Gwent v Dorset - BICC 2014/2015 Season - Dorset County Darts

Away v Gwent - Saturday 14th / Sunday 15th March 2015

Dorset v Gwent Match Report

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Week ending Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March finally came around and saw Dorset playing their re-arranged game against Gwent. At the end of the weekend we would be able to see our correct position in the league.

This was also the weekend of the rugby with Wales playing Ireland just down the road in Cardiff, so we half hoped Gwent's team might be a little distracted. As normal the ladies B played first and wins from Trina Perry, Lisa Prowse, Claire Whatley put us into a 3-2 lead leaving Cath Campbell to play last to secure the ladies B a win. Cath's game was close playing Hannah Meek (who hit Gwent's ladies B highest average 18.33) the game went to a final deciding leg with Cath getting the win and our woman of the match with a 19.00 average so the ladies put us 4-2 up. This win moved them to the top of the Division 1 Ladies B section. Bring on our men's B.

Up first, Matty Woodhouse who didn't play like we all know he can, losing to Patrick Aldoescu who hit a 25.91 to beat Matty 3-0, then wins for Steve O'Marah, Mark Porter, Lee Edwardson (who won 3-1 and was our man of the match with a 27.38) and Dale (big show) put us into a 4-1 lead. Terry Gowans played well hitting a 24.11 average but lost 0-3 to Chris Jones who hit a 25.91 average, the score didn't reflect the game it was closer than that. Next Sean McMurray who had a great game winning 3-1 with a 26.68 average. Lee Turle was next on he played well but couldn't maintain his previous form losing 0-3 with a 22.38 against Gwent's Jesse Heal. This left the score at Gwent 3 Dorset 5, wins followed for Mark Grimes, Matty Yarrow, Graham Knight and Alan Ayres giving the men's B a convincing win 9-3. The men's B side are now joint top with Devon. So after Saturday we were 13-5 up and in a commanding position. To say the team were happy with the day's result is an understatement the trip back to our hotel in the coach was a great one everyone in fine voice and looking forward to Sunday.

Day 2 SUNDAY. We all knew Gwent had a strong A team but we thought if we could win just 7 or 8 of the days 18 games we would go top of the league. Up first for the ladies a win for (and our lady of the match) Julie Boggust who won 3-2 with a 17.41 average, but then Linda Bellingham and Sarah Chick both lost, Julie Frampton played well each leg going with the throw to take it to a deciding leg, but a 15 dart leg from Gwent's Chris Savvery (who was Gwent's lady of the match with a 21.26) was enough for Gwent to get the win. Then Peri Yarrow and Suzy Trickett also lost and Gwent's ladies won 5-1. Bring on the A men.

Tim Clothier had a close game, the match going to a deciding leg which he lost. Robbie Martin banged in a 26.24 average but lost 0-4. Then our World Champion Scotty Mitchell (still got a nice ring to it) won 4-1 and at last we had something to cheer about, but this was short lived as Steve Earley, Thomas Chant and John (farmers) Bothamley all lost. The men were 1-5 down then Matt Read (Mooster) salvaged a point winning 4-1 with our man of the match 26.38 average. Mens A now 2-5 down. Richard Gomm, Stephen Penney and Ryan Gowans (despite a 25.94 average) all then lost. Kevin Smith hit a 25.49 average to win 4-2 and it all came down to the last game Dorset needing the win to get the draw for the weekend. Up for Dorset Nigel Lamb and for Gwent Chris Harris, a tense game to say the least Gwent winning it 4-1 with a 26.62 against Nigel's 24.44.

Final score a disappointing Gwent 19 Dorset 17.


Gwent 19 - 17 Dorset

Women's B Won 4-2 // Mens B Won 9-3
Women's A Lost 1-5 // Mens A Lost 3-9