Devon 15 Dorset 9. Bring on Men's A.

First up for Dorset Richard Wright. Richard HAD A MARE losing 0-4. Next Carl Beattie (22.21) Carl missed a few doubles and his match went to 2-2 then Carl upped his scoring and went onto win 4-2. Lee Turle (24.33) Lee scored really well in the first leg but missed doubles Devon pinching the first leg. Lee went onto win 4-2. Next up Scott Mitchell (27.45) didn't take long for Scott to find his range hitting a 180 second throw but even he had 5 darts at tops before taking the first leg, Scott then went onto give another lesson on how this game should be played running out a 4-0 winner. Danny Pearce (25.71) Danny pokes a 124 to take the first leg, 80 to take the 2nd leg, 75 to go 3-0 up then Devons Shaun Dring (25.94) pokes 120 to pull a leg back, in the 5th leg after 12 darts Danny's on 120 and goes onto win 4-1. Next up Paul Milford (29.04 Devon) v Mark Porter (23.80 Dorset) Paul is currently running 2nd in the County averages and has just been selected to play for England and you could tell why as he runs out a 4-0 winner and is Devon's Man of the Match.

Robbie Martin (25.37) Robbie started well hitting a 14 dart first leg and always looked in control as he wins 4-0. Next John Mann (26.79 Devon and England) v Steven Earley (24.36 Dorset) Steven goes 0-2 down then pokes 102 to win the 3rd leg has his chances in the 4th leg but loses 1-4. Matt Yarrow (23.71) up next his game went to a deciding leg which could of gone either way missed doubles from Devon's Ben Chamberlain giving Matt the win. Next Danny Allen (28.86 Devon) v Mark Grimes (28.08 Dorset) first 4 legs all went with throw, it took a 150 shot out from Mark Grimes to break Devon's throw. Two 140's from Danny Allen but Mark Grimes hits a 180 on his way to a 14 dart 6th leg to win 4-2. Mark Grimes was our Man of the Match.

Paul Allen (22.41) up next as CLARKY our team manager says "this boy doesn't know how to lose" was playing his first match in the A team, went 0-2 down Devon's Glyn Wells (23.97) missed doubles in the 3rd leg Paul pinching it then levelling at 2-2. Paul loses the 5th then missed double from Glyn and Paul forces a deciding leg with throw, starts with 2x140s and goes onto take the win putting Dorset in the unbelievable position of maybe pinching a draw as match standing at Devon 18 Dorset 17 no pressure then.

Up last for the draw Tommy Morris (26.05). Devon's Tom Humphrey (23.99) with throw start with a 180 but Tommy pinches the first leg. Tommy pokes 80 to go 2-0 up. Devon poke 75 to take the 3rd. Tommy goes 3-1 up. Misses a dart at double 10, Tom pinches the leg and goes onto force a deciding leg with throw. A nervy last leg BOTH having chances both wiring the winning double Devon pinching the win, 19-17 but ALL our Men's A performed well winning 8-4


After Saturday we were well and truly UP AGAINST IT a great performance from our A teams means we are still WELL IN at a shot at finishing in the top two to earn promotion into the top league JUST 7 points separate the top 5 teams with 3 matches to go we just need to win and win well to progress. What some SUPPORT we gave our A teams Sunday it really made a difference. Our next game is home to Hertfordshire so we have the home advantage let's put it to good use. Don't know what went wrong with our ladies B team wasn't that long ago they were winning everything and looking at Devon's averages they were there to be beaten. Some tough decisions to be made by the 5 selectors NEVER EASY for them but we have a good chance this season let's not waste it. We showed GREAT fighting spirit to come back as we did.

Green Army still in the fight for promotion and marching on.


Devon 19-17 Dorset
Women's B Lost 1-5 // Mens B Lost 5-7
Women's A Drew 3-3 // Mens A Won 4-8

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Cath
  • Sarah
  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Katie
  • Suzy

Ladies B

  • Roz
  • Julie
  • Carol
  • Claire
  • Trina
  • Kelly

Ladies Reserves

  • Donna
  • Sally
  • Lorraine
  • OLD (Captain)

Mens A

  • Paul
  • Carl
  • Steve
  • Mark
  • Rob
  • Scott
  • Tommy
  • Danny
  • Mark
  • Lee
  • Richard
  • Matt
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Alan
  • John
  • Declan
  • Graham
  • Nigel
  • Ryan
  • Robby
  • Richard
  • Roy
  • Matt
  • Kevin
  • Matt
  • LAMB
  • READ

Mens Reserves

  • Daniel
  • Simon
  • Daniel
  • Daniel