County Durham v Dorset - BICC 2017/2018 Season - Dorset County Darts

Away v County Durham - Saturday 14th / Sunday 15th October 2017

County Durham v Dorset Match Report

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Week ending 14th/15th of October saw the mighty green army make the 350 plus mile journey to County Durham for a weekend of darts. Following Dorset's defeat at home to Gwent 13-23 the only up side was that County Durham suffered an even bigger defeat playing away to Oxfordshire 11-25, County Durham rarely play well away from home, but at home they are a MUCH stronger team and with all the changes in Dorset's team this year we knew we had a fight on our hands. So how did we do?

Last season our ladies B team went all 9 games undefeated, this season our ladies B has changed considerably and our girls are just getting that team spirit and belief needed to win. Up first our ladies captain Sally Old who raced into an easy 2-0 lead, County Durham's Sue Shapley not even getting a chance at a double, how quickly things change as Sue went on to take the next 3 legs and the win. Next up Lorraine Woodrow getting a nice 3-1 win. Carol Llewellyn up next played a very consistent game winning 3-0 and was our lady of the match hitting a 16.70 average.

Kelly Stroud took her match to a deciding leg but a 155 shot out from County Durham's Sandra Cairns (the best 3 darts of the match) gave Sandra the game and was Durham's lady of the match with a 12.44 average and made the teams all even at 2-2. Next Katie Mitchell whose game was closer than her 3-0 win looked which left Linda Delpinto making her DEBUT for Dorset on last to get us a win, she left it to a nail bitting last leg to do it, so a good 4-2 win for our ladies and the first of many I'm sure, I did feel we were a little unlucky not to be 6-0 up but that's darts.

Up first Alan Ayres. Alan despite hitting a 20.61 average lost to Rob Howe (25.05) 0-3. Next for Dorset one of our NEWBEE'S Danny Pearce who had an amazing game against County Durham's Scott Hunt (26.44) Danny winning 3-0 with a 30.25 average and no surprise with an average like that was our man of the match, then losses for Dan Perry, Carl Beattie, Tony Dunning, Dan Walker put Dorset 1-5 down. Richard Perry on next took his match to a deciding leg which didn't go his way. Declan Harris despite hitting a 24.62 average lost 1-3 to County Durham's man of the match Carl Hamilton who banged in a 29.18 average, putting Dorset 1-7 down with 4 to play. Next four matches Dorset didn't lose a leg with wins for Scott Hudson, John Clark, Ryan Mabey (newbee) and Nigel Lamb returning to his winning ways, so a great recovery for our Men's B going from 1-7 down to 5-7 so after day one a fair result both teams on 9 games each and ALL to play for tomorrow.

Now our ladies A has also changed this season but I believe can still give any team in Division one a good close game. Up first Julie Boggust who won 3-0 hitting a 23.86 average. Suzy Trickett's game went to a deciding leg which went Durham's way. Next up Sam Kirton, now I'm sure there were people out there waiting to see how she got on as last game she had the highest average in division one 26.29 pushing Deta Hedman (26.16) into 2nd spot, Sam didn't disappoint hitting a 25.05 average on her way to a 3-0 win follow that I thought as on next was Christchurch's Julie Frampton.

Julie up against Clare Stewart (21.50) Julie had one of her best games so far for Dorset running out a 3-1 winner with a lady of the match average of 26.96 which I believe again pushes Deta Hedman into 2nd place in division ones averages this month. Next and playing her first game in the A (being the only winner in the ladies B last game) Abi Northover. Abi was no match for County Durham's Linda Ithurralde who hit an unbeaten 24.64 average and was County Durham's woman of the match. Up last Trina Perry who lost 1-3 so after one of the most exciting ladies division one match a draw seemed a fair result, now it was up to our men to get us a win.

Up first Matty Woodhouse (23.76) losing 2-4. Next up Richard (the Jacket) Wright, hitting a 26.37 average on his way to a 4-0 win. Next up POTTY Mark Porter (24.48) last time we played County Durham he went 3-0 up only to lose 3-4 on about role reversal he went 0-3 down and yes you guessed it won 4-3. Next and his first game for ages in the A Phil Weeks (24.94) losing 1-4. Robby Morris (23.50) came up against County Durham's man of the match Ray Foreman who hit a 28.63 average. Next another player who gave us something to cheer about Mark Grimes (29.35) winning 4-1 and a contender for M.O.M. surely? Next our very own X WORLD CHAMP Scotty dog Mitchell who didn't disappoint hitting a Man out the Match average of 29.47 (so many missed doubles too) Pressure ALWAYS on Scott as EVERYONE wants to beat him and expect him to win, Scott didn't miss a lot on his way to a 4-0 win and put his beloved Dorset 4-3 in front.

Next losses for Thomas Chant (22.84), Robbie Martin (23.35) and Lee Edwardson (23.19) and our scoreline of 4-3 up went to 4-6 down with two to play. Next Tommy Morris (23.71) who went 0-1 down but once he started banging in big scores and shot outs and the fist pump and COME ON kicked in he was not going to be beaten. Up last same position he was last game playing only his 2nd game in the A since his return Eddie White (23.70) John Clark said "no pressure but we need this for a draw" well the pressure was not only on Eddie to get the draw but on County Durham's Gary Miller to get the win and it showed in the 3rd leg when BOTH players couldn't find a double having some 12-15 darts each at a double. I said whoever wins this leg goes onto win, boys and girls I kid you not I was so pleased it was Eddie winning 4-1 and getting us a draw against a strong County Durham side.


Nice to see our Ladies B winning 4-2 after there last 1-5 game against Gwent and it could so easy of been 6-0. Men's B fighting back not dropping a leg in last 4 games and to see our newbees playing well, especially Danny Pearce what an average and looking like he owned the stage. One of the tightest and best division one games I've seen from the ladies A with 5 averages well into the twenty's better than most of the men. Men's A showing some fight Mark Grimes being pipped again in the averages by Scott Mitchell it would of been an EVEN LONGER DRIVE HOME if we hadn't got the draw.

The future's bright the future's green, GREEN ARMY marching onwards and upwards and I for one am looking forward to our next game away, again away to Cornwall, another long drive but I love my weekends away with my Dorset Buddies.


County Durham 18 - 18 Dorset
Women's B Won 4-2 // Mens B Lost 5-7
Women's A Drew 3-3 // Mens A Drew 6-6

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Julie
  • Julie
  • Sam
  • Abi
  • Trina
  • Suzy

Ladies B

  • Linda
  • Carol
  • Katie
  • Sally
  • Kelly
  • Lorraine
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies Reserves

  • Cath
  • Claire
  • MABEY (N/A)

Mens A

  • Thomas
  • Lee
  • Mark
  • Rob
  • Dale
  • Scott
  • Robby
  • Tommy
  • Mark
  • Eddie
  • Matt
  • Richard
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Alan
  • John
  • Tony
  • Declan
  • Scott
  • Nigel
  • Ryan
  • Danny
  • Daniel
  • Richard
  • Daniel
  • Phillip
  • LAMB

Mens Reserves

  • Daniel
  • Carl
  • Graham
  • Sam
  • WARD