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Home v Essex - Saturday 10th / Sunday 11th February 2018

Dorset v Essex Match Report

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Week ending 10th-11th February saw Dorset at home to Essex. Dorset were after a hat trick after wins against London (21-15) and Nottinghamshire (20-16) how ever Essex down from the top league and only 1 point behind the leaders Cornwall were by far favourites to take the win but this is a league where upsets happen and hopes were high after our last two results. Now Dorset did lose a lot of good players at the end of last season so a lot of NEWBEES in our team some taking time to settle in and being up on stage playing County Darts is a new experience for them, so different to Superleague. The selectors still making adjustments to get the best players to play in the right team i.e. The A or B teams, the ladies for example saw 2 players go up to the A and 2 back down in the B. So enough WAFFLE how did we do?

Up first Cathy Campbell who had a battle on her hands against Steph Henson (19.07) Cathy's game going to a deciding leg, Cathy kept here nerve and wins hitting a 20.78 average. Next up Julie Boggust (down from the A) Julie up against Essex's lady of the match Pauline Donat (18.41) Julie losing 1-3. Suzy Trickett up next (down from the A) now Suzy has been struggling a bit with her darts lately hence the drop to the B team, today however it was the Suzy of old not only winning 3-0 but hitting a 22.77 average as well and that was the highest average for Saturday for the ladies and she gets the well deserved lady of the match. WELCOME BACK SUZY. Abi Northover up next no problems on her way to a 3-1 win. Kelly Stroud gave the women the win also running out a 3-1 winner, that just left Lorraine Woodrow on last and not to buck the trend also won 3-1 so our ladies B team win 5-1 what a tremendous start for Dorset that cost Clarky (team captain) a round of drinks for our B team ladies, NICE.

Now Essex are top of division one Dorset 2nd from bottom so we knew it was going to be tough. Up first for us Lee Edwardson (24.82) Lee up against Andy Kateley who out scored Lee, (no surprise as Andy is no 2 in the County running averages) and didn't mess about at the double he was Essex's Man of the Match hitting a 27.33 average. Sam Ward up next took his game to a deciding leg which he won hitting a 180 at the right time to get first crack at a double. Sam was our Man of the Match with a 26.27 average. Next up Dan Walker not his day today as he loses 1-3. Next Dan Adams, now Dans only now played 3 games for Dorset and I haven't seen him have a bad game yet, today no difference winning 3-0. Then losses for Richard Perry (24.80) and Tony Dunning and Dorset were now 2-4 down.

Nigel Lamb (24.24) next back to his winning ways 3-0. John Clark's game went to a deciding leg and I thought with all his experience it would be no problem but I think he over tried and it was his worst leg of the match. Graham Inniss (shiny shoes) up next full of confidence turning to the DORSET MASSIVE for support even before a dart was thrown, well not his day not even taking a leg, Dorset now 3-6 down. Carl Beattie (25.47) up next gave us something to cheer about on his way to a 3-0 win. Losses then for Robby Morris (25.33) whose game went to a deciding leg and Ryan Mabey (24.42) also lost in a deciding leg, so the Mens B lost 4-8.

So after Saturday the scores stood at Dorset 9 Essex 9. Bring on the A teams.

Up first in the A ladies Katie Mitchell playing her first ever game in the A. Katie still getting used to wearing glasses (which in my opinion has improved her game no end throwing a straighter more consistent dart) Katie nervous but a 3-1 winner. Next Claire Mabey who seemed at home back in the A nothing rushes or puts Claire off and she also wins 3-1 great walk on music too. Next Peri Yarrow (19.66) v Karen Breen ((Essex) Karen poked a 119 to take the first leg and goes onto take the win. Samantha Kirton up next, now Sam and Deta Hedman seem to have a battle going on as to who is going to be No 1 in the County Averages, Deta just pushing Sam into 2nd place, so Sam was not only up for a win but for a good average as well, she didn't disappoint winning 3-0 was our Lady of the match and hit a 23.12 average and guaranteeing Dorset at least a draw score standing at 3-1 to Dorset.

Next up Trina Perry, Trina misses tops in first leg for a 120 shot out returns misses 3 more at tops Sue Baker (Essex) pokes out to take first leg, and goes on to win the match 3-0 and was Essex Lady of the Match hitting a 22.77 average. Last up Julie Frampton against Donna Gleed (20.18) Donna was Essex's lady of the match last game so we knew Julie would have a tough game on her hands, as Donna was running 7th in the County averages. High scoring first leg two 140s and a ton from Donna in the first leg Julie not to be out scored hits a 180 and double 16 to take the first leg. Both missed numerous doubles in the 2nd (that will mess their averages up) leg giving itself up to Julie. Donna pulled it back to force a deciding leg. Close deciding leg Julie having the throw the difference and a GREAT 4-2 win for our Ladies A.

Men's A Essex top of the league winning 4 from 5 games Dorset 5th winning 2 from 5 so a tough ask (on paper) BUT UPSETS HAPPEN. Up first Richard Wright (25.31) the Jacket, missed doubles from Essex gave Richard a go at a 85 in the first leg and he pinches it and goes onto a 3-2 lead, Essex miss doubles in the 6th leg Rich pokes 110 to take a 4-2 win. Next up Matt Woodhouse who wasn't up to his usual standard, losing 2-4. Dale Masterman (25.25) up next went 0-2 down both legs could of gone either way (missed doubles) 3rd leg both players started with a 180 (nice to see the players touch fists as acknowledgement of good scores and respect for each other's abilities) Dale hits a 12 dart leg and goes onto pull it back to 2-2. Wayne Bloomfield (28.04) (Essex) just a little sharper around the double and a 13 dart final leg gave Essex a 4-2 win.

Next HENRY COOPER (25.42) now this is Henry's 2nd game for Dorset he played one in the B then put up to the A. It took Henry a while to find his range but had no problems on his way to a 4-1 win. Next up Tommy Morris (25.34) now Tommy's been winning really well this and last season his ability to GEE himself up makes him VERY exciting to watch. Nice start from Tommy 120 with a bounce out, and he goes onto a 3-1 lead, Tommy suddenly is wiring the treble 20 and Essex's Wayne Gleed pulls it back to 3-3. Tommy kept us on the edges of our seats in the deciding leg, Essex missing 82 Tommy taking the win. Mark Grimes (28.88) up next played like we all know he can his game going to 2-2 then he put his foot on the gas and didn't miss much (TV DARTS) going on to win convincingly 4-2. Next up Danny Pearce (25.43) Danny's first 3 darts 180 but he didn't follow it up and loses first 2 legs. Missed doubles and he's 0-3 down. It takes a 15 dart leg for Danny to take the 4th leg, and a 86 shot out to take the 5th, but he loses 2-4.

Next up a player from our old youth team (sadly we no longer have a youth squad) Thomas Chant (26.15), a great dart player and tremendous supporter of the team mostly it's his voice you will hear in support of his fellow Dorset players, Thomas missed doubles in the first leg, and a 15 dart leg from Essex, Thomas found himself 0-2 down, but Thomas is a battler never gives up. A 15 dart 120 shot out gave Thomas the 3rd leg, and he takes the 4th 2-2. Thomas hits 102 to leave tops returns hits it 3-2 up. Thomas misses darts at the winning double in the next forcing a deciding leg. Thomas hits 3 tons and goes onto win the leg and match, NEVER seen Thomas FIST PUMP the air before as that winning double went in.

THATS WHAT IT MEANS a win not only for him but Dorset as well and gets Dorset at least a draw scores now Dorset 18 Essex 14. Before a dart was thrown a draw would of been a good result for Dorset now we wanted and expected more. Next up Philip Weeks v Daniel Day (28.58) Daniel running 4th in County averages so knew he was good. First two legs going with throw then Daniel Day starts the 3rd with back to back 180s (am I going to see my first 9 darter live?) and after 9 darts he sat on 42 needless to say he took that leg to go 2-1 up. Phil hits a score of 11 to leave 105 and returns to poke it (it's a FUNNY old game) to level at 2-2. A 142 shot out and 12 dart leg put Essex 3-2 up and he goes onto win. Daniel Day is Man of the Match for Essex and I believe he's just been picked to represent England and is doing alright on the BDO tour. Next Potty Mark Porter (24.85) Potty up against Darren Peetoom (27.17) who is running 6th in the County averages, Potty losing 1-4. Penultimate game Robbie Martin (26.90) and Dorset still chasing a win. Robbie has 2 @ tops in the 2nd but misses and a 15 dart 3rd leg and Robbie's 0-3 down. Robbie pulls it back to 2-3 and seemed to be in control in the 6th leg but scores of 125 and 130 to leave 55 gave Essex a go at a double and they didn't miss, scores 18-17 with one to play.

Up last for the win our very own (ex World Champ) Scott Mitchell v Phil Halls (26.82). A 15 dart first leg with a 180 and Scott takes the first. Another 180 in the 2nd for Scott and he goes 2-0 up. After 12 darts Scott leaves 16 but misses 3 darts at it and another 3 @ 4 and Phil pinches the leg. (PRESSURE) Leg 4 after 15 Phil is on 101 Scotty way back on 236 leg to Essex 2-2. Normal service resumed 5th leg as Scotty misses the bull for a 161 shot out returns and pokes 25 (14 dart leg not to shabby at all). 6th leg 140 and two tons Scott to the double well before Phil and wins 4-2 hitting a Man of the Match 30.13 average giving a final score of Dorset 19 Essex 17.


Never easy for the selectors whatever they do they are bound to upset someone but I think we've nearly got our ladies teams right. Nice to see our ladies B team win 5-1, they were un-defeated last season but have had to rebuild since then. Nice to see Suzy back to business as usual the only person that doubted you was you, WELCOME BACK. Our ladies A well done Katie and Claire both winning in the A, nice to see ALL our players fighting for the wins up on stage remember we are a team, and we've just had A GREAT TEAM RESULT.

WHAT A FIND as an MC Declan Harris (not a bad dart player either). I do believe Essex underestimated us and payed the price. Glad it was Scott that got us the win in the last match of Sunday, Dorset means A LOT to him and us all. We have a nice venue we all pull together whether it's the top table, bar, food, or selling the tons / raffle tickets WE all like to do our bit, and this is mine.

Onwards and upwards, I think Northamptonshire will be waiting for us but we can beat ANYONE as a team. That's 3 wins in a row now MUCH MORE TO COME.

Green army marching on and further up the league table.


Dorset 19 - 17 Essex
Women's B Won 5-1 // Mens B Lost 4-8
Women's A Won 4-2 // Mens A Drew 6-6

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Claire
  • Katie
  • Trina
  • Peri

Ladies B

  • Julie
  • Cath
  • Abi
  • Kelly
  • Suzy
  • Lorraine

Ladies Reserves

  • Linda
  • Carol
  • Sally
  • OLD (Captain)

Mens A

  • Thomas
  • Lee
  • Mark
  • Rob
  • Dale
  • Scott
  • Tommy
  • Danny
  • Mark
  • Matt
  • Phillip
  • Richard
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Daniel
  • Carl
  • John
  • Henry
  • Tony
  • Graham
  • Nigel
  • Ryan
  • Robby
  • Richard
  • Dan
  • Sam
  • LAMB
  • WARD

Mens Reserves

  • Alan
  • Declan
  • Daniel