Gwent v Dorset - BICC 2016/2017 Season - Dorset County Darts

Away v Gwent - Saturday 3rd / Sunday 4th September 2016

Gwent v Dorset Match Report

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Week ending September 3rd 4th saw the GREEN ARMY start it's campaign to win Division One with its first game away to Gwent. Dorset finished 4th in the league last season 6 games away from Gwent who were 3rd both teams a long way off promotion winners Nottinghamshire and runaway winners Glamorgan who out played everyone last season. Could this be Dorset's year, well I hope so! We all knew it was going to be a tough game as Gwent have a few Welsh Internationals in their team. We needed a good start to give us a chance to beat them. It's all about how you play on the day even the likes of your Phil Taylor's and MVG have their off days. So how did we do?

Saturday it's the B teams and our Women's B have nearly always given us a good start. Up 1st our Captain Sally Old who lost 1-3 to Gwent's Lady of the Match Jessica Bonner who hit an 18 average then wins for Donna Mabbatt, Cathy Campbell (our lady of the match hitting a 3-0 19.52 average) and Carol Llewellyn put us 3-1 up. Next up Katie Mitchell whose game against Gwent's Hannah Meek went to a deciding leg, Hannah hit a ton plus shot to leave 98 when Katie was on 106 and I said "that's not what you want to see that's really put the pressure on Katie" what do I know! Katie stepped up and poked the 106 to win 3-2. Last up Linda Bellingham who took her game to a deciding leg which didn't go her way so a nice 4-2 start for the women.

Bring on the Men's B now our Men's B have some good players in it but results have not gone our way as the last two matches have seen our Men's B team lose 2-10 but as I said before it's how you play on the day. Up 1st Daniel Walker (under a little pressure having lost his last 2 games) Dan rushed into a 2-0 lead then left 58, stepped up to the oche hit double 18 leaving 11x messed that up ending on 7x but still well in front. The confusion and annoyance of hitting that 18x played on his mind and he missed 7x loads of times and Gwent's J Powell came and robbed the leg. Dan kept his nerve and concentration and went onto win 3-1.

Next and making his debut for Dorset Colin Littlecott whose scoreline doesn't reflect the game losing 0-3 with a 24.26 average but was sat on a shot or double in every leg when Gwent poked out. Next Richie Gomm didn't play as well as normal losing 0-3. Matt Mooster Read winning 3-2 followed by Graham Inniss who played Gwent's N Lewis Graham's game going to a deciding leg which Gwent won, well with a name like Lewis no wonder he was Gwent's man of the match with a 27.30 average.

Next Richard Hutley (last games M.O.M) losing 2-3. Then up Robby Morris, Robby a little "off his normal game" and for once had some good luck running out a 3-0 winner. John Clark (Dorset Manager) stepped up next and went 2-0 up hardly missing the "lipstick" then loads of missed winning doubles saw John despite a 26.35 average lose 2-3, Gwent's average 23.84. I said to John after the game "Talk me through why that wasn't a 30+ 3-0 winning average" no one likes a smart arse but John as always gracious in defeat he's been in the game too long over 325 games for Dorset "sometime It JUST DOESN'T GO". Wins then for Mike Bowden and Tim Poole put the Men's B at 5-5. Up next and returning to the Dorset Mark Sheen, and what a comeback his game going to a deciding leg which he won and was Dorset's M.O.M with a 23.74 average. Up last Alan Ayres who went 2-0 up then the team had to leave to catch the coach back to the hotel and MOST of us were forced to desert him later found out he lost 2-3 with a 22.04 average us leaving like that could not of helped any way RESULT FOR THE B 6-6 draw take that after last two game results, so we went into Sunday 10-8 up would it be enough?

Not a good start to the day the team received the news that Kevin Smith and Donna Mabbatt had been involved in an accident on the way to the venue and were waiting on the police, ambulance and tow truck I'm PLEASED to say no serious injuries but a long time in accident and emergencies department. Kev plays in the A so we needed a replacement so despite his 2-3 loss Clarky (team manager) was chosen, anyway to return to the game in hand.

Up 1st Suzy Trickett who had a close game losing in the deciding leg followed by Peri May Yarrow who 6 weeks ago wondered if she would walk again let alone play darts Peri won again in the deciding leg a very pleasing and emotional moment, followed by Sarah Chick who played well winning 3-1 with a woman of the match 20.44 average, then a loss for Julie Boggust put the match all even at 2-2. Julie Frampton next v Chris Savvery (a Welsh International) Julie gave Chris a good game hitting a 20+ average but Chris took the game 3-1 with a women of the match average of 21.53 up last Trina Perry who lost in a deciding leg so the score at Gwent Ladies 4 Dorset 2 MATCH ALL EVEN AT 12-12. So all to play for.

Up 1st Dale (The Big Show) Masterman who took the 1st leg with a tremendous 147 shot out but it wasn't to be for Dale losing 1-4 (25.11) to Gwent's Man of the Match Chris Harris who hit a 28.10 average. Next up Mark Grimes who had his best ever season for Dorset last year, Mark winning 4-2 (27.95),next Matty Woodhouse (25.05) who played well but lost 2-4, next Scott Mitchell who disappoint not only playing a SOLID GAME but winning 4-2 with a Man of the Match average of 29.65 follow that Mr Clark, stepping up to the A as a replacement for Kevin Smith, this time John didn't miss doubles and won in a deciding leg with a 24.52 average. Next Nigel Lamb who raced into a 3-0 lead and started to feel the heat up on stage and was GUTTED to lose with a 23.41 average. Next up Lee Edwardson a youngster with great potential but today wasn't his day losing 1-4 with a 21.73 average, he's so much better than that. Next up (Potty) Mark Porter (team captain) rushed into a lead to miss a few doubles to find his game going to a nail biting deciding leg which he won with a 23.40 average. Up next Lee Turle (24.34) losing 2-4 followed by Thomas Chant (25.87) who also lost both Dorset boys fought hard but just not their days. So A team 4-6 down all hopes for a win gone but up for a draw?

Next up Matt Yarrow, now Matt always looks at home up on the stage and he went 3-2 up in a very exciting game, then to poke out 148 to win 4-2 with a 24.81 average was just THE ICING ON THE CAKE. All the pressure now on Robbie Martin to go up and get us a draw. Robbie always an A player but following a run of poor results spent some time in the B before returning back to the A. Robbie didn't disappoint getting a 4-2 win with a 23.27 average and getting a tremendous result for Dorset. A great TEAM effort.

A good result for Dorset nice to see the Men's B getting a result and the team to all pull together to get the win. Next game at home to County Durham at the beginning of next month when I look at the quality of players sat on the bench waiting there chance to play for Dorset and the pride they feel wearing the shirt I for one can't help but think the futures bright green and Dorset. Green Army marching on.


Dorset 18 - 18 Gwent
Women's B Won 4-2 // Mens B Drew 6-6
Women's A Lost 2-4 // Mens A Drew 6-6

Match Report by Martin Maidment


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Julie
  • Sarah
  • Julie
  • Trina
  • Suzy
  • Peri

Ladies B

  • Lin
  • Cath
  • Carol
  • Donna
  • Katie
  • Sally
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies Reserves

  • Sam
  • Abi
  • Kelly

Mens A

  • Thomas
  • Lee
  • Mark
  • Nigel
  • Rob
  • Dale
  • Scott
  • Mark
  • Kevin
  • Lee
  • Matt
  • Matt
  • LAMB
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens B

  • Alan
  • Mike
  • John
  • Richie
  • Richard
  • Graham
  • Colin
  • Robby
  • Tim
  • Matt
  • Mark
  • Daniel
  • GOMM
  • READ

Mens Reserves

  • Tommy
  • Bryan
  • Daniel
  • Terry