Northamptonshire v Dorset - BICC 2017/2018 Season - Dorset County Darts

Away v Northamptonshire - Cancelled (Saturday 3rd / Sunday 4th March 2018) - Saturday 19th / Sunday 20th May 2018

Northamptonshire v Dorset Match Report

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Well we all missed it first time around due to MOTHER NATURE throwing all that snow at us at the beginning of March so here we all were at Northamptonshire's cosy (small) venue playing out of Burton Latimer Band Club, on week 19th-20th May the game to us had no real meaning as relegation just wasn't going to happen and promotion went well out the window after our first 3 losing games with a brand new team so many NEWBIES (now ALL settled in) this game for Northamptonshire was very IMPORTANT they just had to beat us to earn promotion to the top division. A free ride we sure didn't want to give them as we wanted to win and win good, spirits were high and little old Dorset felt we would give them a contest, so how did we do.

Up first for Dorset Julie Boggust, Julie started well but had as many darts at a double in the first leg as she did getting there and lost the first leg, and lost overall 1-3 missing doubles in most of the legs, Trina Perry up next played well and shot out well in one of her winning legs she hit 132 to leave 26 and then poked it winning 3-1 making it look easy. Abi Northover up next scores of a ton and a 121 got Abi to the double well before Northamptonshire's Gail Fullthorpe but again Dorset struggled around the double Gail winning for Northamptonshire 3-1 and was there Lady of the Match hitting a 17.70 average. Suzy Trickett up next mixed fortunes for her hitting a 140 followed by 13 struggling around the double but goes 2-1 up. Her 4th leg all thoughts of missed doubles well and truly forgotten as she pokes out 112 to win 3-1. Carol Llewellyn up next her match going to a deciding leg were she had 8-10 darts at a winning double but it just wouldn't go in putting Northamptonshire 3-2 up with just our ladies captain to play.

Sally Old looked determined as she went up on stage, she knew the score and knew she needed to play a captains game to get the draw. Little bit concerned as from 32 she left 3 but 1 double one in two darts put us back at ease. Sandra Simmons (Northamptonshire) busted 114 in the second leg giving Sally a pop at 82 she missed leaving 18 but got another go at it hitting a BIG 14 a 2 and double one at last some luck going our way. Sally plays 19s hitting a 171 (maximum on 19s) in the 3rd leg and goes onto win 3-0 throwing some of the best darts I've seen her throw and was our DESERVED Lady of the match hitting a 18.56 average the highest of all the girls on a Saturday and more importantly getting Dorset ladies a draw. Next up Men's B.

Now up first Phil Weeks down from the A side who lost the first leg and I thought hope someone has reminded him it's the best of 5 in the B not 7, Phil hits a 180 in the second leg and normal service is resumed as he wins 3-1 hitting a 25.06 average. Next up Tony Dunning, (Lonny) well Lonny never really got going losing 1-3, Declan Harris up next loses the first leg Graham Roberts (Northamptonshire) poking 40 in three darts BIG 20 Big 6 double 7 lucky darts, Declan's game going to a deciding leg which a very emotional and relieved Declan won and left me with ringing in my ears YES I was sat next to his girlfriend who was LOUDLY cheering him on, very emotional Declan who loves his darts having to sit on the bench and await another go for Dorset he didn't disappoint (Emily no blame no claim springs to mind) pleased for them both.

Next up Sam Ward, Sam loses the first leg then pokes 114 to take the 2nd, and 78 to take the 3rd no missed doubles there and goes onto win 3-1. Carl Beattie up next now Carl had what I would call a MARE last game but every games different Carl throwing some of his best darts hitting a 180 on his way to taking the first leg, a 15 dart 96 shot out 2nd leg and 64 shot out to take the 3-0 win and was our Man of the Match with a 27.33 average, and puts Dorset 4-1 up. Next up Robby Morris, Robby misses darts at a double in both of the first two legs and is punished losing 0-3. Next another Dan Walker now Dan loves his darts and sometimes I think he wants it to much having not yet won a game for his BELOVED Dorset and has been on the bench for ages waiting for another go. Dan has in the past gone 2-0 up only to lose 2-3 gutting for him and the team we all hoped this time he would keep his concentration until the winning dart went in. Dan took the first leg with throw and goes on to take the second poking 50 (BIG 1 Big 17 double 16) to go 2-0 up. 3rd leg Dan misses two darts at 32 but returns to hit it and take a 3-0 win with a not to shabby 25.05 average as well ONE MUCH RELIEVED DANNY BOY.

Richard Perry (25.92) up next couldn't do much against Northamptonshire's David Pallet who hit a 16 dart first leg a 180 in the 2nd and a 17 dart winning leg and no surprise he was Northamptonshire's Man of the Match hitting a 29.47 average. Graham Inniss up next started well hitting a 17 dart winning first leg then struggled to hit a double in the second but came out a 3-1 winner giving Dorset a 6-3 advantage. Then the wheels came off with loses for Matt Yarrow (24.50) and Ryan Mabey (23.14) which left Dan Perry to get us a win. No pressure then. Dan punished Phil Coward who missed doubles to take the first, and goes on to take the 2nd. Dan wires tops (to win 3-0) Phil pokes a ton plus on the bull and goes onto break Dan's throw to force a deciding leg, which could of gone either way but went with throw so after Day 1, two draws 3-3 ladiess 6-6 men and Dorset are left thinking COULD OFF SHOULD OFF, anyway all even going into Sunday.

Sunday and up first for our Ladies Claire Mabey v Jo Johnson, Jo hitting a 180 followed by a 140 put her well in front and Jo takes the first leg and goes onto take the 2nd. Claire doesn't give up and pulls it back to force a deciding leg. Claire missed one dart at tops Jo takes the win. Next up Katie Mitchell (20.08) who had a close game which also went to a deciding leg BOTH missing the winning double leg going to Northamptonshire. Julie Frampton (19.07) up next loses the first leg then wires tops for a 111 shot out but returns and hits it. 2nd leg Julie hits a 140 to leave 78 which she hits (18 20 tops) to go 2-1 up, and takes a 3-1 win. Next Lorraine Woodrow (Lily) now Lily has had without doubt her best ever season for Dorset and now is her first shot in the A team (well deserved too) things didn't go her way few missed doubles as she loses 1-3. Peri Yarrow next up went 0-2 down but seemed in control in the 3rd leg until Angela Barrow hit a 134 to leave 60 and Peri loses 0-3 no surprise Angela was Northamptonshire's Lady of the Match hitting 21.17 average which just left Sam Kirton. THE BEAST. Sam's had a great season winning all 8 matches never below a 20 average and today you could see no one wanted to play her, her's was the name they were all waiting for. Sam played Rebecca Barrow (19.46) Sam slow to start but no problem 3-1 winner with a lady of the weekend 22.22 average and 9-9 not many out there can boast that, but end result a 4-2 win for Northamptonshire.

Onto the Men's A Mark Porter, Mark struggled against the high scoring Ben Goodger (28.23) who didn't mess about at the double either and was Northamptonshire's Man of the Match. Next Scotty Dog Mitchell (29.35). Again everyone watching the draw to see whose drawn him (well be careful what you wish for Luke Smith (25.16) you got him) Scott 9-9 last season 8-8 this, pressure all on Scott. 15 dart first leg for Scott 3 darts at tops and 14 dart second and Scotts 2-0 up, and goes onto take the 3rd. Scott misses 3 at tops Luke pinches a leg, Scott misses a few darts at winning double but is far enough in front and wins 4-1 to make a second season undefeated now that's a first for Dorset. Next up and follow that THE BIG SHOW Dale Masterman. Dale had a battle on his hands his match going to an exciting final leg which he wins, and looks more than a little pleased with himself as the winning double goes in. Next Robbie Martin (26.05) Robbie plays a consistent game doesn't miss much on his way to a 4-2 win, and puts Dorset's Men 3-1 up. Next loses for Matty Woodhouse, Nigel Lamb (Slammer back in the A) and Danny Pearce and Dorset were behind 3-4, Richard Wright (25.61) went 3-2 up and just needed to hold his throw misses the winning double and ends up losing 3-4 (gutted).

Tommy Morris (24.72) business as usual on his way to a final leg decider which went his way nice to see THE OLD FIRE BACK the "come on" when he hits a big score or a winning leg double, welcome back Tommy. Mark Grimes (29.44) v Liam Fox (30.07) what a cracking high scoring game this was. Mark goes 3-1 up but a STONKING 11 dart leg pulls one back for Liam. After 12 darts in the next leg, Marks on 36 Liam's on 56 Mark going onto take the Man of the Match for Dorset Liam the only player this weekend to hit a 30+ average and lose you won't see that at County very often. Mark giving us hope for a win.

Next up team manager John Clark (24.56) not easy playing as the "were going up" chanting has started from Northamptonshire someone watching the other games me thinks. John mixed bag few good scores to many 45's which leaves Henry Cooper (27.66) to get the Men's A a draw. Henry hasn't played much for Dorset BUT WHAT A FIND and today he didn't disappoint, poking 64 in two darts to take the first leg against the throw and didn't look back winning 4-1 so 3 draws and a 2-4 lose from our Ladies A over all match ending at Northamptonshire 19 Dorset 17 so close and yes they are going up finishing 2nd to Essex and yes I think we were better than them so many missed doubles THATS DARTS.


Well where has this season gone? Can't believe it's over. Some special mentions, where do I start Scott Mitchell back to back 9-9 and to finish top of the overall averages truly Dorset's No 1. Mark Grimes finishing 5th in the overall averages. Tommy Morris only lost the one this season but the "COME ON" is back and exciting to watch. Henry Cooper, Robby Martin, Dale Masterman, Thomas Chant all up there.

Ladies Katie Mitchell up in the A and game improving after each match you're learning. Sam Kirton 9-9 and finished 3rd in the County running averages just look at the names of the players and world champs you're ahead of this season. Julie Frampton (Christchurch) believe in yourself you're a great player who never gives up and your a WINNER in my book. Already thinking of next season hearing rumours as always of some players returning to the fold as always I await to see who signs, also hearing some having a go at PDC Q SCHOOL rumours gossip love it.

Either way the future is GREEN the future is Dorset Green Army getting STRONGER and playing as a team.

Thomas missed hearing your voice this weekend.

Special special mention to Potty and Michelle you keep ALL/MOST of us grounded I realise how much you put in just know we ALL appreciate it although we don't show it. Emotional rollercoaster that is Dorset. Is it SEPTEMBER YET really?


Northamptonshire 19 - 17 Dorset
Women's B Drew 3-3 // Mens B Drew 6-6
Women's A Lost 2-4 // Mens A Drew 6-6

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Claire
  • Katie
  • Peri
  • Lorraine

Ladies B

  • Julie
  • Carol
  • Abi
  • Sally
  • Trina
  • Suzy
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies Reserves

  • Cath
  • Linda
  • Kelly

Mens A

  • John
  • Henry
  • Mark
  • Nigel
  • Rob
  • Dale
  • Scott
  • Tommy
  • Danny
  • Mark
  • Matt
  • Richard
  • LAMB
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Carl
  • Tony
  • Declan
  • Graham
  • Ryan
  • Robby
  • Daniel
  • Richard
  • Daniel
  • Sam
  • Phil
  • Matt
  • WARD

Mens Reserves

  • Daniel
  • Thomas
  • Steve
  • Lee
  • ADAMS (N/A)
  • CHANT (N/A)