Nottinghamshire v Dorset - BICC 2017/2018 Season - Dorset County Darts

Away v Nottinghamshire - Saturday 20th / Sunday 21st January 2018

Nottinghamshire v Dorset Match Report

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Weekend ending 20th/21st January saw the "GREEN ARMY" Dorset that is travel over 200 miles for an away game against Nottinghamshire the home of Robin Hood and wouldn't you know it Nottinghamshire's team also called themselves "GREEN ARMY" made the cheering confusing at times to say the least felt even the home team was cheering us on. We desperately needed a win as despite our 21-15 win at home (our only win so far in 4 games) to London we were still close to the bottom of the league table and that DREADED word RELEGATION in all our minds. So how did we do?

Up first for the ladies Katie Mitchell, (still getting used to wearing glasses) Katie had a good game throwing consistently and hardly missing a 20 and had no problems winning 3-0 with a 19.78 average, next Kelly Stroud also winning. Cathy Campbell up next hit a 21.21 average but came up against an inform Maggie Bamford (who was Nottinghamshire's lady of the match) Cathy losing 1-3 but game was closer than the score line suggests.

Claire Mabey had a tough game on her hands against Joanne Oldershaw (19.30) Claire played CONSISTENTLY well kept her nerve and won 3-1 making it all look so easy and was our Lady of the Match hitting a 20.46 average (keep that up you will soon be in the A, Claire was playing her 100th game for Dorset, surprised me and her). Next up Abi Northover who was out played by Nottinghamshire's Kayla Riley who didn't miss much, Abi losing 0-3. Last up (we hoped for the win) Lorraine Woodrow, Lorraine didn't disappoint winning 3-0 so our Ladies B get us off to a good start winning 4-2. Bring on the Men's B.

Now Dorset's Men's B were holding up the league table at 10th (sounds better than bottom) Nottinghamshire's Men's B 5th, but we've a new team compared to last season a team that's just starting to play together as a TEAM so hopes and spirits were high.

Up first for Dorset Graham Innis back in the team at last, Graham (24.01) went 0-2 down before finding HIS RANGE and came out a 3-2 winner, next Richard Perry who also went 0-2 down, came back to 2-2 but game going Nottinghamshire's way. Next up Robby Morris (23.83) who had a tough game against Jack Kerr (24.54) the game going to a deciding leg and a 180 at the right time gave Jack the advantage and he went on to take the win. Next Tony Dunning, Tony had no problems running out a 3-0 win. Sam Ward up next, his game went to a deciding leg both having shots at a double leg going to Sam and put Dorset 3-2 up.

Next Ryan Mabey (26.30) Ryan up against Nottinghamshire's Rob Riley (29.32) Ryan taking it to a deciding leg but losing to Nottinghamshire's Man of the Match. Next losses for Dan Walker and Nigel Lamb (despite Nigel's game going to a deciding leg). This put our Men's B 3-5 down with 4 to play. Next Carl Beattie, Carl's changed his throw slightly and it seems to work Carl coming out a 3-2 winner. Next Dan Adams playing only his 2nd game for Dorset, Dan was exceptional taking not only his game 3-0 but Man of the Match for Dorset hitting a 27.83 average.

Next making his DEBUT for Dorset Henry Cooper (not the boxer) now our Henry had an amazing debut winning 3-0 hitting a 26.84 average as well (what a find for Dorset) "it's a funny old game" as someone famous once said, Dorset from 3-5 down now 6-5 up and our County Manager with all his experience to play John Clark. Unfortunately John lost 1-3 but still a good result for our Men's B a 6-6 draw. So going into day 2 Sunday the scores standing at Nottinghamshire 8 Dorset 10 a two game lead but would it be enough?

Up first for our Ladies A Peri Yarrow, Peri played well winning 3-0, next Julie Boggust up against Tracey Johnson (21.47) Julie had darts at a double in leg one but was outplayed by Nottinghamshire's Lady of the match Tracey Johnson losing 0-3. Next Julie Frampton (20.19) had a fight on her hands against Jo Oldershaw (19.34) (who also played in yesterday's match) Julie's game going to a deciding leg which went Dorset's way. Next up our SUPER STAR Sam Kirton who is running no 1 in the County averages ahead of Deta Hedman, now Sam had SO MANY missed doubles pushing her average well down but was still our Lady of the Match hitting a 20.90 average, and more importantly putting Dorset 3-1 up with two to play. Unfortunately it was not to be, with losses for both Trina Perry and Suzy Trickett. So the girls got a draw we just needed the Men's A to do at least the same.

Up first Potty Mark Porter (26.37) Potty looked very relaxed up on stage he must be Dorset's fastest thrower running out a 4-0 winner even the MC said "he must have a bus to catch". Next up Matty Woodhouse (26.33) Matty's determined frame of mind paid off as he wins 4-1 giving Dorset a great 2-0 lead. Next the big show Dale Masterman (23.72) Dale took the first two legs (then as they say the wheels fell off) but loses 2-4. Next the consistent Danny Pearce (26.35) Danny running out a 4-2 winner. Next Philip Weeks (25.03) Phil missing 3 clear darts at tops to win 4-2 his game going to a deciding leg which he lost.

Next are very own Scotty dog Mitchell (29.13) Scott played Nottinghamshire's Pete McConville (30.00) and what a game it was (edge of your seats tv darts). Scott breaks Pete's throw (leaving him on 157) in the first leg and I thought "here we go" then Pete breaks Scott's throw 1-1. Pete pokes 140 (60 60 10x), then misses 3 darts to go 3-1 up, Scotty staying cool and hitting his double. 2-2 Pete hits a big score to leave a double, Scotty pokes a 141 (60 57 12x) to go 3-2 up and turns to the Dorset (green army) to get well deserved cheers and whistles, then starts the next leg with a score of 28 (o dear) Pete pokes 121 for a 12 dart leg and forces a deciding leg against the throw for Scott. Edge of your seat stuff, Pete playing really well Scott out scoring Pete (just) and gets 3 clear darts at tops to win, Scott getting the winning double 3rd dart for the game of the weekend and yet another Man of the Match for Scott, some might say a little lucky to win about time he had some I say.

Next up Mark Grimes (24.76) Mark missed a few doubles and loses 1-4. Tommy Morris (26.72) up next, now Tommy gees himself up he just needs to hit a winning double or ton plus shot to give it the big "COME ON" and he hit a loads of them, including the winning leg poking a 106 (60 10 18x) to win 4-2 any guarantee Dorset at least a draw. Next Thomas Chant (26.71) v pdc player Aden Kirk. First two legs going Aden's way, Thomas taking the 3rd closer game than the score line suggests Thomas losing 2-4, and Aden Kirk Nottinghamshire's Man of the Match. Next Robbie Martin (26.52) Robbie misses tops to go 3-1 up as Nottinghamshire's Chris Bird pokes 148 (60 60 14x) to square the game at 2-2. Great 5th leg again Robbie missing tops Chris taking the leg. A 180 from Chris Bird put him favourite for the win Robbie having none of it poking a 160 (60 60 tops) to force a DESERVED final leg decider Robbie against the throw. Chris misses the bull for a 127 shot out Robbie pokes 52 (12 20 close to the treble 20x) to get not only the win for him but for DORSET as well. Next Richard Wright (25.46) Richard has lost his last few games never looked like losing today winning 4-1. Up last Lee Edwardson (25.14) Lee played well but despite hitting the higher average loses 1-4 so Dorset's Men's A get a deserved 7-5 win.

End result and a good win for us Nottinghamshire 16 Dorset 20.


Nice to see all four of our teams showing some FIGHT to get Dorset a result, with 2 draws 2 wins. Thomas Chant a little unlucky playing well but losing to Aden Kirk no disgrace and if I'm honest yours was the main voice (as always) shouting your support and encouragement for all are players even after your game. Henry Cooper (what a find), a lot made the Nottinghamshire's stage their own looking at home up there. A big up to Nottinghamshire's MC who treated every game with the same enthusiasm having a laugh @ joke with us all.

Great game played in good spirits enemies on stage best of friends off stage (how it should be). I like most am now looking forward to our next game at Home to Essex on 10th/11th February. Essex 2nd in the league but if we all pull together we CAN DO THEM. GREEN ARMY marching on and up the table.


Nottinghamshire 16 - 20 Dorset
Women's B Won 4-2 // Mens B Drew 6-6
Women's A Drew 3-3 // Mens A Won 7-5

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Julie
  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Trina
  • Suzy
  • Peri

Ladies B

  • Cath
  • Claire
  • Katie
  • Abi
  • Kelly
  • Lorraine

Ladies Reserves

  • Linda
  • Carol
  • Sally
  • OLD (Captain)

Mens A

  • Thomas
  • Lee
  • Mark
  • Scott
  • Rob
  • Dale
  • Scott
  • Tommy
  • Mark
  • Phil
  • Matt
  • Richard
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Daniel
  • Carl
  • John
  • Henry
  • Tony
  • Nigel
  • Ryan
  • Robby
  • Danny
  • Richard
  • Dan
  • Sam
  • LAMB
  • WARD

Mens Reserves

  • Alan
  • Declan
  • Graham
  • Daniel