Dorset v London - BICC 2017/2018 Season - Dorset County Darts

Home v London - Saturday 25th / Sunday 26th November 2017

Dorset v London Match Report

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Week ending Sat 25th / Sunday 26th saw Dorset playing at home to London. All of us at Dorset knew what was expected and needed by our team, we desperately needed a win as so far we had suffered two BIG defeats and got a draw away to County Durham and found ourselves firmly at the bottom of the table and the thought of relegation even after only 3 games were in everyone's minds. So how did we do?

At Dorset we couldn't of wished for a better start as wins for Kelly Stroud, Katie Mitchell (whose still getting used to playing with glasses on) and Lorraine Woodrow got us off to a 3-0 start Lorraine was our lady of the match with a 17.20 average. Then losses for Sally Old, Carol Llewellyn and Abi Northover, Abi playing London's Leanne Topper who was London's lady of the match with the highest average for the ladies 19.99 and a draw a fair result. Bring on the Men's B.

Up first young Daniel Perry losing 0-3 despite hitting a 25.02 average. Next up John Clark who had a mare last game hitting a 16+ average, this time no problems he had a great game winning with a 26.37 average. Next Robby Morris (down from the A) Robby's game going to a deciding leg which he won. Next Declan Harris again taking the game to a deciding leg which he lost, then wins for Nigel Lamb (24.72), Danny Pearce (27.23) and Carl Beattie put Dorset 5-2 up. Next making his debut for Dorset Dan Adams (23.19), Dan did not disgrace himself going to a final leg decider which didn't go his way. Lonnie Tony Dunning (23.12) who was our Man of the match last game didn't fair so well coming up against London's Tony Hamit (27.83) who was one of London's JOINT man of the match beating Lonnie 3-0. Next up Sam Ward playing only his 2nd game for Dorset, Sam learnt a lot from his first experience on the County Stage and was our Man of the match hitting a 27.99 average the highest of the day and guaranteeing us at least a draw. Scott Hudson up next got us a win having won 3-0, last up Ryan Mabey, Ryan not playing to his best up against Londons Spencer Ellis and losing (Spencer was Londons other joint Man of the match) but overall a deserved well fought 7-5 win. So going into Sunday the scores stood at Dorset 10 London 8. Would a 2 game cushion be enough as London had 7 of there 12 players in the top 40 of the running averages.

Up first Suzy Trickett today not to be Suzy's day losing 1-3. Next up Sam Kirton, now Sam's giving Deta Hedman a run for her money being 2nd in the running averages behind Deta, Sam had a tremendous game hitting a 26.89 average and was our lady of the match (might be enough to push her to No 1 in the averages) keep this up England might come a calling. Next up Julie Boggust whose game went to a deciding leg, Julie playing Shaz Deborah Costello who was London's lady of the match hitting a 19.75 average on her way to a 3-2 win. Peri May Yarrow (back in the A after a break and playing her 1st game for Dorset this season) had a great game winning 3-0 hitting a 23.12 average and you could see what the win meant to her as she hit that winning double. Trina Perry up next came out a 3-2 winner (draw guaranteed) followed by up last Julie Frampton, Julie missed a few doubles and it cost her as she lost 2-3 making the overall score 3-3.

Bring on the Men's A.

Up first Eddie White, playing his 4th game so far he's been last to play twice, tenth now on first. Eddie very un Eddie like crashing out 0-4. Next Tommy Morris (28.23) who loves his darts and shows his emotions when he hits a ton plus or a good shot out, Tommy a very quick player must of been the quickest match of the weekend running out an easy 4-0 winner. Thomas Chant (25.19) punished London's Micheal Power (26.21) every time he missed a double winning 4-3. Matty Woodhouse (26.17) took his game to a nervy deciding leg which went his way the relief of the winning double showing as he gave it some. Phil Weeks up next now Phil had one of his dart points fall out at the beginning of the week and he had super glued it back in weather that was on his mind I'm not sure but he loses 2-4. Next (the jacket) Richard Wright, Rich took his match to a deciding leg again not going our way. Next Mark Grimes (27.88) who had a battle on his hands against Graham Rackstraw (25.69) Mark winning the final deciding leg. Next Dale Masterman playing his first game this season for Dorset, against George Killington (29.39) 4x180s hit in the match 2 a piece Paul winning 4-2 and was London's Player of the Match. So score now standing at Dorset 4 London 4 and all to play for. Next Robbie Martin (26.08) getting the final deciding leg.

Next Scott Mitchell (32.12) Scott running out a 4-1 winner and I do believe there was a tear or two in his eyes as it guaranteed his beloved Dorset a win how pleased I was it was him getting it for us, needless to say with a 32.12 that was the highest average of the whole weekend and earned him another Man of the Match. Next up (follow that Potty) Mark Porter (25.31) yet another fast player again showing what a win means as he wins 4-1. Last up a youngster Lee Edwardson (24.74) a slow player but a great player winning 4-0 giving Dorset Men's A there first win of the season and what a win 8-4 against a strong Londons Men's A team.


Yes it was a TREMENDOUS win against a good London's side. Nice to see and hear Dorset's supporters it's always easier to support when your winning and we must do it all over again at our next game away in the new year to Nottinghamshire we can't afford to get complacent every match every leg is important. We have a much changed side this season and it's nice to see us playing as a TEAM not individuals, we've a long way to go and are still so close to the bottom of the league table none of our 4 teams lost both women drew both men's teams won, now that's more like it. Green Army marching on and up the table.


Dorset 21 - 15 London
Women's B Drew 3-3 // Mens B Won 7-5
Women's A Drew 3-3 // Mens A Won 8-4

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Julie
  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Trina
  • Suzy
  • Peri

Ladies B

  • Carol
  • Katie
  • Abi
  • Sally
  • Kelly
  • Lorraine
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies Reserves

  • Cath
  • Linda
  • Claire

Mens A

  • Thomas
  • Lee
  • Mark
  • Rob
  • Dale
  • Scott
  • Tommy
  • Mark
  • Eddie
  • Matt
  • Phillip
  • Richard
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Daniel
  • Carl
  • John
  • Tony
  • Declan
  • Scott
  • Nigel
  • Ryan
  • Robby
  • Danny
  • Daniel
  • Sam
  • LAMB
  • WARD

Mens Reserves

  • Alan
  • Henry
  • Graham
  • Richard
  • Dan