Staffordshire v Dorset - BICC 2014/2015 Season - Dorset County Darts

Away v Staffordshire - Saturday 7th / Sunday 8th February 2015

Staffordshire v Dorset Match Report

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The weekend of 7th-8th February saw Dorset away to Staffordshire. Such is the commitment to County darts two-thirds of the team travelled the 200 miles to the hotel on Friday. Even the World Champion Scotty 'Dog' Mitchell travelled up Friday night to be there for both days to support and cheer his team on. After our tremendous 24-12 win at home to Somerset last game, hopes were high for continued success. Every game is important after missing promotion by just one game last season.

First up for the Ladies B was Felicia Blay (Lady of the match last game) couldn't find her form and lost 0-3, wins for Lisa Prowse, Claire Whatley, Wendy Lamb, Trina Perry and Cath Campbell who won 3-1 with a Lady of the match performance and average of 18.25 gave us an almost perfect start 5-1 up.

First up for the Men's B was the team Captain Mark Porter, leading from the front, he along with Alan Ayres and Dale Masterman got us off to a perfect start all winning and giving us a 3-0 lead. Next up was Matty Woodhouse far from his best losing 0-3. A win from Lee Edwardson put another point on the scoreboard. Then a return to County Darts for Matt Yarrow after an 8 year break who played well hitting a 24.13 average but losing 1-3. Steve O'Marah followed this with a cracking game, winning 3-0 and another Man of the Match and a superb 29.47 average. Then wins for Terry Gowans, Sean McMurray and Mark Grimes put the B team 8-2 up. Next was Graham Knight who battled and hit a 25.13 average but just lost out to Staffordshire's Man of the match Daniel Allsop who hit a 26.29 average. Up last was Lee Turle who seems to make the stage his own and won 3-0 with a 27.33 and another convincing win. Team score 9-3 up. The Men's B team had played extremely well with an average that was 25+. So going into Sunday the score was standing at 14-4 to the visitors.

On to the Ladies A, up first was Julie Frampton the game going to a deciding leg which she won. Followed by Suzy Trickett who came up against Staffordshire's Lady of the match Susan Sherratt who hit a 21.17 average. Wins for Julie Boggust and Sarah Chick who won 3-1 with a 21.11 average and got our Lady of the match put the girls 3-1 up. Unfortunately Lin Bellingham and Peri Yarrow both lost, match ended in a 3-3 draw.

The Men's A now only needed two games to win the weekend.

The first three games were lost, Rob Martin, then John Bothamley, going 3-0 up but Staffordshire's James Hughes brought it back to 3-3 and forced a deciding leg. John against the darts despite hitting 7 perfect darts (everyone's thinking a live 9 dart leg) lost with a 25.72 average. Then Thomas Chant who had a cracking game, all of the first 6 legs going with throw but just two unlucky throws and a good 140 at the right time by Staffordshire's Martin Wheawall gave Staffs the win and he was their Man of the match with a great 31.75 average. So Dorset had lost the last 5 games in a row. Steve (slow hand) Penney back up in the A. Nigel Lamb, Ryan Gowans, Steve Earley, Scotty Mitchell, Matt Read, Tim Clothier and Kevin Smith won the next eight games in a row to put us 25-10 up. Last up was Richie Gomm who played an on form Andy Beardmore. Richie took it to a deciding leg but Andy hit the winning double.

End result Staffordshire 11 Dorset 25, an amazing win. That's now two great wins in a row and The Green Army marches on. Our next game is away to Gwent (a re-arranged game). Since Scotty's world title win we've won 24-12 and now 25-11 he's given both players and supporters a renewed belief. Men's A Man of the match was once again to go to Scotty Mitchell with a magical 34.55 average that's about 103+ landing him the highest average in the country for the weekend. Well done Scotty!


The great TEAM performance... Mens B averaging 25+... Mens A averaging 26+... SLOWHAND (Steve Penney) I don't mind you throwing slow, as long as you keep banging in the scores and chalking up the wins.


Staffordshire 11 - 25 Dorset
Women's B Won 5-1 // Mens B Won 9-3
Women's A Drew 3-3 // Mens A Won 8-4