Derbyshire v Dorset - BICC 2015/2016 Season - Dorset County Darts

Away v Derbyshire - Saturday 16th / Sunday 17th January 2016

Derbyshire v Dorset Match Report

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Week ending 16-17th of January saw Dorset make the 200 plus mile trip to play Derbyshire at a local village hall in Pinxton Derbyshire. Hopes of a good win were very high as Derbyshire were bottom of the Division 1 table but as anyone in any sports game will tell you it's how you play on the day that counts. Almost everyone thinks playing at home is an advantage I myself think that's not ALWAYS the case as when your away most of the team travel up and SUPPORT BOTH DAYS so often the away team and supporters outnumber the home team making the away venue your own is half the battle, so how did Dorset get on.

Up 1st for the ladies B was Cath Campbell who despite hitting a 20+ average lost to Rachel Bird (who hit a 19.56 average) 1-3. Then wins for Katie Mitchell and Julie Boggust, put us 2-1 up, then Donna Mabbatt who always throws a straight dart but often struggles around the double didn't today (hitting 4 doubles) and winning 3-0 with a lady of the match average of 21.47. Then wins also for Joan Calvert (making her debut for Dorset) and winning 3-0 as our Manager put it in his speech at the end of the match she was the little grey haired old lady playing for us, well if she keeps winning long may she last. On last Sally Old ladies captain who also won giving Dorset an almost DREAM START taking the ladies B match 5-1.

Mens B up 1st a very confident James Lane who won followed by Richard Hutley still looking for his 1st win for Dorset unfortunately today wasn't the day but then a win from Matty Woodhouse (whose game got better the more he played) 3-1 with a 27.41 average, put us 2-1 up. Richard Gomm's game went to a deciding 5th leg which he won, Richard was our player of the match with a 27.55 average, losses from Robbie Martin (who was far from his usual game), Graham Inniss who went 2-0 up had numerous darts to win 3-0 but lost, John Clark also lost and the Men's B were trailing 3-4. But Dorset never give up and wins from Sean McMurray, Alan Ayres, Dan Walker, Robby Morris and up last Daniel Perry an exciting youngster who plays for England, a 14 year old who got probably the loudest cheer when he won 3-1 giving the Men's B a good 8-4 win. So going into Sunday we were 13-5 up LOOKING GOOD.

Bring on the ladies A. Up 1st Suzy Trickett who won 3-0 then Sarah Chick who despite hitting a 20+ average lost the final deciding leg to lose 2-3, Julie Frampton didn't get going at all and lost 0-3 putting the women 1-2 down. Wins for Claire Rogers and Trina Perry put us back in front 3-2 with just Peri Yarrow to play for the win (no pressure then) Peri played well hitting a 21.47 average and was our lady of the match winning convincingly 3-0, the Women's A won 4-2, and Dorset were in a VERY STRONG POSITION being 17-7 up and only needing 2 games for a win. Our A team in the last match won 10-2 and got us a win so NO PROBLEM well you would think that.

Up 1st Ryan Gowans (25.99) who lost 2-4 then Lee Edwardson (25.28) who came up against Gary Fenn (who hit the highest average of the weekend 29.36) Lee took it to a deciding 7th leg but lost, then Nigel Lamb (23.88) lost, Matty Yarrow (24.98) up from the B and got Dorset at least the draw winning 4-2. Fifth up Lee Turle (24.79) lost then up steps former world champion (not got the same ring to it has it) Scotty Dog Mitchell to get us the win. Scott's game went to a deciding last leg Scott against the throw and poked out 120 Shanghai to win 4-3 with our Man of the match average of 28.87. Following on losses for Kevin Smith (25.35), Dale Masterman (25.75), Mark Porter (23.24), Matt Read (25.79) put our A team 2-8 down. A good win for Thomas Chant 4-2 (25.72) and Mark Grimes (27.22) gave our A team some respectability losing 4-8.

Just goes to prove league tables are just a guide, Derbyshire's Men's A were 2nd from bottom having won only 1 from 4 games played but in my opinion they were the STRONGEST A side we have met so far this season.

Overall Result - Derbyshire 15 Dorset 21.


Highlights of the weekend the win obviously but most important the SUPPORT and BELIEF from players and supporters, also Donna Mabbatt's and Peri Yarrow's joint 21.47 was the highest County average for the ladies so some money there for the two girls.

Up next our toughest challenge home to Glamorgan who are top of the league by a long way and look almost certain to be promoted back to the top division but Dorset won't just ROLL OVER, come and watch the fun just like on the t.v. week ending 6th/7th February at the Branksome Conservative Club (monkey house), Upper Parkstone near Bournemouth.

Green Army marching on believing and winning.


Derbyshire 15 - 21 Dorset
Women's B Won 5-1 // Mens B Won 8-4
Women's A Won 4-2 // Mens A Lost 4-8


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Sarah
  • Julie
  • Trina
  • Claire
  • Suzy
  • Peri

Ladies B

  • Julie
  • Joan
  • Cath
  • Donna
  • Katie
  • Sally
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies Reserves

  • Lin
  • Wendy
  • Abi
  • LAMB

Mens A

  • Thomas
  • Lee
  • Ryan
  • Mark
  • Nigel
  • Dale
  • Scott
  • Mark
  • Matt
  • Kevin
  • Lee
  • Matt
  • LAMB
  • PORTER (Captain)
  • READ

Mens B

  • Alan
  • John
  • Richie
  • Richard
  • Graham
  • James
  • Sean
  • Rob
  • Robby
  • Daniel
  • Daniel
  • Matt
  • GOMM
  • LANE

Mens Reserves

  • Terry
  • Bryan