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Home v Cornwall - Saturday 3rd / Sunday 4th November 2018

Dorset v Cornwall Match Report

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Week ending Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th of November saw Dorset playing their 2nd home game of the season against Cornwall. Now last time we met (December last year) we were away and it's safe to say they gave the Green Army a bit of a PASTING beating us 26-10 we had a newish squad but no excuses they just out played us, so to say we were more than a little apprehensive is an under-statement, but new season, new game, our NEWBEES now much more experienced and settled and Dorset on winning streak (long may it last) winning last two matches and still looking to better a winning squad making changes as and when needed. SO HOW DID WE DO ?

Up first for the ladies B team Kelly Stroud, now Kelly might not be the greatest scorer in the world but give her a go at at a double and she don't miss many, True to form Kelly's game going to a deciding leg and she takes it. Next up the experienced Trina Perry, Trina far from her norm against Cornwall's Emma Dow losing 0-3, Emma was lady of the match for Cornwall hitting a 15.18 average. Next Suzy Trickett (16.60) whose game went to a deciding leg so many missed doubles from BOTH players Suzy saving her best two darts for last treble 12 double 18 to take the win. Next up Cath Campbell, now Cath well behind in the first leg but this game is all about the double (as Bobby George keeps saying "scores for show doubles for dough" so true) and missed doubles gave Cath a go and she pinches the first leg. Scores from Cath of 139 and 135 and poking 58 gave Cath the second. No looking back from there Cath not only winning but was our lady of the Match hitting a 21.78 average. Carol Llewellyn up next now Carol's consistently averaging 15-18 each match but today she was exceptional up on stage never looked like losing winning convincingly and hitting a 20.45 average, that left Donna Mabbatt up last, Donna's first game in the B having taken a year off. Donna took her chances Cornwall's Becky Curnow missing SO MANY DOUBLES, Donna coming from 1-2 down (Becky finding that winning double so illusive) to PINCH the win. What a great start our Ladies B winning 5-1 and giving Dorset a great start. Bring on the Men's B team.

Up first making his DEBUT Paul Allen, now considering this was his first match up on stage you wouldn't know it the way he played starting with a ton, and after 15 darts sat on 16, and takes the first and 2nd leg, it took a 74 shot out on the bull for Cornwall to take the 3rd, did that upset Paul? I don't think so as he starts the 4th leg with a 140 and goes onto take the win 4-1 hitting a 24.94 average nice debut. Next Steven Earley now you never know which Steve is going to turn up, well it was Steve Earley the dart player as he hits a 25.42 average and was Dorset's Man of the Match winning 4-2. Next Graham Inniss (shinny shoes) Graham took his match to a deciding leg after battling from 0-3 down and had a dart to win it but not to be.

Next up CLARKY John Clark experienced I should say so playing his 349th game for his beloved Dorset coming back from 1-3 down to force a deciding leg and we are thinking JUST MAYBE as Clarky hits a 177 to leave 120 then leaves it handy as Cornwall hit 105 to leave 32 no pressure then Clarky pokes out to take the win and he looks more than a little happy with his result. MOOSTER Matt Read (24.08) up next looked a little unsteady up on stage and loses 1-4 to Cornwall's Martin Smith (25.05). Next Robby Morris (24.90) v Joe Yendle (25.44) Robby had a battle on his hands in this high scoring match Joe taking the first leg missing doubles to take the 2nd Robby punishing his miss and goes onto go 3-1 up. In the 4th after 12 darts Joes sat on tops which he misses on his return to the Oche, Robby again punishing him poking 64 in 3 darts to take the win and put Dorset 4-2 up.

Next Nigel Lamb (slammer) a great player but games not going his way lately, this match Nigel went 3-1 up and missed doubles found this match going to a deciding leg Nigel falling across the winning line. Next a youngster Ryan Mabey, now Ryan never seems to win EASY and this was no exception keeping us on the edge of our seats coming out a 4-2 winner. Matty Woodhouse playing his first game this season for Dorset having sat on the bench for the first two games. Matty up against Ben Smeeth who was Cornwall's Man of the Match hitting a 26.37 average on his way to a 4-0 win. Next Declan Harris (24.02) who went through a stage of couldn't win up on stage, Declan now on a nice winning run (still learning and improving with every game) first four legs all going with throw Cornwall's Jez Campe poking 111 to take the 4th with throw then hits 180 followed by 97 to leave 50 and goes onto break Declan's throw. Declan hits 121 to leave 32 returns hits it to force a final leg decider. Declan with throw, Jez starting deciding leg 180 81 125 but after 12 Declan's on 24 and takes the leg and the win giving it some as the winning double went in, nice to see that sort of passion but that's what the win means to him, and pushes Dorset to that all important 7 guaranteeing Dorset Men's B a win. Next up Dan Walker who went into a 2-0 lead but loses to John Dennis who wins 4 legs in a row. Up last making his DEBUT Simon Cross (22.17) Simon played well but found himself 0-3 down but showed TRUE GRIT not throwing in the towel and pulls it back to 2-3 but it wasn't to be THIS TIME but Men's B win 7-5. So going into Sunday with scores standing at Dorset 12 Cornwall 6 already beating our game total compared to last seasons 10-26 match result. Bring on the A teams.

Now Cornwall's Ladies A team no surprise haven't lost a match this season could we cause an upset, I hoped so. Up first Julie Frampton (22.99) v Teresa Brookshaw and what a cracking game it was to start the day, Julie breaking Teresa's throw to take the first leg, Teresa then hitting 140 121 to leave 32 one dart and 1-1. Teresa pokes 102 to go 2-1 up and goes onto take the Match 3-1 with a 26.19 average NO SURPRISE was Cornwall's lady of the Match hitting the highest female average of the weekend Julie Frampton 2nd highest. Next Sarah Chick who never looked in any danger of losing up on stage was our lady of the Match hitting a 17.48 average. Sam Kirton (22.94) undefeated all last season this season struggling to find those 3 winning legs up against Cornwall's Nikki Furse (22.78) and what a great game it was match going to a deciding leg Sam 2-0 up missing winning doubles (always the hardest to hit) Nikki saving her best leg to last to PINCH the win. Peri Yarrow up next her game so much about hitting a double as she loses 0-3.

Next Lorraine Woodrow (Lily) up against Cornwall's lady captain Sue Shepherd so we knew she would have a fight on her hands, Sue on 7 can't find the big 3 Lilly on 5 can't find a big one, at one stage nearly offered the MC (Robby Morris) a chair, leg ending up with both going for the MADHOUSE that is double one leg giving itself up to Dorset. Sue takes the 2nd more of the same in the 3rd Sue going for a double ending up on one's Lily back on 260 but takes the leg to go 2-1 up. No messing from Sue in the 4th so another deciding leg Sue hitting a 180 on her way to the win. Up last Dorset trailing 1-4 Katie Mitchell. Katie's game went to a deciding leg the match being one of missed doubles from BOTH players and sure enough the final deciding leg both end up on double one and again it's the MC (still Robby Morris) I feel real sorry for how many NO SCORE did I hear him call leg going to a relieved Katie Mitchell (she did apologise to Robby) giving a score line of 2-4 in Cornwall's favour. That leaves the Men's A to get the win score looking very healthy at Dorset 14 Cornwall 10

First up Carl Beattie (25.12) who worked his way into the team via our youth team, Carl MOM last game in the B getting his first crack in our A side. He didn't disappoint playing like a seasoned A player winning 4-2. Mark Porter next (Potty) raced into a 3-0 lead then in the 4th is on 36 Cornwall back on 158 but Potty can't find that winning double same in the next two legs and suddenly it's a final leg decider. A relieved Potty hits 2x to take the deserved win. Next Tommy Morris (25.53) great player to watch when he's ON IT and he didn't disappoint going 140 180 out to go 1-0 up, and is looking comfortable at 3-1 up but misses doubles 2-3. Tommy busts 32 but is far enough in front to get another go and you know he's hit in when he shouts COME ON for a 4-2 win. Next Henry Cooper (28.07) who in his last match looked like winning until his opponent poked 161 to beat him. Henry against Gareth Griffiths (27.58) and what a high scoring game it was the match going to a deserved final leg Henry missing 16x Gareth poking 62 to not only take the win for Cornwall but Man of the Match as well (unlucky Henry).

Lee Turle (27.83) up next again great to watch never in trouble turning to the Dorset Massive (fist pump) as he goes 3-0 up looking full of confidence and why not as he wins 4-0 a draw for Dorset guaranteed. Danny Pearce (24.19) up next missed doubles cost him the first leg and a 110 shot out from Cornwall's Mike Beard (24.44) and Danny's 0-2 down, pulls back a leg nice to hear the support for every player from the Dorset Massive but a few missed doubles Danny loses 2-4.

Richard Wright (25.69 the Jacket) loves it up on stage singing to his walk on music bless getting Dorset the win and winning 4-0 the score line not really reflecting how close his match was. Scott Mitchell (28.56) v Danny Robinson (25.52) after 12 darts Scott's on 18 but a 180 from Danny puts Scott under pressure and Scott misses the double even 2s must tell him the rules (no one misses twos) Danny pokes out and GIVES IT SOME but a 14 dart 2nd leg put Scott back level. Scott wires tops for 76 shot out returns 2-1 up. Danny hits a 137 to leave 74 which he hits next throw 2-2. It seems everyone ups their game playing Scott everyone wants to beat our ex world champ, Danny misses the double in the 5th, Scott doesn't. Scott wires 12x for a 101 shot out returns no problem running out 4-2 winner was our Man of the Match AGAIN and turns to the Dorset Massive who have been really supportive all day. Robbie Martin (26.04) great start breaking Cornwall's Michael Jones (26.35) throw. Both missed doubles in the 2nd leg going to Robbie and he goes onto win 4-2. Mark Grimes (24.14) did more than enough running out a 4-0 winner.

Dale Masterman (24.65 The Big Show) known slow starter went 0-2 down. Dale hits a 116 shot out to pull a leg back and in the next misses the bull for a 164 shot out but goes onto take the leg 2-2, but the consistent throwing from Cornwall's Dennis Bryant (25.84) is to much as Dale loses 2-4. Up last back up in the A Matty Yarrow both players missed doubles in the first leg, leg going to Cornwall and the next as well. Matty pulls it back to 2-2 but a 117 shot out from Cornwall put them in front and Matt loses 2-4. But a nice win for our Men's A 8-4 and what an end result for Dorset with the final score Dorset 22 Cornwall 14 and I thought a draw would be a good result WHAT DO I KNOW.


Well that tremendous result against Cornwall has put us top of the table hope no one suffers from nose bleeds being that high up the table YES we are there but the trick is staying there so let's not get complacent. It was a team effort that got us here, nice to hear the support for our boys and girls up on stage win or lose it's a team. Some great games I for one can't wait for our next game away to London everyone loves it when we win Monday morning feeling was GREAT. Some great games too many to mention but what a TEAM we have become. How lucky are we to have 4 good MC's and great top table bar staff raffle sellers food handlers GREAT doorman and at the top Michelle and Potty. Just think how hard it is for the selectors (the magnificent 5) to make those tough decisions.

Green Army loved and at the top of the league. Or am I going to get out the shower to find IT'S ALL A DREAM.


Dorset 22-14 Cornwall
Women's B Won 5-1 // Mens B Won 7-5
Women's A Lost 2-4 // Mens A Won 8-4

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Sarah
  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Katie
  • Lorraine
  • Peri

Ladies B

  • Julie
  • Cath
  • Donna
  • Trina
  • Kelly
  • Suzy

Ladies Reserves

  • Roz
  • Carol
  • Sally
  • OLD (Captain)

Mens A

  • Carl
  • Henry
  • Mark
  • Rob
  • Dale
  • Scott
  • Tommy
  • Danny
  • Mark
  • Lee
  • Richard
  • Matt
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Paul
  • John
  • Simon
  • Steve
  • Declan
  • Graham
  • Nigel
  • Ryan
  • Robby
  • Matt
  • Daniel
  • Matt
  • LAMB
  • READ

Mens Reserves

  • Daniel
  • Alan
  • Daniel
  • Richard