Cornwall v Dorset - BICC 2017/2018 Season - Dorset County Darts

Away v Cornwall - Saturday 4th / Sunday 5th November 2017

Cornwall v Dorset Match Report

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Week ending 4th/5th December saw Dorset travel to St Austell in Cornwall for another away game after our long trip last time to County Durham where we fought hard to obtain a draw. Now Cornwall are one of those teams too good for Division 1 but not quite good enough for the premier league (in my opinion) being either promoted or relegated most seasons so we all knew the challenge that awaited us, SO HOW DID WE DO?

Up first for the ladies B Kelly Stroud who got us of to a good start with a 3-2 win and was our lady of the match hitting a 16.79 average. Next Katie Mitchell playing for the first time in glasses which seemed to help with her scoring taking her game to a deciding leg but missed that winning double, same story for Lorraine Woodrow again a deciding leg loss to Cornwall's lady of the match Terasa Brookshaw who hit a 17.47 average. Next Linda Delpinto (playing her 2nd game for Dorset) lost 1-3 so after 4 matches Dorset girls were 1-3 down and needed last two for the draw. Sally Old the ladies captain gave us hope as she won in another deciding leg. That left Carol Llewellyn who lost 1-3 so not the best of starts Dorset girls losing 2-4.

Up first giving County a go Sam Ward, Sam far from his best and lost 1-3. Next Ryan Mabey who ran out a 3-1 winner. Losses then for Alan Ayres, Carl Beattie, Scott Hudson, and Declan Harris despite hitting a 23.31 average and Dorset found themselves 1-5 down. Next up LONNIE Tony Dunning who had a great game not missing much on his way to an unbeaten 28.36 average and was our Man of the Match. Next Nigel Lamb whose game went to a deciding leg which went Cornwall's way. The last 4 games all went Cornwall's way Dorset not even winning a leg as losses for John Clark, Danny Pearce (who played David Copplestone who was Cornwall's Man of the Match hitting an unbeaten average of 30.06 WOW) Richard Perry and his son Daniel Perry. So Saturday can only be called A DISASTROUS START FOR DORSET with the score standing at Cornwall 14 Dorset 4

Well if Cornwall can get 14 Saturday why can't we Sunday, OPTIMISTIC you bet.

Sunday a new day and bring on the A teams.

Up first Suzy Trickett (19.56) whose game went to a deciding leg against Cornwall's Nikki Furse who was Cornwall's lady of the match hitting a 24.12 average. Julie Boggust up next lost, followed by Sam Kirton who was hoping not only to win but hit a good average to keep her 2nd or go top of the averages, well one out of two she had to settle for the win, being our lady of the match but only (her words not mine) a 22.63 average, then losses for Trina Perry, Julie Frampton (19.73) who played Susan Shepherd (20.45) and Abi Northover who played Katherine Gill (23.86). So most unusual our ladies A suffered a 1-5 defeat Cornwall's ladies playing exceptionally well.

So without a dart being thrown by our Men's A Cornwall had reached that winning 19 games and now it was about saving what we could. Cornwall 19 Dorset 5

Up first Thomas Chant (24.60) who took his match to a deciding leg which went Cornwall's way. Philip Weeks (25.15) up next looked to be running out an easy winner but missed doubles, and took his match to a deciding leg which went his way and DESERVEDLY so. Robby Morris (23.04) up next lost, followed by Mark Grimes (26.86) who won 4-2. Our very own Scott Mitchell (28.25) up next didn't have it all his own way playing Greg Hambly (24.79) when the draw was being done ALL of the Cornwall squad were waiting to see who drew Scott, most going over to G UP Greg ready for his game as soon as his name was drawn out, Scott beating him 4-2. Next Lee Edwardson (26.26) another last leg going Cornwall's way.

Next Tommy Morris (26.45) who took a game to get going but once the 140's and winning doubles started to flow you heard his COME ON as he raced to a 4-2 win, being a quick thrower his match didn't last long. Next Robbie Martin (31.19) who had a real battle on his hands against Mike Jones (26.52) now most of us cherp when we hit a maximum, Robbie hit 4 in his match, which went to a deciding leg and it was Robbie's best leg taking not only the 4-3 win but hitting the highest average of the weekend and was OUR well deserved Man of the Match, and put Dorset's Men's A 5-3 up. Next up (the Jacket) Richard Wright (22.86). Richard most un Richard like losing 0-4 (we all get games like that now and again) but I know he will BOUNCE RIGHT BACK to his 25+ winning ways. Eddie White (25.14) relieved not to be drawn out last like his two previous games but lost 1-4 to Mike Beard (26.31). Potty next Mark Porter (24.12) came up against Cornwall's Man of the Match Kevin Dunston (28.33) Kevin winning 4-1. So Dorset's A had gone from 5-3 up to 5-6 down and that left Matty Woodhouse (20.63) to get the draw. Matty had a MARE and lost 1-4.

So end result. Cornwall 26 Dorset 10

Dorset's worst result since I've been following them for some 10 years or so. Our B teams didn't perform and Cornwall's ladies A were exceptionally good.

Onwards and upwards springs to mind as Dorset well and truly at the bottom of the league and we desperately need a good winning result so next game at home to London is MAKE OR BREAK for the mighty GREEN ARMY.


I'm a true supporter through thick and& thin through the highs and lows that happen. TRUE we have lost A LOT of GREAT players no need to list them we all know who they are but at times like these we need to pull together let's not lay blame or throw stones but pull together and get behind each other not STAB EACH OTHER IN THE BACK, I hear the WHISPERS we all have opinions that's not a bad thing but POSITIVITY is what we need. Next game home to London at the end of the month let's all pull together and DO EM.


Cornwall 26 - 10 Dorset
Women's B Lost 2-4 // Mens B Lost 2-10
Women's A Lost 1-5 // Mens A Lost 5-7

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Julie
  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Abi
  • Trina
  • Suzy

Ladies B

  • Linda
  • Carol
  • Katie
  • Sally
  • Kelly
  • Lorraine
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies Reserves

  • Cath
  • Claire
  • Peri

Mens A

  • Thomas
  • Lee
  • Mark
  • Rob
  • Scott
  • Robby
  • Tommy
  • Mark
  • Phil
  • Eddie
  • Matt
  • Richard
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Alan
  • Carl
  • John
  • Tony
  • Declan
  • Scott
  • Nigel
  • Ryan
  • Danny
  • Daniel
  • Richard
  • Sam
  • LAMB
  • WARD

Mens Reserves

  • Daniel
  • Graham
  • Dale
  • Dan