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Home v Gwent - Saturday 5th / Sunday 6th September 2015

Dorset v Gwent Match Report

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Week ending Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th saw Dorset's opening game of the new season home to Gwent. Last time we played Gwent was in March this year where we threw away a 13-5 lead on the Saturday and ended up LOSING 19-17. Gwent have a tremendous A team with a lot of the players playing for Wales But WE'VE GOT THE WORLD CHAMPION SCOTTY DOG MITCHELL on our side. Team spirit was high and the Dorset side were WELL UP FOR IT. So how did we get on?

Up 1st for us was Katie Mitchell who got us off to a good start with a 3-1 win. Sally Old up next took her match to a deciding 5th leg but lost, next up Peri Yarrow who won 3-0 had put Dorset back in the lead. Losses by Lin Bellingham (despite hitting a 18.37 average the highest of the weekend for the ladies B team) and Donna Mabbatt (who took it to a deciding leg) meant Cath Campbell's game was important for us to win, to snatch the draw. Cath didn't let us down winning 3-1 with a 16.53 average, and getting Dorset's lady of the match. So 3-3 going into the Men's B game. Back in March our Men's B beat Gwent 9-3 but as you all know it's ON THE DAY.

Up 1st John Bothamley who took his game all the way to a 5th leg which he lost. John Clark (team manager) was up next nice to see him play consistently well and win 3-0 but then losses from Richard Gomm, Alan Ayres and Bryan Pearson (despite hitting a 25.28 average) meant Dorset were UP AGAINST IT losing 1-4. Next up was POTTY Mark Porter who had a GREAT game winning 3-0 with a 26.84 average and was our Man of the Match. A good win from Matty Woodhouse and an EPIC battle between our Robbie Morris and Gwent's Lyndon Gore, Robbie just edging it 3-2 with a 25.78 average to Lyndon's 26.28 one of the two best games of the Saturday for me. This made the match all level again at 4-4. Next up was Terry Gowans despite hitting a 26.57 average and playing tremendous darts unfortunately he went down 2-3 to Nathan Perry (24.18 average) who hit the 3 winning doubles. Dale Masterman (The Big Show) played well and won 3-1.

Next up and probably the game of the Saturday (for me anyway) certainly the noisiest was our Daniel Perry who has just hit his 14th birthday. It can't be easy to play against him in the senior side because no matter who he plays you can't help but think David and Goliath. The challenge of playing him went to Gwent's Patrick Aldoescu it was a great high scoring game and Daniel wired double 16 twice to win 3-1 unfortunately it just didn't go and Patrick won 3-2 with a 25.48 average to Daniels 24.05 but for me and lots of others we can see a face to watch out for in the future he already plays for the England youth squad and WELL DESERVES his place in the team. The pressure was on us to win the last match for the draw. That honour fell to Matt Yarrow. Matt kept us on the edge of our seats as his game went to a deciding leg which Matt won. So after all that, the match was all square at 9-9 and Gwent's got all those international players so I for one was a little apprehensive but would the GREEN ARMY prevail and get the win.

Sunday Day 2

Up 1st for us A VERY PREGNANT Claire Rogers (only one week until baby's due date) the M.C. made an announcement that Claire was very pregnant but no one was to worry because they had made plans just in case she goes into labour, out steps Potty onto the stage white coat goggles mop @ bucket in hand HILARIOUS. Unfortunately Claire lost. Next up Suzy Trickett who won 3-1 and got our Lady of the Match hitting a 20.96 average, Julie Boggust took her game to a deciding leg but it just didn't go for her losing with a 19.43 average. Then for me the game of the Sunday for the ladies Sarah Chick v Chris Savvery the game could of gone either way both players throwing great darts and the game going into a deserved last leg Chris edging it with a 24.58 average WOW Sarah's 23.09, so again Dorset up against it trailing 1-3. Julie Frampton up next won 3-1 so for the 3rd time we needed the last game to get the draw. Trina Perry one of our most experienced players was well up for the challenge and took it 3-0 so AGAIN a draw.

Bring on the Men's A

Nigel Lamb up 1st he went 0-3 down but fought back to earn the win (was this going to be Dorset's weekend?) Ryan Gowans up next an exciting player to watch quick thrower and moves up and down the oche. Ryan took it to a deciding leg but it just wasn't to be losing with a 26.20 average. Robbie Martin up next always looked in control and won 4-1 as did another exciting player to watch Lee Turle who hit a 28.01 average and also won 4-1. Next up CHAMPION OF THE WORLD SCOTTY DOG MITCHELL (I will never get fed up saying that) Scotty's game also went to a deciding leg which Scotty lost even the world champ can have OFF DAYS not to take anything away from Peter Jones who played well and beat the world champ both players hitting 25 averages. Well did Dorset's heads go down, no out next Matt Read another player playing consistently well for Dorset at the moment winning his game 4-3 with a 28.38 average and the 1st to congratulate him was Lee Turle. Steve Penney up next things didn't go his way Steve losing 1-4. Sean McMurray won his game 4-2 leaving Dorset 1 point away from the draw.

Lee Edwardson up next another promising youngster today just wasn't his day as he (unusually) struggled to hit the lipstick as they say losing 1-4. Up next Mark Grimes (a Christchurch lad) who had the best game I've seen him play up on the County Stage hitting a 30 average (the highest of the weekend) earning Man of the Match and winning 4-2 against Welsh International Nick Kenny. Next another great youngster Thomas Chant who hit a 25.92 average but lost 2-4 to Alan Walker who also hit a 25 average. So one game to go we've got the guaranteed draw but up steps Kevin Smith, (One of the 3 players that won against Gwent last time we played) one player you can't rush. Kev plays his game at his speed and it works for him getting us a GREAT win by winning 4-0 who was the pressure on US or THEM?

Dorset 19 Gwent 17 the complete reversal to last time we played. I for one am glad we got the win because I know how much Scotty loves his Dorset and he would of felt TERRIBLE losing as he did but it's all about THE TEAM and players that normally win like Ryan, Steve Penney, Lee Edwardson, Thomas Chant and Scotty it just didn't happen for them THIS TIME but LOOK OUT Dorset's GREEN ARMY is marching on. The next game is away to Co Durham a few weeks away on the weekend of 3rd/4th October. Long trek for most of us let's hope we travel well and the boys and girls form continues.


Dorset 19 - 17 Gwent
Women's B Drew 3-3 // Mens B Drew 6-6
Women's A Drew 3-3 // Mens A Won 7-5


Team Manager


Ladies A

  • Julie
  • Sarah
  • Julie
  • Trina
  • Claire
  • Suzy

Ladies B

  • Lin
  • Cath
  • Donna
  • Katie
  • Sally
  • Peri
  • OLD (Captain)

Ladies Reserves

  • Joan
  • Wendy
  • Abi
  • LAMB

Mens A

  • Thomas
  • Lee
  • Ryan
  • Mark
  • Nigel
  • Rob
  • Sean
  • Scott
  • Steve
  • Matt
  • Kevin
  • Lee
  • LAMB
  • READ

Mens B

  • Alan
  • John
  • John
  • Richie
  • Terry
  • Dale
  • Robby
  • Bryan
  • Daniel
  • Mark
  • Matt
  • Matt
  • GOMM
  • PORTER (Captain)

Mens Reserves

  • Steve
  • Graham
  • Steve
  • Dan
  • Eddie