Gwent v Dorset - BICC 2018/2019 Season - Dorset County Darts

Away v Gwent - Saturday 15th / Sunday 16th September 2018

Gwent v Dorset Match Report

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Well here we are again COUNTY DARTS, It seems AGES since our last game back in April but here we are. Last time we played Gwent we were at home and it's fair to say they gave us a bit of a STUFFING running out 23-13 winners, and we had the home advantage as well. Last season we had a new squad, a lot of changes similar this season but mostly the same team as last years NEWBIES well and truly established and a few players returning after a year lay off so hopes of a better start were high. New format in the Men's B this season playing best of 7 not 5 legs which also happened at Superleague level, most of the Dorset squad have only played one superleague match some not played at all yet so match readiness was questionable but ALL were keen and ready to play. Gwent were at home, so most of Dorset travelled up Friday night as Saturday had a new start time of 11am to cope with the new 7 leg format, and it was a 3-4 hour trip to get to Gwent. So how did we get on.

Up first for us Kelly Stroud who won 3-1 hitting a respectable 18.72 average and setting the rest of the Dorset Ladies a target for lady of the match, Sally Old up next SO MANY MISSED DOUBLES here, the game going to a deciding leg yes missed doubles and she loses 2-3. Carol Llewellyn up next usually a 17+ average every game but the darts just didn't go for her losing 0-3 to Gwent's Lady of the Match Debbie Ham who hit a 16.89 average. Cath Campbell up next had a great game hitting a 22.16 average and was Dorset's Lady of the Match and also brought the score to level at 2-2.

Trina Perry up next took her game to a deciding leg her EXPERIENCE showed as she came out the winner hitting a 18+ average. That left Suzy Trickett up last for the win. Now Suzy has been struggling a bit last season hence now in the B team but to watch her up on stage you wouldn't of thought it, the old Suzy was back never looked in doubt as she ran out a 3-1 winner with a great 21.14 average. So what a start our ladies winning 4-2. Bring on the Men's B and new best of 7 leg format.

Up first for Dorset Steven Earley whose game went to a nervy 7th leg, leg going Dorset's way. Matt Yarrow up next was playing Vince Short who hit a 24.70 average but Matty never looked troubled as he ran out a 4-0 winner was Dorset's Man of the Match and hit a 28.09 average he used to play like that in the A nice to see his form return LONG MAY IT LAST he looked at ease up there so confident great to watch. Richard Perry up next losing 2-4. Declan Harris (24.51) up next now Declan is a good dart player but needed some confidence after losing numerous CLOSE matches winning the last game of last season seems to have given him that as he looked more at ease no shaking of the head if he hit poor scores showed no signs of weakness and gave it some as the winning double went in winning 4-2.

Ryan Mabey up next a youngster full of confidence his match going to a deciding leg which a relieved Ryan won. Dan Adams up next couldn't get going and he loses 1-4. Carl Beattie up next came up via our youth team now well established in the Dorset team winning 4-2. Next Dan Walker, Dan had to fight really hard and looked a little shakey up on stage but he got the all important win 4-2. Robby Morris (24.09) great player but came up against an IN FORM player in Nathan Treadgold who didn't miss much hitting the joint highest average of the weekend of 28.90 and YES he was Gwent's Man of the Match/Weekend.

Then 2-4 loses for Graham Inniss and Daniel Perry put Gwent's B team on a roll winning last 3 matches and 5-6 behind. Up last and properly the best game of Saturday Matt (MOOSTER) Read 27.73 v M Davies (26+) Matt first game back after taking a year off and what a roller coaster ride it was the match going to a deciding leg and MOOSTER saved his best 3 darts for last poking 112 to take not only the win for him but for the Men's B (7-5) as well. So after day one Gwent 7 Dorset 11, would a 4 game cushion be enough going into Sunday?

Up first for the ladies Katie Mitchell not to be her day as she loses 0-3 (most un-Katie like) Lorraine Woodrow up next whose darts have come on in leaps and bounds her game going to a deciding leg which didn't go her way putting Dorset under pressure at 0-2 down. Sarah Chick (20.34) back after a year off nice to see her back and playing well never in trouble winning convincingly 3-0. Peri Yarrow up next also no problem also winning 3-0 and putting the match all even at 2-2. Next Julie Frampton who went 2-0 up but a fight back from Gwent to force a deciding leg, Tracey Hickey missed the bull for a 122 shot out returns misses 3 at 47 Julie one dart at tops THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Next the match we all were waiting for Dorset's Sam Kirton (20+) (un-beaten last season) v Rhian Griffiths Welsh International (seen her several times on TV) Sam was up for it. What a GREAT match it was best I've seen a County Woman play against Dorset Rhian not missing a lot on her way to the joint highest average of the weekend 28.90. Poor Sam didn't know what hit her as Rhian wins 3-0 good deserved 3-3 draw final result. So Dorset still 4 games up. Bring on the Men's A.

Now we've been re-moulding our A and it's the strongest (in my opinion) it's been in a while but would it be STRONG ENOUGH?

Up first a very consistent player Mark Grimes (26.69) Mark played like he does (only player in Dorset's history to hit a 9 darter on stage for Dorset) and had no problems on his way to a 4-1 win. Next Henry Cooper not been playing long for Dorset and already in the A, Henry's game going to a deciding leg Henry sat on 16 as Gwent hit the winning double 3rd dart. Danny Pearce (26.03) up next and he races to a 3-0 lead and saved his best leg for last, a 15 darter to take the win 4-0. Tommy Morris up next didn't play as well as he normally does but he beat what was put in front of him 4-0.

Next up Robbie Martin (26.86) v Kevin Mills (28.08) and what a match this was and it went deservedly to a deciding leg which either player could of won, Robbie wires tops for the win giving Kevin a go at 64 but two poor darts and one thrown in anger and a relieved Robbie returns to take the win, Man of the Match for Dorset and at least a draw guaranteed. Richard Wright (The Jacket) gets a 4-2 win giving Dorset the guaranteed win (now its a case of by how many). Lee Turle up next on his return to Dorset to play County Darts, Lee played consistently well saving his best 3 darts for last as he hits the highest shot out of the weekend of 160 to win 4-2.

Dale Masterman (The Big Show (24.76) had a battle on his hands against Ray Hardwick (25.31) his game going to a deciding leg, going Ray's way and stopping Dorset's winning run of 5 matches. Next up John Clark (24.35) v Nick Kenny (27.73) seen him on the TV as well. John played well gave Nick a scare but Nick wins 4-2. Dorset's Men's A still needing one more match for the win and up next our SUPER STAR and X CHAMPION OF THE WORLD Scott Mitchell (27.53) v Jon Worsley (27.92) CRACKING game Scott hitting to many scores of 60 all on the wire of the treble, and Jon not intimidated in any way playing the X World Champ and Jon takes the win, and player of the match for Gwent. Scotty Dog Mitchell gracious in defeat no excuses and nothing but praise for Jon Worsley who stopped Scotty's LONG winning run.

Next up Potty Mark Porter a very fast player and Dorset all watching needing that one more win, Potty didn't disappoint winning 4-2. Last up Nigel Lamb whose game went to a deciding leg. Nigel hit a 180 to leave 36, has 3 darts at it then play had to be stopped as Gwent's Liam Meek had snapped his stem and it was stuck in the barrel needing a spare (in his case on the floor) The wait didn't help Nigel who had 3 more at 36 but was some way off hitting it Liam PINCHES the leg and gives it some you got to feel for Nigel he was GUTTED. But what a great result 3 wins and a draw and final score

Gwent 15 Dorset 21.


Well what a WELL DESERVED win for Dorset against a good Gwent team. Nice to see MOOSTER and SARAH CHICK return and get two valuable points for us. Everyone (no exceptions) tried there best and no one gave up. Always makes that trip home easier with a win under our belt and no one thinking relegation puts us joint top of the league with Hertfordshire and Sussex and we play Sussex at home next month.

Now for a Sid Waddel moment "people in America always remember where they were when JFK was ASSASSINATED I will remember the Gwent game as it was where I was when Scotty Dog Mitchell and Sam (the beast) Kirton got defeated and Rhian Griffiths got the joint highest score of the weekend SUCH IS THE RARITY"

Green Army marching on and top of the tree.


Gwent 15-21 Dorset
Women's B Won 4-2 // Mens B Won 7-5
Women's A Drew 3-3 // Mens A Won 7-5

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Claire
  • Katie
  • Lorraine
  • Peri

Ladies B

  • Cath
  • Sarah
  • Sally
  • Trina
  • Kelly
  • Suzy
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies Reserves

  • Julie
  • Carol

Mens A

  • John
  • Henry
  • Mark
  • Nigel
  • Rob
  • Dale
  • Scott
  • Tommy
  • Danny
  • Mark
  • Lee
  • Richard
  • LAMB
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Daniel
  • Carl
  • Steve
  • Declan
  • Graham
  • Ryan
  • Robby
  • Daniel
  • Richard
  • Matt
  • Daniel
  • Matt
  • READ

Mens Reserves

  • Paul
  • Alan
  • Simon
  • Matt